A very good replica of Shreenathji Haveli jhanki has been made right here at Bombay.

It is in the VT, Fort area.

This has been done by “The Fort Vibhag Sarvajanik Ganesh Utsav Mandal” along with the help of some Vaishnav bhakts.

Darshans will be there till 22nd September 2010-Wednesday when the Ganpati visarjan will take place.

Each day there is a different Manorath.

This is a very good opportunity to have beautiful darshans, right in our city; a lot of effort has been made to perfect the darshan jhankis.  It is also possible to take pictures here, which of course can never happen at Nathdwara Haveli.

I share here  some pictures of the darshans which I was lucky to get; with my  Shreeji’s kripa.

Jai Shreeji!!

The Nathdwara Haveli jhanki in Bombay

Jhanki on 14th September-Shreenathji and Vallabhacharya on Giriraj Parvat

Shreenathji-Chappan Bhog Jhanki

Chappan Bhog

Annakut darshans

Shreenathji-Annakut darshans-

Shreenathji-Diwali Jhanki

Diwali jhanki

Navneet Priyaji-Shreenathji darshans

A jhanki of the sacred Dhajaji, Sudarshan Chakra and Dhruv Bari

Shreenathji Haveli-Kamal chowk jhanki

Shreeji Ki Jai Ho!!

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