Surrender in bhakti

Shree Krishn, in the Chapter 18 of Bhagwad Geeta, asks all seekers to “Surrender” themselves to Him.

For being able to do pure surrender and renunciation, one needs to understand what true surrender means, because correct understanding only, will give the correct results.

Complete surrender would mean following ONE; not blindly; but with the right understanding. Which would mean: to follow the One Guru with total belief in his path and way of bhakti towards One Form of God.

“At the same time maintaining respect for all other Forms and Paths and Religions”.


( I took this photo where a pujan kalash and a puja supari are thrown back from the sea, on the beach; on a low tide day.)

Jai Shreeji!

5 thoughts on “Surrender in bhakti

  1. Bhakti is not surrender it means to become 1 with the infinite soul forever !!

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  2. Surrender does mean to become one with the Super Soul; complete merging!. But for this to happen, a soul has to walk on some path as a seeker.
    Bhakti is the path in which the seeker has to surrender himself to his guru. So what it is supposed to mean here is that to become one with the infinite soul, first, the seeker has to be totally following one; with complete faith. And for this the seeker has to stop spreading his time and energy in different directions. This in turn will purify him enough to feel the divine and merge with the infinite, the Super Soul.

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