Mayic attractions

How can we move ourselves away from the material attractions?

What should be done to gain freedom from the compulsiveness of acquiring possessions?

“As you begin to realize and experience your inner reality,

the non-essential in the outer world starts to “move away” from you effortlessly.

So you need to work upon yourself and your purification, rather than,

spending precious time and energy in fighting to overcome the mayic world attractions.

The lure and luster of material possessions is very strong and so cannot be fought or run away from.

Only when you begin to move inwards towards your self- your reality, this outer material world loses its hold on your mind and life.

Outer glamour of life and its people  lose their hold and power over yourself when you begin to experience your inner realities and the self.

The way to move inwards is through your breath.

The beginning has to be made through the practice of pranayama and the associated disciplines”.

Powers of nature

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