Human Body is a Mandir

                                                       Human Body Is A Mandir

This human body is a physical case for the inner JeevAtma– The Soul.

For awakening of this soul, we need to keep a very aware mind and a pure body.

‘Our body is a Mandir’;

The soul cannot be peaceful in impurity

Nor will Parmatma stay within, if its not kept pure for Him.


The photo is of Shri Yamunaji, at Vrindavan, Kesi Ghat.

Shri Yamunaji is considered very sacred and pujan is done by floating Diyas and flowers.

It is all in the mind and our bhao; so also when we accept our physical body to be a mandir for the Divine Super Soul, we lose the physical limitations and receive the strength to spread out to limitless possibilities of attaining spiritual heights.