Shree RadhaKrishn-Supreme Divine Love

The Upnishad says:


“Whatever is ShreeRadha, same is ShreeKrishn and whatever is ShreeKrishn, same is ShreeRadha.

Both ShreeRadha and ShreeKrishn worship each other, as ShreeRadha is the soul of ShreeKrishn and ShreeKrishn is the Beloved of ShreeRadha.

They are both one, like two flames of the same fire of Supreme divine love.



(The painting of Shree RadhaKrishn used here is from ShreeNathji Gaushala at Nathdwara. As it has been in the open for several years, it looks very ancient and a little weathered. Yet I wished to use it here as I have a lot of devotion to this extremely divya place, where ShreeNathji visits every day).