ShreeNathji Darshans Application

My Mahagurushree, Divine ShreeNathji now enters your home and your hearts.
Take this opportunity to download the Software Application showcasing His
Divine Darshans!
This application can be installed and downloaded on your Android phones or personal computer.
It is free, so please spread ShreeNathji darshans to all bhakts, including those that desire Shreeji’s darshans but are unable to reach Nathdwara.
The link for downloading and installing this free application:
Mangala and Shringar Darshans now reach you.

(More Darshans, and the Gaushala, will soon follow).

Shreeji’ in His compassion for all His bhakts,showers His blessings on them.

Darshans of His Loving, Magnetic Swarup, can now be enjoyed wherever you are and whenever you choose.

                                   JAI SHREEJI!!

ShreeNathji’s Left Bhuja Blesses!!

…..This time, at Nathdwara, as I rested one after noon, this Divine happening, I experienced with my full awareness – “It was the Mangala darshan, I was there rubbing  Shreeji’s feet, and He was talking to me!

He told me how tired He was, and no one rubs His feet. He wants to go away from His Haveli here at Nathdwara.

Shreenathji Mangla

I experienced this Bhao as I was half awake, my hands holding on to Shreeji’s toes.

I asked Him; His hand must be tired too, holding it up since sooo..  many years.

He said “YES”.

Incredibly, at that moment


What can I say to such an experience!!!!

This close encounter lasted for a whole 45 minutes.

I woke and was so lost in this experience; I had to ask Gurushree about it.

It seemed he already knew about it and silenced me, telling me not to mention it to anyone for the time being.

These are real darshans and I was not dreaming.

What can I say; except it was some GRACE and KRUPA that I could be the receiver of this Love from my Shreeji……

…..from my book, “Zero2Dot”

Shreeji Ki Jai Ho!!

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