Tatiya Sthan at Vrindavan Dham

The mystery, peace, purity at Tatiya sthan

Beauty in untouched nature

Trees here are pure,sacred and divine

The Divine Presence of RadhaKrishn can be felt here

The Divine Presence of RadhaKrishn can be felt here

One of the few sacred bhumi yet preserved in Vrindavan-Place of Shri Haridasji's bhakti

One of the few sacred bhumi yet preserved in Vrindavan-Place of Swami Haridasji's bhakti


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26 thoughts on “Tatiya Sthan at Vrindavan Dham

  1. Hi, I have heard from my childhood that there is some mystery in Vrindavan Dham (Tatiya Bhoomi) that if anybody tries to stay in that place for the whole night to see what happens there in the night, then something happens to that person. Either he/she looses his/her sense forever or they die but they cant tell anybody else that what they saw there in the night. Is this true? Please share your knowledge. I will be gretefull to you. ….Abhinav

  2. Hi, It is fully true because i am going there from my Childhood Time of about 3 yrs. and i spent there so much time of my life it is very holy palace there u find peace for your heart but no body can stop there at night because Shri Radha & Krishna were do Rass there at night and one who can see them at that time so he/she/they will either die or loose there eye, sense etc. and not able to say that to anybody. but at the time of Jagrans u can stay there for the whole night but the jagrans take place there two time in a year. OK Bye

  3. Tatiya Sthan is a very attractive place at vrindavan. Here I saw a lot of monkeys wondering here and there. A facinated fragrance is felt by every visitor. There is a swing made by two trees for Radha Krishna. I felt the presense of Radha Krishna here.

  4. When i went Vrindavan first time i saw Tatiya Sthan and found very piece here really this is a great place in vrindavan

  5. Jay Shri Haridas to all.

    Deepali is correct. Radha – Krishna play RAAS at Nidhivan & person who sees it will be liberated from worldly affairs. Seeing the God is enough for MOKSH so nothing bad happens but yes person will not be able to share his/her experience with anyone.

    Tatia Sthan is an Ashram where all saints devote their life to Radha – Krishna. There is no electricity in Ashram & is a very holy place.

    Jay Radha Madhav.

  6. Shri Haridas to All,

    I would like to correct little bit that the place where we can’t stay at night is NIDHI VAN,not Tatiya sthan.Tatiya Sthan is Place of shri Haridas And shri Haridas took shri Banke bihari and banke biharin to Tatiya sthan then it got famous.

  7. frnds there is no doubt that tatiya sthan is very holly place…………i visited there 4 to 5 times ………………… nd this place give releif to me……………my whole family is very concentrated to this place

  8. Sumesh Sharma :
    According to you all peoples different story but it is very true its so much peas full place here in varindawan

  9. hello guys. it is not happen in taiya sthan. it happen in nidhivan… that who will stay in nite someting is happen with them. ask to any body…

  10. Tatiya sthanan is seperate from modern world , no electricty in sthan, its also called RADHA BAGICHA as RADHA=KRISHAN comes and do rass everyday Its much more than heaven on earth

  11. Radhey radhey

    I live in Vrindavan. The place is divine no doubt. most believe

    “Radha – Krishna play RAAS at Nidhivan & person who sees it will be liberated from worldly affairs.

    it is not true. this is said for marketing by Corrupt pandas of vrindavan. Recently there was a theft in the temple inside Nidhivan in the night.

    But vrindavan is a sacred place and yes miracles have happened here in old times when there were real devoted saints and not corrupt pundas.

  12. tatiyasthan bahut hi atractive place hai yaha jakar aise khushi aur shanti milti hai ki aisa lagta hai sara sansar chod kar yahi bas jaye sabhi vastu natural hai koi bhi banawati nahi hai sabse badi baat hai ki yaha aaj tak light nahi hai ddepak ki roshni hai mano kalyug ne yaha enter hi nahi kiya hai

    puneet goel
    delhi 9810947755

  13. tatiya sthan vastam m brij k andar ek matra aisa sthan hai ki jisme abhi tk koi bhi adonik cheeje nhi hai wa ja kr dil ko sukoon milta hai wo aisa sthan hai jha sakchat radha krishan ka waas hai

  14. Jai Shree Radhe!
    I will asap upload pictures for bhakts like you, as soon as I am able to go visit Tatiya Sthan again:)Thank you

  15. radhe radhe, tatiya sthan is not that what you want to tell people. that must be nidhivan, or nidhiban, or nidhivana. the place from where shri bankey bihari ji appeared, and the tapah sthali or holy place where swami hari das doing his bhakti-rasa sadhana. tatiya sthan is another place. it is an ashram, maybe the only ashram in vrindawan not using electricity, only lamps or dipakas using ghee. very peaceful place. when your feet touching the the ground there, you will feel divine happiness. this ashram is full of divine energies. anyone who visit vrindawan should visit this place. radhe radhe

  16. Sure. Thank you for the update. This bhumi is very divine and pure, not yet taken over by greed, like most of Braj dham. It is always a peaceful anubhuti felt here

  17. Yes ! its true although complete vrindavan is divya sthat but nidhivan and tathiya stha are special. Vrindavan is heart of our Shri Radhe rani. Even today in tatiya sthal sandhya aarti is proformedby Raag of swami shri Haridaas ji maharaj. And I Think one who visited tatiya sthal is not only very lucky but also kripa pattra of Shri Radha rani and Shri Krishna’s.

    Vikas Tyagi

  18. log kahtey h…. ki
    Vrindavan m tatiya sthan h..
    PR mera man na h…ki tatiya sthan m Vrindavan h…
    Shree kunjbihari Shree haridas

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