“ShreeNathji Sakshatkar darshans on Girirajji”

“ShreeNathji Sakshatkar darshans on Girirajji”: Prabhu ShreeNathji and Gurushree’s kripa

श्री ठाकुरजी के साक्षात दर्शन, उनके मुखारविंद, जतीपुरा में; आज से ठीक १३ साल पहले; ऐसी कृपा की कोई और मिसाल नहीं है।

दर्शन भी दिए और फ़ोटो भी लेने दिया; २०१४ में हमें आज्ञा भी दी सभी वैष्णव के साथ शेर करने की: क्या ऐसा कभी पहले हुआ है?

This divine leela happened 13 years ago on the auspicious day of 9th June 2005, at ShreeNathji Mukharwind, Giriraj Govardhan, Jatipura, with kripa of Gurushree Sudhir bhai; and only because of his close sakha bhav with prabhu ShreeNathji.

We all wonder what Shree Prabhu looks like!

The only True photo of ShreeNathji, Shree GovardhanNathji, Shree Thakurjee, Shree Dev Daman: In His Child Swarup.

Please take a moment and see for yourself in the photo above, just below the point where I am applying tilak; complete Face of Shree Thakurjee is visible as this (white) Ujjaval Urja (energy). This divine face Appeared for the duration of my pujan and Gurushree clicked the photos. The mukut, mor pankh, tilak, earrings, long black hair, both palms holding His own face and watching me do pujan, is ShreeNathji giving darshans of His Lalan swarup.

(Just for the record: it is not photoshopped, nor tampered in any way.

Details can be read on our website: http://www.govardhan.org.in

Given to us and ordered to share with His bhakts all over the world.

Thank you Prabhu for this kripa on all Your bhakts.

ShreeNathji Sakshatkar photo

ShreeNathji Sakshatkar from His Mukharvind

Jai ShreeNathji

“What if you were not a part of anyone’s daily routine?

“What if you were not a part of anyone’s daily routine”?

“Be very grateful if you are”.

We tend to take many relationships and blessings for granted.



This photo is of the Kingfisher sitting alone on a rock at the Arabian Sea in Mumbai. I am sure it would have a flock to go back to, but this shot shows it at a very lonely moment in the huge expanse of the sea.

If there is even one person who plans his\her 24 hours with you in mind; thank God and don’t take the person for granted.

Thank you





ShreeNathji-Ghasiyar Haveli

When waiting with Gurushree for Mangla darshans to open, at around 4am, I tried talking to Shreeji, informing Him about our visit His old Haveli at Ghasiyar later that day.

ShreeNathji replied immediately,Mujhe acche tarah yaad hai. Veh mera purana ghar hai. Main vahan kabhi kabhi jaata hun. Main bhi tumare saath chaloonga (I remember it very well. That is my old home. I visit there sometimes. I will also come with you’ll).
It felt to me as if I was a part of Him and going to visit His old Home was as nostalgic for me, and felt as if I belonged here in all the happenings and can at times feel this very very deep connection with Shreeji. Many times when I feel this extreme devotion, something connects me to Shreeji’s Voice and Presence. In this highly pure state I feel as if He actually listens and replies and talks to me.

A day earlier to our planned visit; during the Sanmukh Darshans, Sudhir bhai already had mentioned to Shreeji about our visit to Ghasiyar. Shreeji said that we should visit and that He was very happy about our plan to visit his Ghasiyar Haveli.

Once there at Ghasiyar later in the day, He was very happy. I could again feel His Vibrational Presence, talking to me from inside; telling me how happy He is to be here and how He moves around the entire area enjoying Himself tremendously. He told me He would also be Present inside today when both the darshans opened.

Later, once we finished talking to the few sewaks here, we came and sat out in shade within the parisar (courtyard) of the Haveli taking some pictures from the outer areas.

Again I felt Shreeji’s Presence around us complaining like a small child,Yahan bahut gaarmi hai, lekin koi baat nahin. Main bahut khush hoon ki tum logon ne yaad kara. Yahan aur koi aata hi naahi hai”. (It is very hot here, but I am very happy that you both remember this place, anyone hardly visits this place).

We received Prasad of ‘Khopra pak’ today; which was extremely sweet and tasty. I tried telling Shreeji how extra sweet and tasty the Prasad was. “Of course, it will be”, Shreeji again said, “Main to bahut meetha khata hun”. (I like eating extra sweet offerings).
Later I mentioned to  Sudhir bhai about this anubhuti (experience). At that moment he silenced me, saying “Yes, I know; you are very lucky. Hardly anyone would be able to experience all the Divine closeness with Shreeji”.

Gurushree Sudhir bhai and I came here at Ghasiyar to study the details. We took pictures from outside, as similar to the Nathdwara Haveli no photography is allowed in the mandir premises. We stayed on for nearly 3-4 hours, enjoying the serenity and sacredness of the whole area. We managed to do darshans of Guval and Rajbhog.



Details about Ghasiyar:

As ShreeNathji travelled to Mevar, His Rath got stuck at one spot. When asked why, Shreeji replied, “My bhakt Ajaba Kunwari lived here; so My mandir should be built here, I will live here for a long time; this place reminds Me of Braj, I like the mountains here”. “There is also the Banas River which represents Yamunaji”. “This is Ajaba Kunwari’s land”, Shreeji said; “I will stay here. Tell all the Gusain Balak to build their baithak here also”.

Shri Govindaji began preparations to get the mandir ready. He ordered Gopaldas Usta, to hire maximum people and make sure that ShreeNathji mandir is ready in the earliest possible time. Work began day and night with hundreds of workers, and in a few months Shreeji’s mandir was ready.

In Vikram Samvat 1672 in Falgun Vad Satam, (AD-1728) Shri Damodar Maharajji (ShriDauji) established ShreeNathji’s Paat in the mandir Haveli. It was all perfectly done with Vastu pratishta and pujan, according to Vedic rites. Slowly all the various rituals and festivals were started again here similar to the Govardhan hill. Since then Shreeji happily began living here at Mewar.
A Gaushala was also built close by for all of Shreeji’s cows.
Shri Dauji Maharaj with a lot of loving care took care of Shreeji, and celebrated all utsav and the Mahautsav; all Shringar was also done by him.

But soon there was a problem created by the Scindia army. They wanted 3 lakh mudras or else threatened to loot the Haveli. As soon as the Maharana of Udaipur heard this he immediately made arrangements to move Shreeji to Udaipur for safety. Shreeji stayed in the Udaipur Haveli for nearly 10 months till His new Haveli was built at a place called Ghasiyar. This scenic place is situated in the Gokunda Mountains.
As Shreeji should not feel upset with the whole arrangement an exact replica of His Haveli in Nathdwara was erected. His Paat Utsav was celebrated here. Sewa similar to the Haveli at Nathdwara was also established soon.

There is a very interesting story behind the reason for moving out from Ghasiyar and back to Nathdwara.
Shri Gusainji-son of Mahaprabhuji had 7 sons. One of them, Shri Girdhariji came here with ShreeNathji for continuation of sewa. He was in charge of looking after the needs of Shreeji.

Once the Ghasiyar Haveli was built, all the followers and sewaks who had accompanied Him from Giriraj, (the original Appearance place of Shreeji) settled with Shreeji here at Ghasiyar for His sewa. Soon Shri Girdhariji began to face problems. He found that all children born here did not survive. It was discovered that the environment and water here was bad, and would not let any further generations of Mahaprabhuji survive. In great distress Shri Girdhariji went and bowed before Shreeji, telling Him of this misfortune; “There will be no one left to do Your sewa, we have to move back from here”. As Shri Girdhariji bowed down, Shreeji spread His feet side ways, outwardly, putting His right hand on his head as blessings and approval. (These are the darshans maintained here in the form of a pichwai showing Shreeji’s lotus feet turned sideways).
With Shreeji’s approval and blessings, they all moved back.

After Shreeji shifted back from here, His Haveli has been left intact, with the sewa continuing in a similar manner. No village has been built around here. The management is with the Nathdwara board. The place is nearly always empty. Three people manage it on a regular basis: the main mukhiyaji-Abgirdhar, munim and a watchman. As we spoke to the mukhiyaji he told us that about 15-20 bhakts came in for darshans daily; as people are not aware that such a place exists.

Though there is a Gaushala very few cows stay on a regular basis. During Annakut about 500 cows come here from Nathdwara which then return. Also when there is shortage of green grass around the Nathdwara Gaushala, some cows are temporarily shifted here.

Abha Shahra

Shreeji Ki Jai Ho!!







ShreeNathji Kripa of His Darshans at Gowardhan


Devotion for me is offering of myself at your feet, Shreeji-Shree RadhaKrishn. Through You I surrender to eternity”.

ShreeNathji's kripa

Shreeji, Aapki kripa hamesha bani rahe


As I feel myself experiencing this Divine energy, my whole being gets transformed. Had never experienced such sacredness in any situation before. Beyond the ordinary, the mundane, this flow of such incredible intensity moving is in no way connected to the outer reality.

It’s as if experiencing another world, some different level of reality where all is vibrations colors and energy.

What moves within?

Something just takes hold of me and transports me to another dimension.

It makes me greedy – wanting more and more. In this close experience with the Divine, with existence, it feels as if something is filling me up which creates a feeling of gratitude and a lot of joy. It’s as if I’ve finally found what I had been searching and waiting for.

This is the door for the ‘Bhao’ that I want to be a part of.

It intoxicates me – the flow of such Divine love, I am unable to keep myself to myself- I have to melt away- do away with all the physical boundaries of this gross body and move deeper and deeper to reach the Dot.

The purity, the sacredness of the total experience shows me a new and different way of being. I feel I am floating away carried away into a cradle of love, love and a lot of love. I feel rested, I feel peace and most of all I feel of not wanting to stop this flow and come back to outer reality we call life. As the vibrations enter every pore, each cell of my being, I feel I want to drown totally in this flow, in this bliss.

Krishn, let my heart be totally pure and mind intent on the goal”.

The wearing of Shreeji’s pujan ‘mala’ at the Mukharvind, and the Tilak  of the pujan at the Shyamkund, stirred up un describable devotion and a feeling of complete surrender and peace – of “belonging”.

Abha doing pujan at Shreeji Mukharwind at Gowardhan. Shreeji Gives His Mukhar Darshans at this moment. Please look closely at this picture

Abha doing pujan at Shreeji Mukharwind at Gowardhan. Shreeji Gives His Mukhar Darshans at this moment. Please look closely at this picture



Such moments of pujan become memorable, I call them soul presence, as there is nothing of the mind and body present at the time of  darshans; it is ourselves, as the true beings in the original identities.

This can only be experienced, not explained, and I guess only possible in the close proximity of one who is the highest in purity and spirituality, which is Gurushree, Sudhir bhai .

ShreeNathji leaves His Haveli Mandir from Nathdwara, as Shreeji enjoys staying with Gurushree most of the time. It is his kripa that Shreeji gave His sakshat darshans from His Mukharwind at Giriraj Govardhan.

Such intensity and Bhao I have never experienced before – such total acceptance of me as myself; as the truth about my true identity.

Jai Shreeji!!


Paragraph taken from my book: Zero2Dot.  http://www.zero2dot.org/

A complete website dedicated to This Darshans is coming up soon!




ShreeNathji-Brahm sambandh

********************************************************************************** Brahm Sambandh is the connection of the seekers soul to the SuperSoul. It means total dedication and surrender of the individual self to Shree RadhaKrishn-ShreeNathji.ShreeNathji The most important factor when taking Brahm sambandh is the requirement of purity levels in the Guru as well as purity of bhao in the disciple. This Sambandh will give desired results when the Guru initiating  Brahm sambandh has a direct connection to the Divine. (Shri Mahaprabhuji, Shri Gusainji had this direct connection and were empowered by ShreeNathji to give Brahm sambandh). In this new Sambandh with Shreeji, the human soul becomes free from past karmic cycle, provided he maintains the required levels of Bhao and Purity in his surrender to his God and his Guru. Shreeji directly accepts the sewa of such bhakts when Bramh sambandh is given by the Divine Guru. The Divine Guru initiates and plants love and bhao for Shree RadhaKrishn-ShreeNathji in the core of his disciple, as bhao and pavitrata increase it creates an awakening from within. Mind, body, soul surrenders in totality to Thakurjee, and His divinity enters their Being. The divine soul is awakened totally and becomes aware of his original realities. The most realistic examples can be read in the olden scriptures of Pushtimarg; 84 Vaishnav Ki Varta and 252 Vaishnav Ki Varta, written by Shri Gokulnathji. These two Granths are very real examples of the Divine Guru giving  Brahm sambandh to the deserving disciple. These two granths also tell us how disciples are chosen carefully by the Divine Guru for giving sambandh. Brahm sambandh is a very big responsibility for the Guru too, as he becomes bound for life times to the chosen disciple. He will have to continue taking birth to make sure that all his disciples are freed from the karmic cycle. Gurushree, Sudhir bhai says about the true meaning of Brahm sambandh, “There has to be Shravan, Manan, Aachran. Shravan is the listening of the Mantra in the ear through the guru which is easy. Manan means, the involvement while chanting the mantra. If the required depth is missing than the mantra is not effective in establishing the right connections. While chanting, if the devotees mind is involved only in the counting or the time factor, the mantra will not work in any way towards closeness with God. Beyond these two important rules is the discipline of Aachran. This would require the devotee to walk the path of mantra. He would be required to maintain the discipline and dedication which the Brahm sambandh imposes on you. If purity level is not maintained beyond the few mala chanting period, true growth is not possible. Then all the chantings and number of malas go in the dikhava (outer show) level; if the purity requirement is not followed, it becomes just a show and a time pass, as no connection is ever felt by the devotee with his God.   Darshans and play with the Almighty is there on this earth itself for these lucky divine souls who are an intimate part of the Divine Himself, come on this earth to help in the completion of His worldly leela. Then there is no separation; when the whole being, every cell, every pore is only for Shreeji. He enters our lives at every level and each moment is filled with the Presence of His bliss. Jai Shreeji!! merged swarup (2)                     ***********************************************************************************************************************

Divine ShreeNathji



Some words in love for my ShreeNathji – my ShreeRadhaKrishn;

with whose blessings and grace;

in whose Bhao and Mahabhao I have realized my divine nature; my reality


“YOU are the dawn of everyday to me, the Hope that sees me through,

The Light that guides the way for me, the Love that’s always true –

YOU are the Joy that fills the heart in me

The BLISS that completes the dreams in me.

YOU are the reason for my tomorrows

YOU are the reason for today

YOU are the reason for my life’s living

YOU are the reason for my soul’s shinning.

YOUR love, friendship, grace

Has shown a new dimension –

I had never thought

I’d attain such contentment.

I want to be possessed by YOU.

I want to belong to YOU.

In my deepest thoughts

I want to hold on to “YOU”.

In total surrender and Bhakti

I offer my total to “YOU”.




ShreeNathji-“Pavitra Ekadashi”


In 2012, “Pavitra Ekadasi” falls on the 29th July, Sunday. The mahurat for offering “Pavitra” for ShreeNathji this year is early morning, 6.05 – 7.33 am. We go to the two ShreeNathji Haveli close by and have some divine darshans of Shreeji being offered “Pavitra”. Here the Presence of Dear Shreeji is total at His Haveli, as He gives us divine darshans of His natkhat Plays!

I feel very lucky, as my birthday also falls on this very auspicious day; which was 16th August 1956, Shravan Shukla Giyaras, in the afternoon at 1.03 pm, at the Abhijit mahurat. Every birthday on “Pavitra Ekadasi”, Gurushree changes my sankalp thread also, after completing his offering for Shreeji “Pavitra”, in his office and home.

Today again we are graced with the  Presence of my Dear Mahagurushree, Divine ShreeNathji on this occasion as He tells me, “Tum kitni naseeb wali ho ki har saal, aaj tumhara janmdin hai, aur tumhara sankalp thread bhi badla jata hai, mere “Pavitra” ki tarah!” (He also calls me His ‘best friend’- you can read further details here : https://abhashahra.wordpress.com/about/ )

Today we have also updated the ShreeNathji Application for the Bhog Darshans:



Shravan Shukla Giyaras, or “Pavitra Ekadasi”, is a very auspicious day for all Vaishnavites and Pushti maarg followers. This day comes once every year, when ShreeNathji is offered a ‘Pavitra’ (a reshmi or cotton thread). Today is the day when Shreeji accepts this offering from all His bhakts everywhere. This ‘offering’ darshan can be had in Shreeji Haveli’s all over the world. The bhakts who have personal sewa in their homes also change the “Pavitra” for their ShreeNathji Swarup or Chavi.

This day is important for bhakts, as today is the day when Shri Vallabhacharya received Brahm sambandh from Shree Krishn – ShreeNathji, Himself.

Nearly 520 years ago, on Vikram Samvat 1549,AD 1492, Shravan Shukla Giyaras, Shree Krishn Himself Appeared in the Form of ShreeNathji before Shri Vallabhacharya. He told Shri Vallabhacharya to initiate people in the ways of total surrender and sewa, through Brahm sambandh. Thakurjee promised Shri Vallabhacharya He would accept the sewa of all the devotees who were initiated with the Brahm sambandh. Shree Krishn gave him the Mantra for initiation on this day.

Shri Mahaprabhuji then garlanded ShreeNathji with a “Pavitra” (cotton thread garland) and offered Him some misri (crystals of sugar). After this divine meeting ShreeNathji disappeared. Shri Mahaprabhuji composed “Shri Madhurashtakam” praising the form and beauty of Shree Krishn the way He appeared before him.

Shri DamodarDas Harsaniji was the first vaishnav to be initiated into Pushti Bhakti marg by receiving Brahm-Sambandh from Shri MahaPrabhuji.


This occasion is celebrated as Pavitra Ekadashi. It is also known as the day of the Birth of Pushti marg – The path of Grace and Bhakti.




ShreeNathji being offered “Pavitra”

Above picture courtesy:  http://pushti-marg.net/index.html



Kripa and Blessings

Kripa and Blessings from the super powers create miracles in our lives.

As pure and soft as these dewdrops, they enter us in the most subtle manner, many times without us even being aware of the divine miracle that has happened in our life.

Miracles may look like coincidences to the unbelieving, but in reality are part of the perfect plan in God’s work.

Blessings and kripa open us to some wonderful happenings. Blessings from the super powers transform our lives positively to the greatest extent and very few souls in our world can be worthy of receiving them. It has to be some very positive karmas of the past, that one’s life becomes worthy of being showered with kripa and blessings.

God showers blessings through the divine guru.

In my life the super powers are my God and Guru.

God – MahaGurushree – ShreeNathji

Divine Guru – Gurushree – Sudhir bhai

I bow down with gratitude for their love and kripa on all my family.

Jai Shreeji!

merged swarup