Natures sorrow


We take, take, take…then we…destroy, destroy, destroy



 Nature gives without reserve. Humans cause immense destruction to the very sources that help sustain our lives and our planet.



[I took this picture of a dew drop just as it was about to drop, on a cold winter morning]


Mr Narendra Modi – BJP Party


Mr Narendra Modi, if elected for the Prime Minister, will you uphold the principle of Humanity and not fall a prey to greed?

You have been making a lot of promises to the Indian citizens and portray your self as a humanitarian.

This post, is a question and a reminder for you. I support the BJP government  and my vote will go for you Mr.Narendra Modi. Even though not being involved in the country’s politics directly, as any lay person I strongly feel the need for an immediate change in our country political scene. The only worthy party which may contribute to some positive change for Indians is the BJP – Bharitya Janta party, with you, Mr.Narendra Modi heading for the Prime Minister seat.

If you come to power, will you remember these words that you have spoken?

modi_1362293133_1362293150Narendra Modi Free Wallpapersimages

Our country is full of the most corrupt leaders. For the several scandals that have come in the open, as many remain hidden. The basic care and concern which a country’s elected leaders are supposed to provide for its citizens is totally lacking.

A lot of promises are made before elections, but, as a leader if one is not constantly evaluating ones actions, infinite power could have an awful effect on the mind of any person. “Power” has the “power” to turn the simplest person into a greedy monster.

Mr. Modi, you will come to power in a time period when our country is in the worst of situations. We expect you to work pretty hard in cleaning up the mess that earlier governments have created. This will not be easy and may take a long, long time before we will feel an improvement in the basics of life and living. Uphold the basic humanitarian values, so that the several lakh below poverty line Indians, are provided basic employment and means to basic education.

We need you to care for the illiterate and the poor visible every day in every corner of our country. You have to commit your self for uplifting them from the filth they live in. These few pictures represent the extreme poverty lakhs of Indians are born and live in whose exact numbers would be alarming to know.

These images are for your reference, as none of you who are in power ever walk the streets of India: The poorest of the poor do need some assurance from you.. as does humanity. They are not just vote banks. Don’t let them down.

Pictures talk more then any amount of words can do. These disturbing pictures have been taken by me and uploaded only to get some positive reaction from the Government. Please excuse me for showing my country in this image. I love my country and am very proud of being an Indian citizen. At the same time I realize how blind we have become to these scenes all around us, every where in India. In fact, unfortunately, it has become an invisible part of our country for most of us. Worst is, we have stopped questioning the atrocities of the Government for its citizens. Ours is not a poor country, just that, all the funds fill  pockets and bank accounts of the few in power.

– Abha Shahra Shyama

SO, MR. MODI – What do you say? I speak on behalf of the lakhs of Indian citizens whose  life is worse than an animal, we are those who India has forgotten to care for.



Its bad to be born poor, worse to be born a poor girl. She is the victim of  the worst kind of abuse, which is never reported nor a part of statistics and numbers.



Its so contradictory, how these poor sell Indian Flags and earn some money. They are so illiterate, they will never understand how much this very own country has let them down. They are made to believe that it is in their naseeb to be treated like filth








Remember all the words that you have spoken!

Who ever the new Government is, (I do hope Mr. Modi, it is your Government), respect a human life and respect Humanity; it is above every other religion in the world.

A person who does not walk on Humanity, can never be Religious or Spiritual.

Thank you and God bless you!

Abha Shahra Shyama

(The pictures of Mr. Narendra Modi have been taken from various websites which talk about him on the internet.

The rest of the pictures are mine and are copy righted by



ShreeNathji-Vallabhacharya 20 Baithakji at Kokila Van

Baithaks in Pushtimarg religion are holy places where Shri Vallabhacharya, the founder of Pushtimarg, and and close bhakt and sewak of ShreeNathji, narrated the Holy Bhagvad Katha. They are total 84 in number and spread all over the country. Mahaprabhuji had circled the whole of India three times and done sthapna of these various Baithaks.


Each Baithak has its own particular Charitra (description).

Baithaks are holy places where there is no Idol or Chitra (Picture); sewa is done of Gaddi (Seating).

Baithaks are a very important pilgrim place for all Pushtimarg bhakts, as Shri Vallabhacharya is their primary Guru.

Here are some pictures  from my visit to the 20th  Baithak of Mahaprabhuji, located at Vraj Mandal



ShreeNathji sewa

ShreeNathji sewa

View of the Baithakji

View of the Baithakji


Krishn Kund at the Baithakji

Krishn Kund at the Baithakji

The Mukhiyaji who does sewa here

The Mukhiyaji who does sewa here

View from the Baithakji across the Krishn Kund

View from the Baithakji across the Krishn Kund. Cows grazing!

In spite of irresponsible destruction of the land in various ways, they have not been able to destroy the divine vibrations

In spite of irresponsible destruction of the land in various ways, they have not been able to destroy the divine vibrations



Shri Vallabhacharya was born in the VS 1535 or AD 1478.

It was on Vaishak Vad Giyaras (11th) in Vikram Samvat 1535, or AD 1478; in Satbhisha Nakshatra on a Thursday; during the Abhijit mahurat, 12.40-1.00 in the afternoon; when ShreeNathji’s Lotus Face Appeared from Govardhan to give His divya Darshan to the lucky people of the village; According to Shree Krishn’s desire, on the same day but in the Abhijit mahurat, 12.40-1.00 at night, Shree Vallabhacharya also appeared at Champaran in a ring of fire.  (Details of his life and teachings, can be read on my website: http://www.shreenathjibhakti.org


(This detail about the Baithak is  taken from the website )

Here by the Krishn Kund, under a tree, Mahaprabhu Vallabhachayra resided for one month discussing the Shrimad Bhagavatam. Their Chaturnaga a disciple of the Nimvark Sampradays approached Mahaprabhuji and said, “we have heard that you support the path of Devotion as taught by Vshnu Svami and have debated and defeated all the Mayavadians in the south. Please shower you infinite grace on the thousand hermits living here by feeding them all rice pudding.

Mahaprabhuji then told Krishnadas to bring five kilos of milk and make the pudding for the hermits. When the pudding was prepared, Mahaprabhuji glanced over it and it became an inexhastable five kilos of pudding. The thousand hermits were feed the pudding in bowls made of leaves and even after everyone had finished, the same five kilos of pudding remained. Mahaprabhuji then told Krishnadas to distribute the rest of the pudding to all the peacocks and monkeys in the areas, but even after that the original five kilos of rice pudding remained. Only when Vasudevadas took the remains of the pudding to his home did the five kilos of pudding finally diminish.

Chaturnaga seeing this amazing pastime prayed, “you are no other than the Lord Himself. I was ignorant of your true form, but now I pray t be made you disciple.”

Shri Mahaprabhu replied, “you already have a guru, but by the grace of my grandson, Shri Gokulnathji who will appear in the future, you will enter into the path of Grace.”

Chatrunaga questioned, “what will be my condition intil then.”

“You will live for 150 years and then my grandson Shri Gokulnathji will shower his grace on you during your 110 th year.”

For many years, Chaturnaga wander about in to holy preceints of Vrindavan always absorbed in the Lord’s divine remembrance. Once, while rambling about, his hair got tangled on a branch and for three days he could not free himself. Then Shri Krishna came and untangle his hair. During that time, King Jahangir order that all Tulsi necklaces worn by the Vaishnavas not to be worn. Chaturnaga fell a victum to the order and fhad his necklace removed. Shortly later, Chaturnaga passed Shri Gokulnathji in Mathura. Shri Gokulnathji called, “Chaturnaga, although we are married people, we did not take off our tulsi necklaces. How is it that you a hermit had yours removed?”

Chaturnaga prostrated before Shri Gokulnathji and holding on to his feet said with welling eyes, “After so long a wait have net you. Kindly accept me as your disciple and give me Tulsi necklace.”

Gokulnathji knowing the promise of Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya made Chaturnaga his disciple. From that time, Chaturnaga always went about sing the glories of his guru. At the age of 150 he dropped his body at Govinda lake by the Govaradhan hill and enter into Krishna’s lila.

(A painted depiction of his place as it might have looked in olden times)

Baithak Address:0

Kokila van, AT Post Jab – 281403, Taluka Chhata, Bathain Kalan, Dist. Mathura, UttarPradesh. Village – Kokilavan

Contact Person & Phone:Shri Umeshchandra Mukhiyaji M: 093581 752 74

Nearby Railway Station:Mathura (From Nandgaon 5 Km.)

What is the Thought behind your Action!


“God cannot be cheated – Intelligence cannot be fooled”

All is known in the fields of Intelligence;


The result one receives back in life, is always on the “intentions” behind your every positive or negative action – Karma

abha shahra



Divine ShreeNathji



Some words in love for my ShreeNathji – my ShreeRadhaKrishn;

with whose blessings and grace;

in whose Bhao and Mahabhao I have realized my divine nature; my reality


“YOU are the dawn of everyday to me, the Hope that sees me through,

The Light that guides the way for me, the Love that’s always true –

YOU are the Joy that fills the heart in me

The BLISS that completes the dreams in me.

YOU are the reason for my tomorrows

YOU are the reason for today

YOU are the reason for my life’s living

YOU are the reason for my soul’s shinning.

YOUR love, friendship, grace

Has shown a new dimension –

I had never thought

I’d attain such contentment.

I want to be possessed by YOU.

I want to belong to YOU.

In my deepest thoughts

I want to hold on to “YOU”.

In total surrender and Bhakti

I offer my total to “YOU”.




Malkapur visit



Malkapur is a small town in Maharashtra, India.

This page is developed as an expression of gratitude for the wonderful Kochar family, whose hospitality we enjoyed for four days in the first week of February 2014.

Gurushree, Shri Sudhir bhai, and us were invited to visit Malkapur to meet all the family members, and who wished to have enjoy a Satsang (Spiritual talk) with Sudhir bhai and honour him as their son’s Guru.

It’s not an everyday occurrence, that one gets to meet a family who is so warm and devoted.

It is Ritesh Kochar who is a disciple of Sudhir bhai, and his entire family places complete trust and faith in his following.

The immediate family of eight welcomed us with so much warmth and respect and extended honour; I will always remember this visit as a very unique one in my life.

In fact the extended family members of six brothers were an example of humility and warmth, who went out of their way to make us comfortable in every way.

I also have to mention the unusual special meals that they served us, going out of their way to make sure that the menu and taste was perfect.

Arunaji, Roopali, Ritu – thank you for the special cooking you all did for us. Shri Suganchandji and Tusharji, thank you for the hospitality, and special mention to the lovely children, Parth and Malini who were there to run any task required.

Ritesh, thank you for inviting us to your home, with so much love, warmth, respect; and making us meet all the wonderful family people

I will always remember this one trip as a wonderful four days spent with a family, where the olden traditions of Indian hospitality are yet alive.





Its a sad state of affairs in our so called society and world



Jai Shreeji!!


Vraj Mandal- Vishram Ghat Pictures



These are a few pictures from the most famous amd holy Vishram Ghat, at Mathura, Braj Dham, India.

This Sthal is considered very holy by all Vaishnavs and Pushti Maarg bhakts. This land is closely associated with Shree Radha Krishn divine Leelas.

Bhakts are gathered here inspite of the chilled winter foggy morning for the Mangla aarti. In fact, even in this low temperature you can see some bhakts who take a dubki (Dip) in these holy waters

vishram ghat







ShreeNathji-Merged Swarup of Shree RadhaKrishn

ShreeNathji-Merged Swarup of Shree RadhaKrishn