Does progress mean losing one’s humaneness?

There are a few individuals running the mass intelligence – Marketing is the game of today.

In the whole of history there always have been a few influencing the whole. The course of humanity depends on who these ‘Few’ are- what is their quality!

If these few; themselves are not peaceful or content; and are so shallow, so hungry – what can they give humanity? An illusion is created making us believe we are receiving a lot, we are progressing – yes progressing I would agree in a limited way – but towards what? –

Losing one’s humanness? Falling in the trap of greediness?

We have forgotten to even respect nature – the bounties of which we are totally dependent on.

In this time period whole of humanity is being taken to the summit of materialistic and luxury living –100% sense pleasures – drown yourselves in them – go deeper in it.

              What happens? What do we experience?……

  Taken from the book “Zero2Dot”.


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A thought can change your life

Something you did or did not do, in the past years or past births has bought this situation in your life today.

Wether this situation is ‘good or bad’; is not the question.

The point is that this situational fact will never disappear.

What is in your hand are your thoughts and the related actions as of NOW.

What you think or do TODAY will give positive or negative outcomes tomorrow.

A thought can change your life.

Whatever thoughts you think, similar actions follow in your life. Then whatever the actions or responses come from your thoughts, that will create the particular outcome and situation in your life.

Keep positivism and faith high, moving with the right motivation.

With positivity in thoughts one exercises total control over the thoughts, which ultimately control the actions performed; and then finally on the outcomes one experiences in life. In this way we can have total control over what we chose to experience in our lives henceforth.

Only you can help yourself, others can only guide.

“Prayers and Blessings from God can help in movement towards positive living and success”.

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