Malkapur visit



Malkapur is a small town in Maharashtra, India.

This page is developed as an expression of gratitude for the wonderful Kochar family, whose hospitality we enjoyed for four days in the first week of February 2014.

Gurushree, Shri Sudhir bhai, and us were invited to visit Malkapur to meet all the family members, and who wished to have enjoy a Satsang (Spiritual talk) with Sudhir bhai and honour him as their son’s Guru.

It’s not an everyday occurrence, that one gets to meet a family who is so warm and devoted.

It is Ritesh Kochar who is a disciple of Sudhir bhai, and his entire family places complete trust and faith in his following.

The immediate family of eight welcomed us with so much warmth and respect and extended honour; I will always remember this visit as a very unique one in my life.

In fact the extended family members of six brothers were an example of humility and warmth, who went out of their way to make us comfortable in every way.

I also have to mention the unusual special meals that they served us, going out of their way to make sure that the menu and taste was perfect.

Arunaji, Roopali, Ritu – thank you for the special cooking you all did for us. Shri Suganchandji and Tusharji, thank you for the hospitality, and special mention to the lovely children, Parth and Malini who were there to run any task required.

Ritesh, thank you for inviting us to your home, with so much love, warmth, respect; and making us meet all the wonderful family people

I will always remember this one trip as a wonderful four days spent with a family, where the olden traditions of Indian hospitality are yet alive.


6 thoughts on “Malkapur visit

  1. Its my pleasure that such a wonderful moment took place in my birth City. I feel that i am not such a lucky person to be there for at least at a glance to see this moment with my eyes. But i wish in my life to be have a Darshan. About Kochar Family of my birth city, my Malkapur city i am lucky to having such a nice family who trust humanity. And special Thanks to Mayur bhaiya who always consider me as his younger brother. Thank you So much.. Thanks a lot.

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