Terrorism-Who is responsible?

A few ministers stepping down from their posts does not help the country; “Who will pick up the mess they have created?” “I think they should also be tried in court for failure of duty”.

I join in this movement of JAGO INDIA JAGO and hope this naked truth about the law and order situation in India will finally jolt all of us from the deep slumber of the typical “CHALTA HAI” attitude; all Indians suffer from.


You, me, all, are resposible in some ways for what we suffer today. Situations in each ones life or in each ones country in the direct result of actions performed or not performed. Let us take responsibility also. The youth of this country HAVE to take an active part, in whatever way they can contribute.

 If some strong measures are not taken by each ordinary citizen then it is not long before we will have terrorists ruling us.

The media has to keep repeating this incident, so that it stays alive in everyones heart, or else public memory is short.

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