A note to all Hindu families, Vaishnavs:

Hindu religion and culture comprises of several Form of God’s and Goddess. What I have noticed in many households is that several of these Forms are combined together in the home mandir within a small space, which in the process mixes the vibrational levels of the various Forms.

Each Form of Bhagwan (Parivar) requires different type of worship or sewa. The mantras, rituals of worship, sewa, bhog samagri, aarti, festival celebrations are very different, as per our ancient scriptures and traditions.

How would it be correct to place all of Them together in one house (mandir), and mix up the various types of sewa or worship? Would it not create clutter or impurity of Forms?

Let’s honor and respect Their uniqueness by allocating a distinct space in our home mandir, for each God Parivar.

All can be offered an asan adjacent to each other, with a dividing space between Them.

Though God is one Super power; when He or She comes in a particular Form, the divine Shakti, Urja, takes a different distinctive vibrational level. This is the reason that different ways of sewa and worship are prescribed in our religious books.

The really ALIVE original mandirs will have only one type of God Parivar in the Nij mandir. All the various Hindu Form of Gods and Goddesses have specific mandirs dedicated to Them.

All Divine Form of God’s, also have Their own locations as the major Teerths, since olden times.

This segregation by our higher Sants would have been organised for a proper reason.

(I have seen a few smaller mandirs, where a mix of all the God Parivars is found. These are new and have no ancient history attached to them, which may be to facilitate all types of bhakts who visit).

Ideal would be to go deep in one Form of God worship, but if not possible then at least a distinct space for each God Parivar. Let’s honor and respect Their uniqueness.

 Jai Shree RadheKrishn!

Jai Shreeji!

(Just as an example, I have put up few God parivars, as per Hindu religion):

Shree RadhaKrishn-ShreeNathji Pariwar

Shree RadhaKrishn-ShreeNathji Pariwar

Shree Ram Sita Pariwar

Shree Ram Sita Pariwar

Shree Shiv Parvati Pariwar

Shree Shiv Parvati Pariwar

Shree Vishnu Laxmi and Brahmaji

Shree Vishnu Laxmi and Brahmaji


Each Devi has Her own dedicated mandir


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