Sharad Purnima-MahaRaas Purnima

Purnima of Ashwin Shukl Paksh is called Sharad Purnima.

The day is also referred as Rasa Purnima or Raas Lila Day.

Sharad Purnima Moon

It is considered that the Moon and Earth are at a closer distance on Sharad Purnima night and the rays of the moon have several curative properties. So it is believed that eating food (specially ‘kheer’) that has been exposed to the moonlight  for a few hours, nourishes the body and soul.

The religious significance, of this beautiful night, as described in the Shreemad  Bhagvadji, is the divine MahaRaas Leela played by Thakurjee Shree Radha Krishn; at Shree Vrindavan Dham many thousands of years ago.

That famous Sthal today at Vrindavan, is known as Banshi Vat.

ShreeKrishn played the famously Divine Maha Raas  on  Sharad Purnima night.

Banshivat is Thakurjee’s most loved Raas leela sthal.

“Brindavan so van nahi, Nandgaon so gaon

Banshivat so vat nahin, Shree Krishn naam so naam”.

‘Gopika shat kati bhi Raas leela vibhu sith

Banshi Rav sama keerm Banshivat namo stute”.

“Brindavane vate banshi, praoage maoarath:|

Gayanya akshay khyat, kalpastu Purushottume||

Nishkumbh: khal lankaya, eategha panch gha vat:|

Eaitesu vat mulesu, sada nivsati makhav”|

Banshivat is Thakurjee’s most loved Raas leela sthal.

The divine Vat tree at Banshivat

ShreeKrishn played the famously divine Maha Raas here on the Sharad Purnima night. This is the spot where many famous loving divine leelas of Radha and Shyam along with the gopis took place.

This sacred mandir is located in the Banshi Vat area in Vrindavan.

It is a Siddh Sthan and the original MahaRaas Sthali of Shree RadhaKrishn.

This particular place has the original Charan(foot prints) of RadhaKrishn, and the whole aura of the place feels magnetized.

Divine Charan and the Maharaas Pichwai

A complete website dedicated to this divine place can be read at:

History in the scriptures:

Thakurjee ShreeKrishn’s leela bhoomi Braj is like Krishn’s body and Shree Vrindavan is like His heart, where Thakurjee even today plays and does leelas. According to Shreemad Bhagwad Krishn has said:

“I do not leave Vrindavan for even a moment’.

Vrindavan is famous as God played Raas leelas with the gopis. In today’s times there are many places which have been proclaimed as the Raas sthali; but with the proof available, Banshivat is the only place which is mentioned in many scriptures and holy books and history by various saints.

Banshi means the flute; Vat means the Banyan tree.

Banshivat is the spot where the Divine couple spent a lot of time.

This is the spot where many famous loving divine leelas of Radha and Shyam along with the gopis took place.

Some of the main reasons spoken about in the olden scriptures as reasons for playing the Leela of Maha Raas, are  fulfilling the many commitments made to various bhakts in the many different avatars by Him; and granting of anand and bliss to His many rasik bhakts.

                    Shree Krishn’s victory over Kaam Dev at this place, is another reason Banshivat is famous for.

This katha goes as follows;

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