Kripa and Blessings

Kripa and Blessings from the super powers create miracles in our lives.

As pure and soft as these dewdrops, they enter us in the most subtle manner, many times without us even being aware of the divine miracle that has happened in our life.

Miracles may look like coincidences to the unbelieving, but in reality are part of the perfect plan in God’s work.

Blessings and kripa open us to some wonderful happenings. Blessings from the super powers transform our lives positively to the greatest extent and very few souls in our world can be worthy of receiving them. It has to be some very positive karmas of the past, that one’s life becomes worthy of being showered with kripa and blessings.

God showers blessings through the divine guru.

In my life the super powers are my God and Guru.

God – MahaGurushree – ShreeNathji

Divine Guru – Gurushree – Sudhir bhai

I bow down with gratitude for their love and kripa on all my family.

Jai Shreeji!

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