Giriraj Govardhan at Vraj Mandal:

Importance of Chaturmaas:(Four Monsoon months)

Giriraj Govardhan at Vraj Mandal:
बारिश का मौसम गिरिराज जी को मन मोहक बना देता है।

Importance of Chaturmaas, in ShreeNathji Yatra from Shri Govardhan to Shri Nathdwara in 1672 AD

..The journey to Mewar, as desired by Thakurjee, began in 1669 AD, on Asadh Sud Punam on Friday, during the last 3 hours of the night. ShreeNathji with all His sevaks arrived in Sinhad (Nathdwara) in 1672 AD, on Falgun Vad Satam on Saturday.

Since He began travel from Giriraj to Nathdwara, ShreeNathji spent three Chaturmaas on the way.

The first Chaturmaas was spent at Krishnpur in Dandoti Ghat, near the Chambal river.

The second Chaturmaas was in Krishnbilaas at Kota. (He halted here for four months).

The third Chaturmaas was spent in Chapaseni at Jodhpur. He also celebrated an Annakut here. Halt here was roughly for five months.

The fourth Chaturmaas ShreeNathji was at His mandir in Mewar.

For 2 years, 4 months and 7 days that ShreeNathji travelled from Vraj to Mewar, He spent living in His Rath.

The places blessed by Him along the way were, Hindmultan, Dandotighat, Bundi, Kota, Dhundhar, Marwad, Baanswaro, Dungarpur, Shahpura.

Neel Gai on Girirajji
Monsoon magic

🙏 Jai ShreeNathji
Jai Girirajji Govardhan

Complete story is on our website:

Neel Gai on Girirajji 
Monsoon magic

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