Give me more..Dil maange more…!!


The Heart and the Mind are always asking for more, “give me more”…always;

could be for things or for experiences – newer and better;   a little more exciting, a little better than the last time..

So what  happens?  We are always hungry; there is always greed and hunger;

for more, and more..

There are a few individuals controlling the mass intelligence – Marketing is the game of ‘Kalyug’.. (the present era according to Hinduism) As we are all aware of, in the entire human history there always have been a few individuals influencing the masses. And,

The course of humanity depends on who these ‘Few’ are,  what is their quality!

Running without satisfaction

Running without satisfaction

If these few; themselves are not peaceful nor content; and are so shallow, so hungry – what will they give humanity?

An illusion is created making us believe we are receiving a lot, we are progressing – yes progressing I would agree in a limited way – but towards what?

Losing one’s human ness? Falling in the trap of greediness?

We have forgotten to even respect nature – the bounties of which we are totally dependent on.

In this time period the whole of humanity is being taken to the summit of materialistic and luxury living; 100% sense pleasures – drown yourselves in them – go deeper in it.

What happens? What do we experience?

As the satisfaction achieved is very temporary, more and more is required for the same results, and the fun part is ‘the more you have the more you want’; human greed and appetite is never satisfied; contentment is never felt for any lasting period.

As the slogan of our times – Dil maange more’, is so apt for the dissatisfaction and unrest we experience in our lives today. The whole media is  manipulated into creating a demand which is never satisfied. We are being led to a truth of ‘Jet age gurus’, ‘Instant spirituality’, ‘Quick Kundalini rise’, ‘Immediate peace and better health’ etc              

All these slogans sound religious – but what’s the goal? Greater peace, better health, more religion, more knowledge, all leading to what? Only so that you can go on living and enjoying the ‘maya’ in a deeper way.abhashahra

Sad is to see how the youngest of our generations has been influenced by the media towards so much negativity. The ‘Sanskriti’ and religion of our country has become a joke in various social settings.

The whole environment has been made so sensual, how can the younger people escape from its influence? It’s become uncontrollable – as children blinded by what they see and read, go berserk in fulfilling themselves.

The need for everyone is joy that is ever lasting – love that    will never fade with time – And of course, total bliss and Anand.  

Intellectually, we may even know where it is and how to get there – but how many are able to put themselves in the open for the inner dimensions to be touched by the light?

Taken from my book Zero2Dot:


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