The Gold Pile..Or?

Muammar Gaddafi, former Libyan dictator died under very tragic circumstances; being the latest in example of how power can corrupt the human mind beyond any repair.

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“Colonel Gaddafi’s daughter phoned her father after learning of his capture – only for the call to be answered by a rebel who told her: ‘Old Fuzzhead is dead’.

The revelation came amid international demands for an investigation into how the deposed Libyan leader died. NTC sources say he was shot by a 17-year-old with the dictator’s own gold-plated revolver.

It also emerged yesterday that Gaddafi begged for his life by offering gold and money beyond their wildest dreams to his capturers.

Rebel fighter Hammad Mufti Ali, 28, told Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera: ‘He said he was willing to offer anything in exchange for his life – he said he had money and gold for us.”

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Gaddafi was killed on Thursday under still-murky circumstances, although he apparently was dragged from hiding in a drainage pipe, begging for his life.

Gaddafi was killed on October 20th, 2011, Thursday; This according to astrology is known as the “GURU PUSHIYAMRIT YOG”; a very auspicious day when knowledgeable people buy gold to increase prosperity.

Gaddafi, ironically is killed on this very day with his own gold pistol!!

His gold, his unlimited wealth could not come to his rescue, WHY??

In the answer to this WHY  lies the deeper meaning to our lives.

Why could his gold or power not save him from the brutality of his death? (In this news it is stated that he was shot with his own gold plated revolver!!)

What purpose did his hoarded gold serve him?

What did he carry back with him as he left his body?

Why was he thus assassinated, in spite of being so rich and powerful? He had a gold plated revolver!! Isn’t it ironical that he should be shot with this? When he made this gold revolver, what was he thinking of??

These are many questions which could be probed to find some deeper answers to our lives.

In fact this article is not about his death; it is a deeper question about us. . (Gaddafi is used here only as an example, to understand where true power is).

What is really important for us as humans?

Why does being powerful (as history proves), either in wealth or title (status), corrupt the human mind?

The wealth that we accumulate has to be shared with the less fortunate, part of it put to some good use for the world in general; or else is called tainted wealth (tainted or impure Lakshmi-wealth). This wealth has the power to corrupt the mind and can never bring happiness or peace, as firstly the sources and the means of accumulating are not correct; secondly, it was not purified by sharing with others or putting to some noble cause.

The superior Intelligence of our universe works on some Spiritual Laws, and this is one of them.

In fact, if the source of wealth are very bad, and the karmas of the particular human  extremely negative; he is even denied the thought of offering part of his wealth to any God, by this very Divine Intelligence.

If he had offered some part of his wealth to God, he may have experienced some cleansing of karmas; but the money is so tainted, he could never have the thought of making an offering to any place of worship.

Here our “Shreeji-Thakurjee” would say, “If he had given any gift to me (like making a gold phirkee), whether I accept it or not; the donor would have to be compensated; the obligation has to be paid back. So Superior Intelligence turns off his thought of making any offering, as his wealth is not fit to be accepted by the Gods. He will never get the thought to offer even a gram of gold to God. In this way, Intelligence makes sure that evil gets the results he deserves in this world.

Singer Usher, Nelly Furtado,  Mariah Carey, Beyonce, are some examples here who did accept payments when doing private performances for Gaddafi; but gave some or total of the payment received for performances; to various charities.

These celebrities are troubled in heart for accepting the ‘tainted money’. They are not willing to keep the dollars for themselves, as all were aware about the tainted origin of this money. Their conscience did not permit them to use this cash; so even though they might have accepted this payment, their action is purified to some extent by donating it all or part of it for charity.

(This news I have read on the internet, and is used here only for example and not proof).

So my dear, what is worth running after?

This “GOLD PILE”    or the very tiny “DOT “ within (which can blast into the highest divine power), and  wherein lies your liberation.

…This is from a series of lectures on various topics, by  Gurushree Sudhirbhai; for creating greater awareness in our lives.

             Written as understood by me


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