We are called at 3.30 am to ShreeNathji’s Haveli.

ShreeNathji – His “LIVE” interactions Varta in today’s time period.

We are called at 3.30 am to Shreeji’s Haveli.

श्रीजी, “तुम ग़ुस्सा हो इतनी जल्दी उठा कर लाया तुम्हें?


This Varta is from the 3, 4 June, 2007

We leave for Nathdwara on the 3rd afternoon. As it is Adhik maas, this yatra is planned to Nathdwara first and directly from there to Vraj Mandal, till the 13th June.

We reach Nathdwara only at 8 pm. Next morning which is the 4th  June, I am woken up at 2.45am by Gurushree, Sudhir bhai. “We will go and wait in the outer parisar of the Haveli early today. Shreeji has sent a hukum for us to be there early”.

I hurriedly shower and am ready by 3.15 am. Out on the streets, it is yet dark in total silence. There is hardly anyone to be seen this early, on way to the Haveli. We reach ShreeNathji Haveli at around 3.30 am and sit at our favorite place. It is an empty parisar with just the few guards outside the main gate of Shreeji mandir.

In this darkness, the early morning serenity and silence are broken by the loud banging from breakage going on around the Haveli.
This loud disturbing noise was because of throwing the stones and cement debris from the broken structures in a tractor.
This actually is the reason that Shreeji has ordered us to be here so early today. As we sit here, Shreeji’s divine Presence can be felt very strongly. His melodious voice echos,

श्रीजी – ” तुम ग़ुस्सा हो इतनी जल्दी उठा कर लाया तुम्हें?

Shreeji – “Are you angry that I woke you so early and bought you here”

मैंने जवाब दिया – ‘नहीं श्रीजी, बिलकुल नहीं, हुकुम करिये ‘
I answer – ‘Of course not at all Shreeji, tell me your hukum’.
श्रीजी – “देखो यह कैसे पत्थर पटकते हैं। कितनी आवाज़ करते हैं। श्रीजी कैसे सो सकते हैं यह कोई सोचता ही नहीं. किसी को परवाह नहीं की श्रीजी जाग जाएँगे। पूरी रात इसी तरह शोर करते हैं। तुम्हें यह बताना था”।

Shreeji – “Just see, how these people bang stones. They make tremendous noise. No one has the bhao to understand that Shreeji must be sleeping inside. Nobody cares that how can Shreeji sleep in so much noise; He might be disturbed and will wake up. Entire night they make this loud noise. I called you early only to show you this noise.


श्रीजी – “मैंने सुधीर से यह बात कही थी रात को। लेकिन इसने जवाब दिया की, ‘ श्रीजी, आप ही के मंदिर का काम चल रहा है, थोड़ी आवाज़ तो होगी ही, चला लेना पड़ेगा। इन लोगों में समझ नहीं है कि आपको डिस्टर्ब होता होगा। आप ही चाहते हैं कि मंदिर का काम हो’। सुधीर सही कहता है”.

Shreeji – “I had mentioned this to Sudhir earlier. He told me that, ‘Shreeji Your mandir work is going on, there will be some noise. You will have to accommodate this noise for some days. The authorities here lack understanding; they will not understand that it might disturb You’.

Sudhir speaks right”.


मैंने जवाब दिया – ‘श्रीजी, मैं इनको कहूँ काम धीमे करने के लिए’।

I ask Shreeji – ‘Shreeji should I request them to work silently’.
श्रीजी – “नहीं, नहीं, तुम कुछ मत बोलना। मैं तो तुम्हें जल्दी लाया था सिर्फ़ दिखाने के लिए।

काम तो करना ही होता है। तुम अपनी वेब्सायट  में लिखना की देखो किसी को,भाव नहीं है श्रीजी के लिए”।

(हम लोग श्रीजी के हुकुम से उनकी वेबसाइट श्रीनाथजीभक्ति बनाने की तैयारी कर रहे थे)

Shreeji – “No no, you don’t have to say anything to them. I bought you here only to show this to you. The work will have to be completed. You can write this on your website, look what is happening; no one has any bhao for Shreeji anymore”. (This was the time when we were planning Shreenathjibhakti website for Shreeji, under His hukum).
We sat like this for nearly an hour. Shreeji keeps on making jokes about the loud noise that is happening.

श्रीजी – “यह देखो आइ पत्थर लेकर, अब पटकेगी। पटको,पटको, ज़ोर से पटको, हा हा हा..”

Shreeji – “See here she comes with the stones, now she will bang the stones loudly now. Throw, throw, throw, bang loudly, ha, ha, ha”

Shreeji keeps on making me laugh, asking me if I was angry that He had woken me up so early as we just sat here doing nothing.

श्रीजी – “देखो, मैं तुमको कितना हंसाता  रहता हूँ”. सबको ख़ुशी देनी चाहिए”.
Shreeji – “See, how I make you laugh always, we should give joy to everyone”.


During day time because of the heavy crowd there is no place for a tractor to come inside to carry the cement and stones.

The only problem was that these workers threw the stones in the tractor with a loud bang; they obviously had no instructions or training from the mandir authorities to work silently. This being Shreeji’s Haveli where He lives, He is very disturbed by the loud noise and banging all night through.

When we wait at Mangla all Vaishnavs are always asked to stay quiet, as Shreeji is sleeping inside. None is allowed in the premises once the Shayan Darshan is over. No one inside also dares to make any noise, as not to cause disturbance to Thakurjee.

It is only after Shankhnaad that Shreeji wakes up. This proves that all believe of ShreeNathji’s “LIVE PRESENCE” in His Haveli.

All locals as well as authorities must have been aware of this loud banging every day, yet none had the bhao to go correct the situation and make it quieter. Maybe that is why Shreeji woke us and called us here to show what is happening.

(As Sudhir bhai had explained that the work has to go on, Shreeji should allow it. We cannot help it if the people in power have no bhao to think that Shreeji is sleeping inside and will be disturbed. So Shreeji maybe decides that He will let the work continue, and go sleep somewhere else. Shreeji, being so full of kindness and compassion forgives all. All He told me was to write about this happening on my website. We had tears in our eyes. Have we lost all bhao. Entire nights Shreeji may have not been able to sleep because of the very loud noise of loading stones in a tractor).

It is His town and His Haveli; and may be Shreeji is not happy with the way His sewa  is being done. Who can stop Him if He decides to leave and go back to His favorite Dham, Vraj Mandal.

People have come with their shops till the main entrance of Shreeji’s Haveli. Here they dirty and cause filth all over, not giving any thought about the purity that should be maintained if God Lives here. They all take advantage of the kindness and forgiveness nature of Shreeji.

Mangla opened at 5 am today.

Shreeji kripa rakhen, You are very kind and forgiving.

Shreeji ki Jai ho!





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