Money Sanskar..


                                                                 “THE MONEY SANSKAR” – Abha Shahra Shyama

“As consciousness moves deeper and purer, a new outlook develops.

The same world and the same people stand in a different light; and visions of day to day life undergo some changes.

Vision instead of being straight begins moves in a 3D manner – it’s like 360 degrees of viewing.

Though giving greater joy on the whole;  this powerful consciousness could show some truths which are  truly ugly and difficult to accept and  digest.

It’s not easy to see the different sides of people close, when perspective changes and reality stands naked in front of us.

One of the ugly realities of our outer world I ‘experienced’ was the negative influence of money power. 

“All sanskars and spiritual values take a back seat, and all actions justified as the only sanskar majority follow is money power”.

I like to call it the “Money Sanskar’

We all live in the gross level of realities – ‘Instant gratification’ in all degrees of living’, and for this money power is important.

But “God cannot be cheated – Intelligence cannot be fooled”.

All is known in the fields of Intelligence, and the karmic result one receives is always not only on the actions but also the intentions.

(Don’t get me wrong please, I consider money very important and sacred, but making materialism and Dikhava the only reason to live is not right; in my eyes and understanding)


…Taken from the book on my spiritual journey:                 


spiritual book

spiritual book


Jai Shreeji!!

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