The train to memories…



A short poem…

The whistle,

It deafens my ears,

It dismantles my nerves.

As though to give a message

It passes through every passage.

It pierces my heart, and tears my body apart;

Disheveled, I try to hold on

Hold on, to the past time

Hold on, to the beautiful memories

But the train; Its too fast.

I lose my control, unable to keep my hold;

So I flow along with the tide.

My tears, My dreams drown with me

I am lost Forever…

….. Abha Shahra Shyama

“This is a short poem written several years ago; just thought of sharing it with readers today!”

Because over the years, I found that there is no value in holding on to the past.

When I did let go of the past, I found tremendous Joy, and; the Divine waiting for me, so just a little friendly advice;

“Move on in life, don’t get stuck in frustrations, however dark life seems today”

Beauty of Nature is always healing

Jai Shreeji!!



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