Giriraj Govardhan at Vraj Mandal:

Importance of Chaturmaas:(Four Monsoon months)

Giriraj Govardhan at Vraj Mandal:
बारिश का मौसम गिरिराज जी को मन मोहक बना देता है।

Importance of Chaturmaas, in ShreeNathji Yatra from Shri Govardhan to Shri Nathdwara in 1672 AD

..The journey to Mewar, as desired by Thakurjee, began in 1669 AD, on Asadh Sud Punam on Friday, during the last 3 hours of the night. ShreeNathji with all His sevaks arrived in Sinhad (Nathdwara) in 1672 AD, on Falgun Vad Satam on Saturday.

Since He began travel from Giriraj to Nathdwara, ShreeNathji spent three Chaturmaas on the way.

The first Chaturmaas was spent at Krishnpur in Dandoti Ghat, near the Chambal river.

The second Chaturmaas was in Krishnbilaas at Kota. (He halted here for four months).

The third Chaturmaas was spent in Chapaseni at Jodhpur. He also celebrated an Annakut here. Halt here was roughly for five months.

The fourth Chaturmaas ShreeNathji was at His mandir in Mewar.

For 2 years, 4 months and 7 days that ShreeNathji travelled from Vraj to Mewar, He spent living in His Rath.

The places blessed by Him along the way were, Hindmultan, Dandotighat, Bundi, Kota, Dhundhar, Marwad, Baanswaro, Dungarpur, Shahpura.

Neel Gai on Girirajji
Monsoon magic

🙏 Jai ShreeNathji
Jai Girirajji Govardhan

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Neel Gai on Girirajji 
Monsoon magic

Giriraj Govardhan-Tongue at Radha\Shyam Kund

ShreeNathji, Shree Giriraj Govardhan

जीवहा मंदिर, राधा कुंड पर: Jihva (Shri Giriraj tongue) mandir at Radha Kund

राधा कुंड के इस मंदिर को गिरिराज जी की जीवहा (जीब, tongue)मानते हैं।

यह शिला जो आप देख रहे हैं, गिरिराज जी की पवित्र शिला है।

इसके पीछे एक वार्ता है:

‘श्री रघुनाथ दास स्वामी को एक कुआँ खोदना था, तो उन्होंने काम चालू करवाया। मज़दूर जब खुदाई कर रहे थे, उनका औज़ार एक शिला पर लगा जिस के कारण उस शिला से ख़ून बहने लगा।

खुदाई तुरंत बंद कर दी गई।

उसी रात स्वप्न में श्री कृष्ण ने श्री रघुनाथ स्वामी को बताया, “मैं गोवर्धन से अलग नहीं हूँ, यह शिला गिरिराज की जीभ है, उसे निकाल कर मंदिर में बिठाओ और पूजन शुरू करो।

राधा कुंड के जल से सेवा करो”।

यह वही प्राचीन मंदिर है; गिरिराज जी की हर शिला पवित्र और दिव्य है।

गिरिराज महाराज की जय हो!

श्रीनाथजी ठाकुरजी की जय

श्री राधा कृष्ण की जय


Indr Sarovar-Udaipur

Sacred Lotus Pond – Kamal Kunj at sacred Indr Sarovar, #Eklingi, Udaipur; Near Nathdwara.

Lotus from here are used for ShreeNathji Shringar at Nathdwara mandir. #ShreeNathji Thakureje normally wears Kamal on His waist, the number depending o the type of Shringar on that particular day.

An album of 34 photos from this day; at sacred Indr Sarovar, month of June.

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ShreeNathji wearing four Lotus


Nine Gopi Elephant at Kunjera Village, Vraj Mandal

Kunjera village is the place where the nine gopis took the form of an Elephant for Shree Krishn

In this post you will be able to hear the katha behind Gopis taking an elephant form for Shree Krishn.

When Shree Krishn was leaving Vrindavan, the Gopis requested Him not to leave. Shree Krishn joked that if they could show Him an elephant, he would not leave. Not being able to find an elephant, nine gopis came together and formed an elephant, which is called the Nav-nari kunjara.

The meaning of this divine leela in the words of the pujari:

A small mandir has been erected here


The earlier mandir was looted and the original murti depicting this divine leela was stolen. Just a couple of years ago this mandir was established by a bhakt, and a painting is being worshipped at present.

Abha Shahra

The Nine Gopi Elephant

Kunjera village mandir


The pujaris who narrated the varta

Abha Shahra

Giriraj Shila are worshipped here too

Kunjera village is located few kms from Shri Govardhan on the Northern side, towards Radha\Shyam Kund.

The village is not very clean and residents are quite poor.

Abha Shahra

The Seven Elephant mandir at Kunjera village

Vrinda Devi at Vrinda Kund, Gupt Kund at Vraj Mandal

Vrinda Devi, Vrinda Kund and Gupt at Vraj Mandal

Vrinda Devi is an expansion of ShreeRadha; and is Tulsi Devi in Golok. Purnamasi is Vrinda Devi’s guru. Shree Vrinda Devi stays at Vrinda Kund and from here she arranges all meetings of Shree RadhaKrishn.


Vrinda Kund at Vraj Mandal

Next to Vrinda Kund is the Gupt Kund,  where Shree Radha secretly meets Shree Krishn.

नंदगांव से पश्चिम दिशा में ठीक ऐक मील दूरी पर श्री वृन्दा जी बिराजती हैं । श्री वृन्दा कुंड अति पावन और अति सुरम्य स्थल है ।यहां दो कुंड है। श्री गुप्त कुंड और श्री वृन्दा कुंड । श्री गुप्त कुंड योगपीठ स्थली है। योग (मिलन) पीठ (स्थान) यानि राधा कृष्ण मिलन स्थान ।

Gupt Kund at Vrinda Kund

Gupt Kund at Vrinda Kund-Shree RadhaKrishn Yog Peeth

वृज में श्रीराधा कृष्ण की अष्ट कालीन लीलाऐं आज भी होती हैं । कहा जाता है इन अष्ट कालीन लीलाओं का समय निधाॅरित है।सर्व प्रथम गुप्त कुंड पर प्रातः कालीन लीला अप्रत्यक्ष रूप से यहां होती है।इसी कारण इस योग पीठ स्थली का नाम गुप्त कुंड है। अति शुद्ध और दिव्य भक्तों को लीला समझ आती हैं ।

Shree Vrinda Devi darshans at Vrinda Kund

Shree Vrinda Devi
Vrinda Devi mandir at Vrinda\Gupt Kund 
Few glimpses of our visit and satsang here.Thakurjee ShreeNathji is Present with us today and has enjoyed the serenity and silence of this place. Its a very special day and blessings and kripa are there for all those present today

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Beautiful Vrinda Kund at Vrinda Devi mandir


Vrinda Kund at Vrinda Devi mandir,Vraj Mandal


Vrinda Devi mandir-The koyal who waits to steal the prasad from the mandir as soon as it is offered


Vrinda Kund at Vrinda Devi mandir,Vraj Mandal

There is an ancient Shree RadhaKrishn murti here, carved out of stone, that is said to have been established by Raja Vajranabh, the great grandson of Shree Krishn. This murti has been desecrated by the Muslims, so worship is no longer done to this murti. Every Monday the local villagers come and pour milk over this murti of Shree RadhaKrishn are kept in a small kuti for darshans, adjacent to the mandir under a chokar tree


The disfigured ancient murtis at Vrinda Kund


Vrinda Devi mandir-The small Kuti under the Chokar tree where the ancient murtis are kept

The disfigured deities murti under the chokar tree had been worshiped as Shree Vrinda Devi for a very long time before Baba Madhava’s arrival. According to the villagers, some thieves had come fifty years before, stolen the sculpture and stored it near Charan Pahari, along with some other stolen sculptures. But when they brought a small truck to carry them away one night, even six or seven of them together could not lift the sculpture of Vrinda Devi. So they left it there. In the morning one villager saw the murti lying by the side of the hill and carried it back to Vrinda Kund(Story as told to us by the family who owns the place)


The fog was very deep as we entered Vrinda Kund

The family who owns this divine Vrinda Kund and Vrinda Devi mandir, are very hospitable and cook excellent sattwik meals if told in advance. The father has seven sons and all the family is involved in seva of the Vrinda Devi mandir and Kund. We had breakfast and lunch at the mandir freshly cooked and served outdoors._DSC4080-2


Vrinda kund-Divine anubhuties @ Vrinda Kund


@ Vrinda Kund has been in the memory of all the participants lucky enough to be there that day


Prasad at Vrinda Kund


A Tulsi kyara at Vrinda Kund

Madhav Baba managed to get a Government grant to help him excavate the two sacred kunds; Vrinda Kund and Gupt Kund. Madhav Baba built a small temple and installed a Deity of Vrinda-devi on Jahnava Mata’s Appearance Day in the early 1980s


Madhav Baba


Vrinda Kund-Amid the dense fog is a surreal experience


Vrinda Kund-Presence of ShreeNathji Thakurjee is very strong with us-Satsang in the misty weather


Divine Vrinda Devi mandir at Vrinda Kund



Paradise in the mist @ Vrinda Devi mandir


Vrinda\Gupt Kund-A Koel which is native to all of Vraj. I see it every time I am here


Vrinda Kund-Owl like birds has a full family living on the ancient Chokar tree


View of Nandgaon mandir from Vrinda Kund

Darshans at Nandgaon mandir

Two video explaining details of the mahima of Shri Vrinda Devi, as told by the mahant of the mandir
Glimpses of darshans on various days. Photos sent to me by the mahant who does seva regularly

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Jai ShreeNathji Thakurjee

Jai Shree RadhaKrishn