Vraj Mandal Jhanki-Fulfil longing For Drishy of Divine Bhumi-6

Vraj Mandal Jhanki-Fulfil longing For Drishy of Divine Bhumi-6



A ‘selfie’ with Giriraj Govardhan

There is no other as ALIVE SPOT in Vraj Mandal as the divy 21 kms of Giriraj Govardhan parikrama marg; in our times.

It is a sthal of several sakshatkar and Shree Thakurjee anubhuti.

At any point on this parikrama marg, there are many Shilas (Girirajji stones are called Shila as they are divine) which have a divine feel about them. Shilas can appear and disappear as they are alive with the divine powers.

When there is the pavitrata and samarpan one can ‘feel’ the divine presence at several spots around this Divine Parvat, which has been the leela sthali for several Shree RadheKrishn and ShreeNathji divine leelas.

Jai ShreeNathji Prabhu 🙏

Jai Shree RadheKrishn 🙏

श्री गिरिराज गोवर्धन

श्रीनाथजी ठाकुरजी

एक selfie गिरिराज जी की दिव्य शिला के संग

इस आलोकित क्षण में हम क्या पा जाते हैं, वही समझ सकता है जो पूर्ण समर्पण में है।

गिरिराज जी के परिक्रमा मार्ग में, जहाँ से हटने को मन नहीं करे, समझ लो कुछ तो दिव्य दर्शन की अनुभूति हो रही है

ShreeNathji leela: Darshans sakshatkar at Shri Girirajji Mukharwind – Shree Nath Ji Bhakti

Shree Nath Ji Bhakti

— Read on https://www.shreenathjibhakti.org/post/shreenathji-leela-shree-thakurjee-darshans-sakshatkar-at-shri-girirajji-mukharwind

Where has My Mumbai disappeared

In this concrete jungle I search for my Mumbai

In this concrete jungle I search for that rainbow which was my Mumbai ;

Every time I am sad and depressed about the downfall of my city I make a plan on moving out; But how do I do this; I am Mumbai and Mumbai is me..

Where else will I feel at home?

Though my city has become a hole I continue to live here as leaving this home would mean leaving my entire life and memories behind .. I am addicted

In this concrete jungle I search for my Mumbai



MUMBAI .. the city that once was the pride of our nation is now just a shadow which waits for death as the darkness engulfs .. what have we done to the once beautiful and green city. It took just 25/30 years to destroy that which was looked upon as a dream city



Mumbai has become a nightmare. Having spent 54 out of my 62 years in this city I see and watch with despair the deterioration in every aspect of living..

too many people jammed in the kilometre.

Quality of air, water, food is at an ultimate low

Roads are a nightmare .. again too many cars.. too many two wheelers .. too many people jay walking

Footpaths taken over by the hawkers..roads encroached with parking cars or buses or tempos

Construction material lying around after completion of a job

No one, absolutely no one to safe guard the citizens rights; they who pay all taxes on time, and maintain every aspect of civic sense

The elected government just does not care.. the #BMC has been super negligent in their jobs

#shivsena who make several promises overlook and forget once elected in power

No parks left to have a quiet walk .. what happened?

My childhood was spent literally walking to school through green fields .. Drinking water directly from the municipal taps at school and in gardens was the done thing

TOO MUCH ILLEGAL CONSTRUCTION.. too much migration of people looking for livelihoods.. development of illegal slums .. the list of destructions is endless 😠

Mumbai is the planets second most densely populated city with 31,700 people per square kilometre, as per UN habitat data

ShreeNathji mandir on Giriraj Govardhan

ShreeNathji Mandir darshan on Shri Giriraj Govardhan parvat

श्रीनाथजी प्रभु का प्राचीन मंदिर, गिरिराज गोवर्धन पर।महिमा सुनिए, दिव्य दर्शन कीजिए


इस दुर्लभ विडीओ में देखिए मंदिर के वे दर्शन:

⁃ उस खिड़की का दर्शन कीजिए जहाँ से श्री ठाकुरजी श्री गुसाँई जी को दर्शन देते थे, अपने मंदिर से चंद्र सरोवर पर जब श्री गुसाँई जी ने ६ महीने विप्रयोग का अनुभव करा; उनकी बैठकजी है यहाँ पर

⁃ उस खिड़की का जहाँ श्रीनाथजी मोहना भंगी को दर्शन देते थे

⁃ उस खिड़की का जहाँ से श्रीनाथजी व्रज वासी को दर्शन देते थे बिलछु कुंड पर; और बिलछु कुंड पर अपनी ही युगल स्वरूप लीला का अनुभव करते थे

⁃ शैया मंदिर में श्री महा प्रभुजी की १५वीं बैठकजी के दर्शन कीजिए

⁃ उस शैया मंदिर का दर्शन कीजिए जहाँ श्री महाप्रभुजी श्री नवनीत प्रियाजी के साथ शयन करते हैं

⁃ दर्शन कीजिए वह सुरंग का जो सीधी नाथद्वारा जाती है, जहाँ से कहते हैं श्रीनाथजी नाथद्वारा से श्री गोवर्धन आते जाते थे


जय श्रीनाथजी प्रभु

#ShreeNathjiBhakti, #Govardhan

Do not create picnic spots at Vrindavan

श्री राधा कृष्ण श्रीनाथजी की पवित्र लीला भूमि, व्रज मंडल को टुरिस्ट स्पॉट बना कर और नष्ट मत करीए 🙏

#CMOyogi आपसे निवेदन है सभी व्रज प्रेमियों का, पहले संरक्षण (preservation) और मरम्मत (restoration) के लिए funds दीजिए। नए विकास (development) की यहाँ जगह और ज़रूरत इस समय नहीं है 🙏

– first step towards responsibility for Vraj Mandal is preservation and restoration of what is left.

(Several things are already beyond repair).

If nothing is done even today for preservation, Vraj will be in a crisis situation.

The point of no return😢

CM YOGI COMING TO VRINDAVAN TO INAUGURATE THE BIGGEST PARK IN INDIA😥 Our plea to this government who is spending multi crores to hide the sad state of Vraj.. ख़ुश होने की बात है? नहीं!!

The crores and crores they sign on papers need to be used for preservation first. If preserved there will be no need to create anything new. Vraj Mandal cannot be marked as a tourist spot.

It’s excellent that the present government is giving any thought to re development of Vraj.

Sadly this re development will not work till preservation and restoration is given priority.

One just has to take a walk on Vrindavan Parikrama marg to see the degradation of this pavitra Dham.

– We first need to vacate the encroachment on the marg and make a walkway at Shri Yamunaji. From where bhakts can access the pavitr leela sthals of Shree RadhaKrishn.

– Removing the monkey menace is the second step in taking care of our pavitr Dham. All peacocks are being driven away by this menace and bhakts walk in fear.

– Pigs have entered every sacred sthal, including at Shri Govardhan. Which need to be removed ASAP. Five years ago none were there.

Someone is trying to destroy the pavitrata of Hindu teerths.

– Entire Chatikara pavements have already been taken over by the illegal hawkers.

– The Nagar Palika and Police force should become accountable.

The people in power never see the REAL VRAJ PROBLEMS. As every thing is cleared and cleaned at the areas where they visit.

In olden days the Raja and Maharajas walked around their cities in disguise to SEE THE REAL STATE OF THEIR LAND.

Wonder what Vraj Mandal we are leaving for our children and grandchildren.

They will only be able to see the original reality in some photos or videos which bhakts may have uploaded.

And Girirajji Govardhan is in the worst of state today.

All just TAKE..TAKE..TAKE.

May the present government see the truth of their actions.

The crores and crores they sign on papers need to be used for preservation and restoration first. If preserved there will be no need to create anything new.

The old and ancient pavitrata if returned to Vraj Mandal will be enough for the higher divine shaktis.


दिव्य शक्तियों को साफ़, सुथरा पवित्र वातावरण चाहिए.

नहीं तो वह दिन दूर नहीं, की वे सब भूतल में गहरी उतर जाएँगी और हम हाथ मलते रह जाएँगे, अपने दुर्भाग्य पर। हमारे बच्चों को दर्शन का लाभ नहीं मिल पाएगा, और हम सब इसके ज़िम्मेदार होंगे।

जय श्रीनाथजी, जय श्री राधा कृष्ण

कृपा करें, सदबुद्धि दें,

आभा शाहरा श्यामा

#vrajmandal #cmyogi # savevraj #savegovardhan #saveyamuna #utterpradeshgoverment #adityanathyogi #primeministeroffice #savevrindavan #pmoindia #cmoyogi

Vraj Mandal belong to Shree RadhaKrishn-ShreeNathji, and we are doing our best to destroy Their divine land

Vraj Mandal-Hot tea in Bel Van

Vraj Mandal special.

Hot ginger chai! At one of the sacred Van (woods) #belvan in Vraj Mandal.
With the peacocks, parrots, cows, the squirrels and the snake!!

This particular video is from a very sacred spot in Vraj. Entire 84 kos of this land is divine and home to several sacred divine leela of Shree RadhaKrishn or ShreeNathji
Tea is made outdoors in the choolah. The sadhu babaji who lives here is very friendly.

He always offers me tea and we spend at least a couple of hours watching the peacocks, parrots, squirrels running around.

Preparing to light the outdoor chullah he continues talking all the time.

As he has no ginger I offer him some from my little bag. I have learnt from my innumerable visits to Vraj; to always carry some ginger with me, as many of the chai places(outdoor tea making spots) do not use it when it gets a bit expensive. And I love to have some ginger in my tea!! This tea has no added water and milk used is fresh from his Gaushala.

This is a step by step video of this exciting tea making ritual.

As he brews my #tea sadhu babaji continues to give me a lecture on the adulterated milk that we must be using in Mumbai.

Watch how babaji makes tea and also describes how three snakes came in his hut the other day to eat the rats. (In fact we actually see a snake crawl in the bush as we sat sipping on our tea).

Maybe you will notice the helper who picks up the ready tea from fire, removes his slippers before nearing the chullah. As cooking is considered a sacred ritual.

Listening to the peacocks meow in the background as tea is brewed makes for a very mesmerising experience as also keeping a watch on my tea, and filming this process.

In between I manage to photograph the two parrots who come in search of water at the tap. And the few squirrels who drink from the nullah. The new born calves hide in fear and are shy.

I’ve taken several pictures in my camera which will upload some day.

(This particular way of making tea outdoors is very ancient and not many places do it any more. Also I would not accept openly made tea if this place wasn’t a sacred spot and also clean enough).

#teaoutdoors #belvan #vrajmandal ​

How I love this divine place!!


Jai Shree RadhaKrishn!

Jai ShreeNathji

Karmic sanskars

It takes just a moment for you to not exist as yourself on this planet.

That moment can be any moment, who knows? Next breath could be the last..

When you leave this body, only the karmas will travel with you as your sanskars. These karmic sanskars is what will give you results in the next birth.

So just think, “Is all this Raag, Dwesh, Lobh”, (Attachments, Rivalry, Greed) really worth it?

Create karmas which will give higher and positive situations in the next birth.


original with frame


(This particular photo is of entangled leaves on a branch. The twisted leaves remind us of the agitation in a mind which is full of Raag, Dwesh, Lobh. It is a very negative and selfish mind who fails to find the required peace).

Jai Shree RadhaKrishn