Mr Narendra Modi, Thank you!

This letter is a note of thanks to the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi.

Like the crores of other Indians I have come to look upon him as a saviour of our country. As an Indian, I today feel very proud of having such a bold and confident leader who believes in him self and is not selfish in his motives. I am not at all a political person, yet I feel compelled to acknowledge his greatness.
After reading my letter, if you readers agree with me and share the same sentiments for our country, please like, comment, share this note.

I would love it if it reaches his face book page, so if any one of you have the right resources, please help in this.
Thank you

The picture below is a sunrise on Shri Yamunaji, from the divine land of Vraj. Sunrise signifies hope, which is what Narendra Modi has given to all of us. Vraj Mandal stands for all that is Divine and pure.



Jai Shreeji!