ShreeNathji Mukharwind Pragatya


Complete Shringar Darshans

Today is Vaishak Vad Ekadashi,Vikram Samvat 2068, AD 2012, a very auspicious day : ShreeNathji’s Mukharwind Pragatya on the Govardhan Parvat was today.

A very Happy Birthday to My Dear MahaGurushree, Shreeji!!

ShreeNathji pragtaya was on Vikram Samvat 1535, AD 1478.

Shreeji is 534 years old today!!

He has been at Nathdwara for 340 years.

ShreeNathji Gaushala

ShreeNathji Gaushala at Nathdwara

Congratulations to my Gurushree on his marriage anniversary also today!!

ShreeNathji application update launched today for the Gwal and Rajbhog Darshans.

Jai Shreeji!!


ShreeNathji – Merged Swarup of ShreRadhaKrishn

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