Brahmand Ghat-Vraj Mandal Pictures

Brahmand Ghat: Purani Gokul – Mahavan, Mathura – Vraj Mandal

Just a few meters ahead of Raman Reti and Nand Bhavan along the banks of the river Yamuna is another sacred spot – the Brahmand Ghat.

This is the spot where an Shree Krishn had shown the entire universe or Brahmand in his mouth to His mother Yashoda. That is how the place came to be known as the Brahmand Ghat.

A small temple built as a remembrance to this divya leela near the Brahmand Ghat. Shri Yamunaji flows below.

Some photos from my visit there:

The main mandir

The main mandir

Wishes and desires tied here








Jai Shreeji!!


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