Kamal from “Keechad”

He saw the Kamal (Lotus) which was covered with filth and sinking fast in the keechad (Filth of the Mayic world).

He recognized the beauty and brilliance, in spite of the layers of keechad.

It was selected from among the crores of other flowers living in the keechad around.

Kamal in the keechad

He recognized the Divine Swa (Inner Self) of this Kamal.

He pulled it out, snatched it away and saved it from sinking totally in the darkness of the keechad (Filth).

Carefully he cleaned it of all the past karmic keechad (Past Karmic Sanskars)and fed it with gentle divine compassion, karuna, filling it with hope.

He groomed it taking away the layers of filth and keechad of several lifetimes, which had covered the true inner beauty and radiance; the true reality of the Kamal.

The Kamal began to shine and boom in this divine tender, gentle care and compassion.

As its purity increased, it bloomed spreading its fragrance; he purified it further, enough to be offered to the Divine in its total ness.

The blooming Kamal

This Kamal seeped in the total darkness of the (mayic world) outer dimension keechad, is purified beyond any normal standards; totally connected to the Divine in its own reality which is its inner divinity, inner purity, inner identity; revealed in its fragrance and brilliance.

Its knower, recognizer, selector, groomer, purifier, connector, offerer is the original divine sadguru.

The Kamal is the divine soul offered to Her Shree Krishn, ShreeNathji in total love and purity and surrender.

Jai Shreeji!!

merged swarup

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