ShreeNathji-“Pavitra Ekadashi”


In 2012, “Pavitra Ekadasi” falls on the 29th July, Sunday. The mahurat for offering “Pavitra” for ShreeNathji this year is early morning, 6.05 – 7.33 am. We go to the two ShreeNathji Haveli close by and have some divine darshans of Shreeji being offered “Pavitra”. Here the Presence of Dear Shreeji is total at His Haveli, as He gives us divine darshans of His natkhat Plays!

I feel very lucky, as my birthday also falls on this very auspicious day; which was 16th August 1956, Shravan Shukla Giyaras, in the afternoon at 1.03 pm, at the Abhijit mahurat. Every birthday on “Pavitra Ekadasi”, Gurushree changes my sankalp thread also, after completing his offering for Shreeji “Pavitra”, in his office and home.

Today again we are graced with the  Presence of my Dear Mahagurushree, Divine ShreeNathji on this occasion as He tells me, “Tum kitni naseeb wali ho ki har saal, aaj tumhara janmdin hai, aur tumhara sankalp thread bhi badla jata hai, mere “Pavitra” ki tarah!” (He also calls me His ‘best friend’- you can read further details here : )

Today we have also updated the ShreeNathji Application for the Bhog Darshans:


Shravan Shukla Giyaras, or “Pavitra Ekadasi”, is a very auspicious day for all Vaishnavites and Pushti maarg followers. This day comes once every year, when ShreeNathji is offered a ‘Pavitra’ (a reshmi or cotton thread). Today is the day when Shreeji accepts this offering from all His bhakts everywhere. This ‘offering’ darshan can be had in Shreeji Haveli’s all over the world. The bhakts who have personal sewa in their homes also change the “Pavitra” for their ShreeNathji Swarup or Chavi.

This day is important for bhakts, as today is the day when Shri Vallabhacharya received Brahm sambandh from Shree Krishn – ShreeNathji, Himself.

Nearly 520 years ago, on Vikram Samvat 1549,AD 1492, Shravan Shukla Giyaras, Shree Krishn Himself Appeared in the Form of ShreeNathji before Shri Vallabhacharya. He told Shri Vallabhacharya to initiate people in the ways of total surrender and sewa, through Brahm sambandh. Thakurjee promised Shri Vallabhacharya He would accept the sewa of all the devotees who were initiated with the Brahm sambandh. Shree Krishn gave him the Mantra for initiation on this day.

Shri Mahaprabhuji then garlanded ShreeNathji with a “Pavitra” (cotton thread garland) and offered Him some misri (crystals of sugar). After this divine meeting ShreeNathji disappeared. Shri Mahaprabhuji composed “Shri Madhurashtakam” praising the form and beauty of Shree Krishn the way He appeared before him.

Shri DamodarDas Harsaniji was the first vaishnav to be initiated into Pushti Bhakti marg by receiving Brahm-Sambandh from Shri MahaPrabhuji.


This occasion is celebrated as Pavitra Ekadashi. It is also known as the day of the Birth of Pushti marg – The path of Grace and Bhakti.



ShreeNathji being offered “Pavitra”

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