A ‘selfie’ with Giriraj Govardhan

There is no other as ALIVE SPOT in Vraj Mandal as the divy 21 kms of Giriraj Govardhan parikrama marg; in our times.

It is a sthal of several sakshatkar and Shree Thakurjee anubhuti.

At any point on this parikrama marg, there are many Shilas (Girirajji stones are called Shila as they are divine) which have a divine feel about them. Shilas can appear and disappear as they are alive with the divine powers.

When there is the pavitrata and samarpan one can ‘feel’ the divine presence at several spots around this Divine Parvat, which has been the leela sthali for several Shree RadheKrishn and ShreeNathji divine leelas.

Jai ShreeNathji Prabhu 🙏

Jai Shree RadheKrishn 🙏

श्री गिरिराज गोवर्धन

श्रीनाथजी ठाकुरजी

एक selfie गिरिराज जी की दिव्य शिला के संग

इस आलोकित क्षण में हम क्या पा जाते हैं, वही समझ सकता है जो पूर्ण समर्पण में है।

गिरिराज जी के परिक्रमा मार्ग में, जहाँ से हटने को मन नहीं करे, समझ लो कुछ तो दिव्य दर्शन की अनुभूति हो रही है

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