The Big Bully

These are a series of pictures, showing two monkeys fighting over an abandoned garland, in the premises of a mandir at Vrindavan Dham in India.

As I watched, it fascinated me to see the power game being played between them. Luckily for me, as I had a camera ready, I managed to capture these few shots of their fight, (or I would not even call it a fight, as one is so small, he immediately surrenders to the Big Bully, who I assume always gets his way).

As I went through these photos, I realized how aptly it depicted the power game in many area of our lives also.

There is always the Big Bully , who, to demonstrate his power, bullies the weaker ones for the ‘feel good’ factor in his life.







I do hope I have been able to put my thought across in the right manner here; it has to be taken with a pinch of salt though!!

(Images are copyrighted)

Jai Shreeji!!

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