God Bless You!!

In my country the homeless and the very poor are very easily spotted and photographed, as they form a major part of our population. This picture is neither about poverty nor about my country.

Here she lies on a footpath where hundreds walk by every hour.

Its said that a photograph speaks more than any amount of words.

If you look closely, there is a packet of sandwiches for her, along with a bottle of sealed water. Which means fresh food and water is kept for her when she wakes up, not discarded food. Beggars are routinely given alms etc. but this particular lady is asleep and not even begging or asking for food.

It’s an act from a human who is alive to humanity.

I honor this act by exhibiting it on my blog here.

God Bless you!

Woman on the footpath

Woman lying on the footpath

Jai Shreeji!!

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