Rahu Kaal-Astrological Mahurats

Rahu KaalAstrological Mahurats  

Mahurats are certain time periods during the course of every 24 hours which are categorized as good or lucky and bad or unlucky.

There is a complete science of Mahurats, which is very deep and gives perfect results when followed totally, along with the reading of one’s horoscope. This requires an in depth study through a good astrologer where your personal stars, the different yogs, nakshatras, dashas etc are taken into account. Each 24 hours are divided into various types of mahuratsLaabh, Shubh, Rog, Kaal; .. of which; 

Rahu Kaal is a time period that comes once every day and stays for one and a half hours. This particular mahurat is fixed for each day of the week and repeats every week; there is no change in this through the year (the rest of the mahurats change every day). It stays the same for everyone, anywhere on this planet. So it becomes very easy to look up and follow, making it easy to plan your important activity in advance.

Rahu Kaal period is only during the day; between 6.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

(These are some basic guide lines for reference only).

Rahu Kaal is believed to be an unfavorable time period in which:

– Travelling from home, prayan-prasthan, should be avoided.

– Important meetings, decisions should be avoided during this period, which includes signing of documents or making important announcements.

– No new len-den, loan taking or sanction should be undertaken.

Daily routine things do not matter in this period.


Below, is a chart of the daily timings. This would be useful to maybe print out and keep as a reference, or save as an image on the phone or desk top for easy everyday use.

I do hope it is helpful to all.

Thank you

_DSC0476 - compressed


(The above photo was taken on the Chowpatty beach, Mumbai. It shows an immersed Puja Kalash which was abandoned on the beach on a low tide day)


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