“Gam Ka Pyala”..The Cup Of Sorrow


SHER (Lines) IN HINDI :  

“Gam Ka Pyala” –  Cup Of Sorrow

(a few lines  for the unlucky in love)

रहे मुस्कान सदा तेरे चहेरे पर  (Let a smile be there always on your face)

पिए जा गम का प्याला प्यार की सौगात समझ कर.(As gift of love,continue to drink from the cup of sorrow)

बसा ले अपने प्यार की याद अपने सीने मैं, (Make your heart a home in memory of your love)

दर्दे मुहब्बत का बसेरा बना कर. (As a nest for your love memories)

बहाना ना ये अनमोल अश्क फिर कभी, (But never shed these very precious tears again for any human)

ना दे सकेंगे ये जालिम कभी इनका मोल, (The outer world will never understand the true value of them)

सारा जहांन बेच कर (Even if they try selling the world they will never be able to repay for your precious tears, )

Tears are precious, not worth shedding on any human. Let them drop in overflowing joy of the divine

Tears are precious, not worth shedding on any human. Let them overflow only in Joy of the Divine

When in the deepest of meditations you experience the Divine Flow; the overflowing that happens then is worth shedding, as God always holds precious His bhakts love and devotion for Him. He extends His hand and wipes those tears which are shed in His love and Bhakti, giving incredible Joy and Peace. No human and no worldly object is worth those few moments with the Divine!

[I have roughly tried to translate the meaning in English, sadly the translation does not manage to bring out the correct meaning]

Jai Shreeji !!

4 thoughts on ““Gam Ka Pyala”..The Cup Of Sorrow

  1. Beautiful words and very meaningful. It was a good try to translate into English but the true feelings u can feel in Hindi only.

  2. I agree. The correct meaning is not able to come across. But it was just to convey what the poem is about😊

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