ShreeNathji-Vallabhacharya 4th Baithakji at BanshiVat

 Baithakji at BanshiVat: 4th 

Baithaks in Pushtimarg religion are holy places where Shri Vallabhacharya, the founder of Pushtimarg, narrated the Holy Bhagvad Katha. They are total 84 in number and spread all over the country. Mahaprabhuji had circled the whole of India three times and done sthapna of these various Baithaks.

Each Baithak has its own particular Charitra (description).

Baithaks are holy places where there is no Idol or Chitra (Picture); sewa is done of Gaddi (Seating).

Baithaks are a very important pilgrim place for all Pushtimarg bhakts, as Shri Vallabhacharya is their primary Guru.


Here are some pictures displayed from my visit to the 32nd Baithak of Mahaprabhuji, located at Banshi Vat in Vrindavan, Vraj Mandal.



View of the Banshi Vat mandir from the Baithakji











2009, Feb-March-Vrn (47)

The Mukhiyaji who does sewa here.



Shri Vallabhacharya was born in the VS 1535 or AD1478.

It was on Vaishak Vad Giyaras (11th) in Vikram Samvat 1535, or AD 1478; in Satbhisha Nakshatra on a Thursday; during the Abhijit mahurat, 12.40-1.00 in the afternoon; when ShreeNathji’s Lotus Face Appeared from Govardhan to give His divya Darshan to the lucky people of the village; According to Shree Krishn’s desire, on the same day but in the Abhijit mahurat, 12.40-1.00 at night, Shree Vallabhacharya also appeared at Champaran in a ring of fire.



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ShreeNathji with Shri Vallabhacharya



Bethakji - 4

(This detail of the original varta about this Baithakji is taken from website:

At Vrindavan, Prabhdas Jalota would not take the prasad offered to him because he had not taken the bath. Mahaprabhuji recited him the shloka which said,” In Vrindavan, Lord Krishna plays His flute under every tree and resides in His four-armed form within every leaf. In such a sacred land the dust is purifying.” Hearing this description, Prabhudas partook the prasad before taking his bath.

Gopaldas, a disciple of Krishna Chaitanyahad had a Deity of Shaligram. He desired a Deity which he could decorate with clothes and jewels. Shri Krishnachaitanya told him in dream, “ I do not have the right to give you one, and only Shri Mahaprabhuji has that right. When Mahaprabhuji arrived in Vrindavan, Gopaldas prayed to Him for deity. Shri Mahaprabhuji told him, “ If your sentiment is pure, then the Shaligram will be transformed into image of Lord Krishna. Lord Himself will accommodate everything. In the morning you will see the Shaligram being transformed.”  The following morning his Shaligram became transformed into the swaroop of Radha Ramanj. This was due to the grace of Mahaprabhuji!

In his next birth, Gopaldas became a renowned devotee of Pushti Marg, Gopal Naga.

Shri Mahaprabhuji’s baithakji at Vrindavan BansiVat

BansiVat, Vrindavan-381 121.

Dist. Mathura (UP)

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