‘Reset your normal..’ If you wish to continue to live in harmony and peace

(A note from a close friend, which I share with her permission)

How does one deal with the suddenness of a life threatening disease?

As it can completely throw you off all plans you might’ve made for the future..

‘Unless you reset your normal and acknowledge the realistic situation that has entered your life, you’ll continue to grapple in the dark emotions. Accepting the reality of what has happened is the first step to recovery ..’

As we count blessings..

Not many of us actually sit with a paper and pen to list all blessings we receive on a daily basis.

But until the moment we have consciously sat down to list the positive, blessed situations and relationships we have in our life, we’ll tend to over look some of the most extraordinary gifts granted to us.

I too like many of you, have read and heard this ‘Count your blessings’, truth enough times; of how we should always look on what we have rather then keep a track of all that is missing.

And I’ve acknowledged this fact also most of the time.

But this point by point listing; which is to sit and write it all on paper has been a literal eye opener.

To recognise and experience this fact of counting blessings daily; took a serious illness with an extreme surgery and a very low point in my health status. Once the worst was over, I found it tough coming to terms with what had happened and experienced tremendous anger and loss, with a desire to isolate myself and most of the days not get out of bed.

Tough to understand though, that there are times when serious illnesses could be actually a blessing in disguise (this is a general term and many serious illness can be fatal too). They make you sit back and rethink all that is important in your life; if all that you were doing is actually worth anything anymore.

A major lifestyle change is priority. It forces you to take a complete physical, physiological, mental, emotional detox.

It pushes you into making lifestyle changes; changes which you never thought you had the strength to go through. And once put in that changed lifestyle where preserving health becomes a priority, there is no other way you’d wish to live.

As then you will have tasted the benefits of self discipline and self regulation; in several areas of your life. Most importantly of what you eat and when you eat. Body actually feels like a mandir where each morsel of food you put in, matters.

This is my thought five months into recovery from cancer surgery.

I give thanks each day for receiving the energy to be out of bed and doing normal chores; and have learnt to live from day to day; or as all my therapists have told me to henceforth plan and live three months at a time.

As limited types of food is permitted life has become simple; no longer I am planning meals from the time I wake up.

Life has also become about taking care of my emotional health before anything or anyone else. As realising that if I am not emotionally healthy I will be toxic to all around me. Will spread the poison of negativity and despair with my unhealthy emotions.

Finally taught me to express gratitude to the Shaktis who gave strength to live from each day to the next day.. gave courage and understanding to accept what happened,

and most important not to ask this oft repeated question “WHY ME”.. As I understand today that I am the only creator of any and every situation I face in my life.


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Where has My Mumbai disappeared

In this concrete jungle I search for my Mumbai

In this concrete jungle I search for that rainbow which was my Mumbai ;

Every time I am sad and depressed about the downfall of my city I make a plan on moving out; But how do I do this; I am Mumbai and Mumbai is me..

Where else will I feel at home?

Though my city has become a hole I continue to live here as leaving this home would mean leaving my entire life and memories behind .. I am addicted

In this concrete jungle I search for my Mumbai



MUMBAI .. the city that once was the pride of our nation is now just a shadow which waits for death as the darkness engulfs .. what have we done to the once beautiful and green city. It took just 25/30 years to destroy that which was looked upon as a dream city



Mumbai has become a nightmare. Having spent 54 out of my 62 years in this city I see and watch with despair the deterioration in every aspect of living..

too many people jammed in the kilometre.

Quality of air, water, food is at an ultimate low

Roads are a nightmare .. again too many cars.. too many two wheelers .. too many people jay walking

Footpaths taken over by the hawkers..roads encroached with parking cars or buses or tempos

Construction material lying around after completion of a job

No one, absolutely no one to safe guard the citizens rights; they who pay all taxes on time, and maintain every aspect of civic sense

The elected government just does not care.. the #BMC has been super negligent in their jobs

#shivsena who make several promises overlook and forget once elected in power

No parks left to have a quiet walk .. what happened?

My childhood was spent literally walking to school through green fields .. Drinking water directly from the municipal taps at school and in gardens was the done thing

TOO MUCH ILLEGAL CONSTRUCTION.. too much migration of people looking for livelihoods.. development of illegal slums .. the list of destructions is endless 😠

Mumbai is the planets second most densely populated city with 31,700 people per square kilometre, as per UN habitat data

Be aware if you are taking Gelatin capsules

Vegetarians please be aware before you pop that capsule:

Vegetarian people please read this post and be aware:

अगर आप शाकाहारी हैं तो इस पोस्ट को कृपा करके पढ़िए 🙏

बहुत सारे डॉक्टर आपको बेवक़ूफ़ बनाते हैं; माँसाहारी (non – vegetarian) दवाई दे रहे हैं जानकारी नहीं देते हैं।

Gelatine Capsules come as hard gel or soft gel, origin is always Beef or pork.

जेलेटिन (Gelatin) से बहुत सारे कैपसूल (capsule) बनते हैं। जेलेटिन सिर्फ़ और सिर्फ़ गाय और सूवर की हड्डी और चमड़ी से बनते हैं। इसमें hardgel और soft gel के कैपसूल आते हैं।

Allopathy हो या आयुर्वेद, उस कैपसूल में भले ही अंदर बहुत अच्छे शाकाहारी (vegetarian) पाउडर से भरे हों, ये पूर्ण तरह से माँसाहारी ( non-vegetarian) होते हैं।

मुझे भी एक आयुर्वेदिक डॉक्टर ने पाँच दवाई दी,जिन पर gelatine origin लिखा है। मुझे जानकारी थी की जेलेटिन गाय या सूवर की हड्डी से ही बनता है। किंतु doctor से ये बात सीधे पूछने पर भी उसने कहा की कहीं माँसाहारी नहीं लिखा है, आपको दवाई समझ कर खा लेना चाहिए।

तो फिर मैंने इन चार Ayurvedic कम्पनी से सीधी पूछताछ से confirm करा की उनके capsule गाय और सूवर से ही बने हैं।

मैंने अपना फ़र्ज़ समझ कर ये पोस्ट लिखी है, शायद किसी और के काम आ जाए – आप share भी करें।

Proof के तौर पर मेरे पास उन कम्पनी के mail भी हैं।

आप वैष्णव शाकाहारी हैं तो किसी भी दवाई लेने से पहले ज़रूर जाँच कर ले, उस पर अगर gelatine लिखा है तो वह माँसाहारी ही है। जो vegetarian capsule हैं उन पर लिखा होता है

If it is a vegetarian capsule it is always mentioned in the pack.

कम्पनी से:

Our two-piece hard-shell gelatin capsules (powder filled) are typically made of a combination of beef (bovine) and pork (porcine) gelatins. By contrast, our softgel (liquid filled) gelatin capsules are typically derived solely from beef gelatin, not pork.

(All come from Bovine sources)

अपने शुद्धि का ध्यान रखें 🙏

World Of Beggars…

…There is an age old belief, “One can give (to the other) only, what is there on his inner side”

So in a world of beggars, who will give?

All are empty in themselves, hungry for various things –

Greater name, more money, higher power

Simply the strong desire to tower above the rest of the humanity in what ever capacity – could even be in the mask of religion!

So, unless there is an overflowing of love from within, and the person totally contained in himself, how will he be ever expected to give JOY to others around?

And, “Except in the people  who have merged with the consciousness and are close to God , can such a quality be available;

Which is very rare…

Taken from my book: Zero2Dot.

Jai Shreeji!!

merged swarup

Karmic Outcomes

Your own actions will determine your future. As you sow, so shall you reap!

Be very cautious and aware in your interactions

Your present karmas-actions  decide the outcomes that you will receive in this life, as well in future lifetimes

These Karmic outcomes enter our lives as specific situations and personal life experiences.



To make a positive future for yourself, live with awareness

(Image is copyrighted)

Jai Shreeji!!

merged swarup

Mayic attractions

How can we move ourselves away from the material attractions?

What should be done to gain freedom from the compulsiveness of acquiring possessions?

“As you begin to realize and experience your inner reality,

the non-essential in the outer world starts to “move away” from you effortlessly.

So you need to work upon yourself and your purification, rather than,

spending precious time and energy in fighting to overcome the mayic world attractions.

The lure and luster of material possessions is very strong and so cannot be fought or run away from.

Only when you begin to move inwards towards your self- your reality, this outer material world loses its hold on your mind and life.

Outer glamour of life and its people  lose their hold and power over yourself when you begin to experience your inner realities and the self.

The way to move inwards is through your breath.

The beginning has to be made through the practice of pranayama and the associated disciplines”.

Powers of nature

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World Of Beggars

…There is a belief, one can only give what is there in the inner side – so unless there is an overflowing of love, and the person totally contained in himself, how will he be ever expected to give this joy to others around?

 Except in the people close to God who have merged with the consciousness, can such a quality be felt; or else –

In a world of beggars, who will give?

All are empty in themselves, hungry for various things –

Greater name, more money, higher power

Simply the strong desire to tower above the rest of the humanity in what ever capacity – could even be in the mask of religion! –

So basically there is no joy to be found in any of the outer dimensions,  as we know them.

“Its” not out there; one has to move in, at the DOT, total in himself.

Till the time one is dependent on someone or something out there, lasting joy will never be experienced…

Taken from my book: Zero2Dot.