Ganpati Baba Visarjan-Sequel


Yesterday, I uploaded a post based on my photos about Ganeshji Visarjan, and what happens when unawares we do not follow religion in the correct way. This particular thought was on my mind all through the day and at night too. I felt disturbed at how the Gods are also being marketed and subjected to wrong ways of religion for commercial gains of some.

It is Sunday today, and I normally go early mornings for a walk with my camera. These few photos that came to me are as if God Urja is giving me proof of what has been on my mind for the past 24 hours. I completely believe that everything happens for a reason. This is what God made me a witness of:

As I walked along, photographing the Visarjit Ganpati and Gauri Murtis, lying unprotected and broken by the sea side, (There has been a Visarjan couple of days back), I came upon a Ganeshji, standing alone and isolated. As I focused on It to click a photo, I saw a dog come from behind Him who began to sniff the Murti. I thought it might be hungry and searching for some food. To my horror, the dog had other intentions and did right on Ganpati Baba what dogs normally do on the road lamp posts and calmly walked away.

Because I had my camera focused and ready I have been able to get these photos. The play and scene was over in a couple of seconds. I felt ashamed and shocked at what I had just been a witness to! Right before my eyes and my camera lens, Shree Ganpati Bappa proved the in-sensitiveness of Hindus.

These photos are very disturbing and a proof from the Gods to immediately bring about a drastic change in our system of beliefs and values. Maybe it is time to question ourselves and try looking for what the reality might actually be.

There were hundreds of people here today and none witnessed this scene. I said a silent sorry to all the Ganpati and Gauri Murtis lying around, broken and disfigured and left the beach.

Its as if God is saying to me, “Look, what you wrote yesterday (Prequel to this post) is very correct; just take a look at this and show all my bhakts what really happens to us”.

I feel it is my responsibility to upload these photos, as I have been made a witness by God and given the proof in these photos.

Being a writer and a photographer, I have done my part. It is now you who can spread it so that it gets to the right activist and the politician who will be able to implement the right laws and make sure that Ganpati festival is celebrated in the right way for the right purpose.

I ask forgiveness from the Divine Shaktis from all bhakts.

Photos from today morning. Let me warn you they are very, very upsetting as truths are always very bitter. A photo speaks more than any write up or protest. 











Please do not use these photos without proper source credit.

Jai Shreeji!

12 thoughts on “Ganpati Baba Visarjan-Sequel

  1. Nice pictures but very sad situation – festival has become an excuse for drunken partying on the roads of mumbai!

  2. I dont know who you are or from where did you get this image, i can bet and prove it that the image has edited on photoshop, i have few data base on this image being a human being without considering my religion. Its shame on people who are doing such a lame activity and we are supporting them, boss i understand your message wat you wanted to say but the way was not good to explore it on social media, no one can go deep in such pranks, if people come to know that its fake, u cant imagine how their anger will be so its my humble request that you ples remove the post from your web site as well as from facebook, i will not disclose the proof over here but i can mail it to u ( who has uploded ds images ) see many people may have respect about you in their mind and heart, i dont want to spoil dt so ples its a request. thank you boss.

  3. Mr Laxit i too do not know who you are, as there is no photo.
    I did not need to approve your rude comment om my page.
    But i have and would like to inform you that these photos have been taken by me with my camera.
    I do not believe in photoshop.
    So please do not threaten me or use rude remarks.
    And about my respect, i am sure people have their own thought process.
    Thank you for stopping to read the post.
    God bless you!

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