A Divine Guru-The Sadguru

A Divine Guru – The Sadguru:

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A Divine Guru represents the UnManifest Form of God

This Divine Jeev Atma is an Ansh of God(Thakurjee), come to complete certain divine works and leela of Thakurjee Himself. God (Thakurjee) works through this divine Atma for His outer work and leelas to be completed.

The presence of Divine Guru is a very rare happening on Earth.


the divine guru


Why is the Divine Guru important

 1 – The immensity of karmic impurities we carry within ourselves, through cycles of birth and rebirth; if not impossible; is extremely difficult and slow to be cleared away by ourselves in the regular methods we follow.

To move deep within – many past sanskars have to be cleared out, as without total purification one cannot move inwards or towards God.

The purity of our life, inner thoughts and actions today, has deteriorated to an alarming extent. It becomes so easy to not remember the truth about our birth.

The required motivation and courage to stay stable on this journey towards one’s reality (in spite of all odds), comes from God and Divine guru, the Sadguru.

The extremely fast and out ward  lifestyles today, that  majority of us live in makes it extremely easy to fall back into the mayic jungle (worldly life). We also today have access to a lot of knowledge from innumerable sources; possibly all not authentic. The entire world knowledge is there for us with as many news and views, which though may sound good, could cause serious confusion about what to do, whom to follow.

Our thoughts are affected by the media to a very large extent. Because of the alarmingly different thoughts bombarding us today, how can we decide what is true and important for us at the particular stage and situation in our life. The sifting of knowledge is extremely difficult, with many trying to catch attention in not all the right ways.

All this could become a khichdi (mix) of the wrong kind. All our innumerable methods of praying, meditations, scripture reading, chanting, satsangs, seva, yogic kriya; are ways not directly related with God. Without the right understanding, though we may spend hours praying; required purifications do not take place as we all know; without the right purity of – bhao, heart, mind, body, soul – it is impossible to be anywhere near the Divine powers. A Divine guru could guide you on an individual level making your progress the fastest, as he will never have  more than a handful of close followers.

2 – At times it can become very difficult and dangerous for a devotee to be confronted by non- believers,

(I speak with direct experience), who may want to argue and demand logical explanations for spiritual truths. During the course of my spiritual journey, several times I have received this reaction from many seekers and people close, who have a pre formed opinion of how everything should be. Anything which seems different from how IT all should happen is criticized immediately, without true understanding.

During these confrontations, only the support from a divine guru can help maintain the right balance, or else it’s easy to slip in the comfort of the known way of life which all approve of. To be able to stay firm, one requires help and guidance from right guru or master, who is overflowing; and not hungry nor a beggar.

Till the time one is not established strongly in the DOT, the closeness and regular support of the Divine Guru is important and should not be debated.

3 – Spending time with the Sadguru on a continuous level makes it easier to maintain the high level of purity and positivism in consciousness, required for digestion of the high wisdom and pure auras. The proximity helps keep my mind focused on the goal. Or else in the routine of our lives, it is easy to lose all the ‘high pure energy’ and get caught up in the rat race. The worldly maya  and  control people try to exert at times, can act as a deterrent to the spiritual awakenings.

4 – The value of the divine guru is that he teaches you through example – he lives his truth; in his life you are able to see all the various truths you may have read or heard from various spiritual sources. Our mind is also purified by this satsang (pure association). The required strength, courage, motivation to be able to stay stable in this inward journey is directly the grace of God and Guru. The guru is the total form of unconditional love.

5 – I have experienced; how with the right purification from a divya (divine) guru; the karmas of this life and past lives can be felt, accepted and understood in the right positive manner; in the least of time. Too many words are not required, then, as too much talking can be only empty words.

When the guru whom one follows, preaches certain truths about God and ourselves, and as also how we can reach to that particular spot, I strongly believe, that first he himself should become an example of what he is trying to give his disciples.

He should be the motivation as living the truth in totality. Only then he can have the power to give, THAT, which TRANSFORMS.

The transformative blessings only can come from one who is a living example of the reality which he tells you to follow.

This can happen only through the divine guru. Too many words are not required, then, as too much talking can be only empty words. The required blessing, kripa is transferred in an instant without you even realizing it has happened; only the results are experienced.

I have found, God is very close to us and His kripa, along with the grace from the divine guru finishes all karmic debts within us and thus the soul shines out in crystal clear purity.


We as normal humans have no insight to recognize the right form of guru; As the universal laws go, all we as average humans can do is pray to God for guidance and blessings; when our thirst , our yearning is right the universe will have to pick up our request. This request is broadcasted as our Soul requirement and the right vibration picks us up.

If determination and commitment is placed on God in one Form, then He will undoubtedly take responsibility for you. When the time is right, He would be there to take care of further purifications and soon He will reward with the right guidance in the form of a guru – the Divine spiritual guide; who will find you.

From there on what we require is total faith and surrender, so that the soul can be touched and awakened and moved on in the right direction.


A Divine Guru is the symbol of Truth and does the work of jolting people out of their deep sleep.

The Divine guru is rare in our world, so becomes very difficult to understand and most tough to follow; working from the level of Sadhyata, he works for God Himself or God works through him.

His physical structure (body) becomes a pavitra (pure) mandir (temple) for his God, who stays “LIVE” in there, coming and going as and when He pleases.

He introduces his carefully chosen disciple to Swarup Sewa, not Idol worship. Swarup Sewa is when God (Shree RadhaKrishn, ShreeNathji) Himself is Manifest, independent of any other chanting or rituals.

The Divine guru gives the disciple a direct connection with his God; of course disciplines of purity and lifestyle are a must. In this process the deepest cleansing and karmic purifications take place through one who has already merged with the Divine.

The Divine Energy along with the Guru’s grace; help you to reach your final soul destination; experiencing sampoornta (total ness) within oneself. Our own reality unfolds from within.

These transformative blessings can only come from one who is a living example of the reality which he tells you to follow.



My Divine Guru – Gurushree Sudhir bhai

My Form of God – ShreeNathji, Shree RadhaKrishn

My Self – the seeker – Abha Shahra Shyama





This reality I have experienced in the guidance of my Gurushree, Shri Sudhir bhai; as he helped me in my soul understandings along with the required purifications.

The truth about God; I have understood from him, the importance of bhakti and bhao in our prayers, as also the right purity in Mind, Body and Soul.

His egoless ness and total surrender to his God ShreeNathji, is exemplary.

All my experiences on this spiritual journey, I recount in my documentations as a book on God and Guru and the seeking Self or soul.

After all my experiences from the last nearly 13-14 years, I have realized the truth that God, Guru and Self are one; meaning that my devotion to Guru is also devotion to God as also to the Self within me.

As you read in my book, “Zero2Dot”, (which is a documentation of my spiritual growth), at several points it may appear astonishing, as to what I say.

My claims are true, the Presence of ShreeNathj – Shree RadhaKrishn is very real and alive around us.

“Giving one’s key in the hands of the right guru-the Divine guru, and through him to God, is the only right way to move forward in Bhakti and reach to your DOT”.

The moment fear or ego comes in the picture; much is taken away; basically, when our lack of trust or understanding prevents us from surrendering to God, we lose ourselves in the confusions of various rituals and dogmas.

I learnt from him to live my life on the highest truth:

“No matter what others say or think; if you are following the soul’s demands towards your God, move on, do not stop, only because some people do not have the right understandings”.

I have found, God is very close to us and He along with the divine guru finishes all karmic debts within us and thus the soul shines out in crystal clear purity.

This Divine guru is a storage house for the blessings from God and for his own shaktis.

What flows from him needs the right quality in the receiver to be able to absorb and digest it all – the right bhao-shuddhi-lagan-aastha


Jai Shreeji!

1.73 kb ShreeNathji


Surrender in bhakti

Shree Krishn, in the Chapter 18 of Bhagwad Geeta, asks all seekers to “Surrender” themselves to Him.

For being able to do pure surrender and renunciation, one needs to understand what true surrender means, because correct understanding only, will give the correct results.

Complete surrender would mean following ONE; not blindly; but with the right understanding. Which would mean: to follow the One Guru with total belief in his path and way of bhakti towards One Form of God.

“At the same time maintaining respect for all other Forms and Paths and Religions”.


( I took this photo where a pujan kalash and a puja supari are thrown back from the sea, on the beach; on a low tide day.)

Jai Shreeji!

ShreeNathji-Brahm sambandh

********************************************************************************** Brahm Sambandh is the connection of the seekers soul to the SuperSoul. It means total dedication and surrender of the individual self to Shree RadhaKrishn-ShreeNathji.ShreeNathji The most important factor when taking Brahm sambandh is the requirement of purity levels in the Guru as well as purity of bhao in the disciple. This Sambandh will give desired results when the Guru initiating  Brahm sambandh has a direct connection to the Divine. (Shri Mahaprabhuji, Shri Gusainji had this direct connection and were empowered by ShreeNathji to give Brahm sambandh). In this new Sambandh with Shreeji, the human soul becomes free from past karmic cycle, provided he maintains the required levels of Bhao and Purity in his surrender to his God and his Guru. Shreeji directly accepts the sewa of such bhakts when Bramh sambandh is given by the Divine Guru. The Divine Guru initiates and plants love and bhao for Shree RadhaKrishn-ShreeNathji in the core of his disciple, as bhao and pavitrata increase it creates an awakening from within. Mind, body, soul surrenders in totality to Thakurjee, and His divinity enters their Being. The divine soul is awakened totally and becomes aware of his original realities. The most realistic examples can be read in the olden scriptures of Pushtimarg; 84 Vaishnav Ki Varta and 252 Vaishnav Ki Varta, written by Shri Gokulnathji. These two Granths are very real examples of the Divine Guru giving  Brahm sambandh to the deserving disciple. These two granths also tell us how disciples are chosen carefully by the Divine Guru for giving sambandh. Brahm sambandh is a very big responsibility for the Guru too, as he becomes bound for life times to the chosen disciple. He will have to continue taking birth to make sure that all his disciples are freed from the karmic cycle. Gurushree, Sudhir bhai says about the true meaning of Brahm sambandh, “There has to be Shravan, Manan, Aachran. Shravan is the listening of the Mantra in the ear through the guru which is easy. Manan means, the involvement while chanting the mantra. If the required depth is missing than the mantra is not effective in establishing the right connections. While chanting, if the devotees mind is involved only in the counting or the time factor, the mantra will not work in any way towards closeness with God. Beyond these two important rules is the discipline of Aachran. This would require the devotee to walk the path of mantra. He would be required to maintain the discipline and dedication which the Brahm sambandh imposes on you. If purity level is not maintained beyond the few mala chanting period, true growth is not possible. Then all the chantings and number of malas go in the dikhava (outer show) level; if the purity requirement is not followed, it becomes just a show and a time pass, as no connection is ever felt by the devotee with his God.   Darshans and play with the Almighty is there on this earth itself for these lucky divine souls who are an intimate part of the Divine Himself, come on this earth to help in the completion of His worldly leela. Then there is no separation; when the whole being, every cell, every pore is only for Shreeji. He enters our lives at every level and each moment is filled with the Presence of His bliss. Jai Shreeji!! merged swarup (2)                     ***********************************************************************************************************************

Blessings on this birthday

Today is the 16th August 2009; though a day like any other in the calendar is special for me. It is my 53rd birthday today and the reason for my writing, about this day.

There are two days a birthday can be celebrated-one by the English calendar which is by the date and shows the 16th; the other is by the Lunar Hindu calendar which is called the ‘Tithi birthday’.

My Tithi birthday this year came on the 1st August. The detail explanations about the Tithi cannot be given here, in short it is a day with similar star placements to my day of birth in 1956 when certain nakshatra and yoga and raashi match- which is Dhanu Raashi, Moola Nakshatra in short. Today I am very joyful and blissful; all my past sadhanas(from this and previous births) have given me results which make me the luckiest soul in the entire world today.

This Janmashtmi (Birthday of ShreeKrishn) of 2009, is the same tithi as the original one when ShreeKrishn was born as an Avtaar on this earth 1000’s of years ago.(details about this will follow later in another writing).  According to beliefs and calculations, on this very, very auspicious day there would be rare, some, who receive HIS Blessings, as is believed that ShreeKrishn’s Live Presence is some where on this planet.

On this very uniquely sacred day, which was the 14th August I have been the recipient of some unique blessings; I received that Grace which is every seekers ultimate goal; just a couple of days before my 53rd Birthday.

This physical structure which we call the human body is a store house for various requirements which a human needs to live in the world; roughly the physical, physiological, emotional, mental, spiritual… all processes encased in this structure held together with the various systems and skin and bones(sorry for this but I assure this is no lecture on biology). What I am trying to explain here is that this human body is the basic instrument we have been given to experience various truths in the outer living and also when trying to reach our spiritual goals.

What we do with this sacred physical structure, using it for whatever purpose is the free will granted to us by the creator. The highest use, according to what I believe in is to convert this body into a live temple for our God.

Here one would tend to think; so whats so special about this? Of course we all know that God does live in all living creatures, hence we all already have the Divine in us; so what is this big deal about?

Well ,this is about the ‘literal’; about creating that high level of purity in yourself that the Divine literally stays in this body, similarly to as He would in a stone idol in any mandir, like how we normally believe God Lives.

This is about that highest purity level when the Divine can use your body for HIS purpose and for HIS Rest.

This is about ‘God’s desire that HE wishes to use HIS bhakt’s body as HIS mandir’; which can ONLY happen with HIS Kripa and Blessings; when a bhakt has reached that level when God decides to Bless him with HIS highest Kripa:


ShreeNathji painting at His Gaushala


So to continue about my being lucky:

“On this Janmashtmi, just a couple of days before my 53rd birthday I have been blessed with this high level of purity; where this body may be used as a living temple for the Divine. I have been granted the reward for following all the strict disciplines with the much needed courage and the lifestyle required for purity; also keeping faith in terms of one Form of God, one Path of spiritual practice and above all total shraddha in one Guru”.

This bhao and purity which is the requirement for inviting God to stay within is received as a Prasad from one’s Guru, who becomes like an agent between the disciples soul and the Super Soul. This year I am the lucky receiver for this SUPREME PRASAD from my Divine Gurushree, Pujya Sudhir Bhai.

Though no words are enough, I thank my Gurushree for this kripa and grace; though in his humility he never takes any credit; always saying that it is your naseeb and ShreeNathji’s Kripa that it has been possible.

This is Gurushree’s surrender to his God-ShreeNathji; who loves to Live and Play with him – His most beloved Bhakt.

I am today in total surrender to God ShreeNathji who had accepted to be my MAHAGURUSHREE many years back; and do not know how to thank HIM for all the plays of Divinity that HE has made me a part of.

All I can say today is; “Shreeji, Thank You for all Your Love and Kripa; I offer my self in totality to You, In my Mind, Body, Soul; I am surrendered to YOU!!

Living flowers are the fragrance of God

“You have no right to give death penalty to these beautiful flowers”, says Gurushree Sudhir Bhai

“Flowers, in a natural way give fragrance; you cannot give untimely death to them”.

I do not accept flowers from last nearly 8-10 years as my understanding says we should not pluck flowers for our pleasure. Living flowers are the fragrance of God, Presence of God”. “Giving a bouquet of flowers as wishes to someone is not right, as you had no right to pluck the flowers in the first place for your senses; they can be plucked when there is some correct purpose to it only”.

“But even after all the understanding that I try to give people around me, if some flowers come to me as a gift I look after them tenderly; and when all their fragrance and beauty is over I give them a proper funeral by putting them in water. I do not just throw them in the dustbin”.

“Flowers, nature, must be respected, their beauty and fragrance is to be enjoyed when they are alive in their natural surroundings. If you yet wish to gift flowers, then gift them live in a pot, or gift a garden to me, I will take full care and look after them. In this way I receive your wishes also and can enjoy the living beauty and fragrance of the plants and flowers” says Gurushree.

These are the sentiments of Gurushree and if one thinks deeply show us how we could learn enjoyment without being selfish.


I would also accept Nature as a gift from God which is complete with all colours and fragrances. It could also be called the canvas of God where He delights our senses with His creations. All this He provides to us free and there is no restriction placed on who can enjoy the beauty.

His painting is visible in the uncountable varieties of colour and designs and fragrance in nature.

Respect for all life in nature is very deeply connected with spirituality.


ShreeNathji-Worship of God in a Form

Why would it be important to be surrendered to; a ‘Form of God’; Rather than ‘God as The Formless’

Shreenathji Mangla


    ShreeNathji – Mangla Darshan

God is the ultimate Supersoul; from which all creation takes place and in Whom everything finally merges. We understand this SuperSoul with many different names; as The Supreme Energy, SarvShakti, The Super Consciousness, The Creative Intelligence, The Light, Formless Bramh, The Oum, The Cosmic Energy…

He is as we believe everywhere; only existing on a very higher different vibration level from us humans. But in this SuperSoul Form He feels so vast, so vague, it might just be very difficult concentrating on Him at this level. Believing in this formless God becomes tough; it might just be easier to visualize Him in any Physical Form, during our prayers or meditations.


ShreeNathji Haveli at Nathdwara

This Super Shakti, in particular time periods takes on a physical human form and appears on our planet. The soul of this Human Form of the Limitless Supreme is the concentration of the SuperSoul. He in our language is known as an Aavtar – Incarnation. According to the required purpose this Aavtar takes on certain qualities and lives His life around us – showing us by example what we need to learn or know. At the same time all the God powers are manifested through this SuperSoul Human on our earth level.

(Certain limitations may come in as the physical structure has it’s own gross levels).   

These Aavtars or Shaktis as human forms, live their lives to remind us of values or truths we may have forgotten; to set a new path for humans, according to the age and times we live in, to destroy some strong negativity in our world and structure a path of bhakti and faith for us. So there is no difference in the SuperSoul or in the Physical Structure who appears on this earth as an Incarnation.

The human body of an Incarnation becomes a physical container for the Creative Intelligence-The SuperSoul.

These are the Forms or Avtaars, which we worship as God in a Human Form.

In all our various sadhana we try to touch this spark; to be able to do this requires the highest purification in Mind, Body, Soul, Bhao, Feelings…….

Worship, prayer or surrender to the Physical Incarnation or Form, is the same as; of the Limitless Force of the Formless God or the Creative Totality.merged swarup

As humans we all have a spark of this creative force within us, which is mostly dormant. If the regular human is a spark; Incarnations are 100% in concentration.

When all is offered in surrender to this physical form of God – the doer ship vanishes faster. When all karmas and the fruit of these karmas are offered to This Form, it gets easier and faster to reach the akarm level.

With our limited senses as a human it becomes very easy to identify with the Physical Form of this Creative Intelligence.

Surrender to Them is surrender to the SuperSoul or To The Formless God. This works faster as we are able to relate to Him as a human form in our minds, easily.

Once total surrender-purification takes place the merging with the Divine Form automatically happens – which would be the same as oneness with the Formless God.


ShreeNathji Shringar Darshans

 This creative force (God) is spread all around – to tap into it a human has to be able to reach that level of vibration aura purity, to be able to receive the flow and let it enter the physical body on the level of chakras. This spreads all over through the spine; awakens the force already within us and merges with it and the flow begins. Our own powers given in the body can then be able to accept and tolerate the Divine force and enlightenment is there.  

In the Physical Form of God the human soul opens up to the worshipped form of his Deity. He converts his body into a pure structure for Him, who likes staying there. The devotee’s form of Deity can come and go as and when He pleases.

The particular human body which is a purified physical structure, then houses the purified soul of the devotee with the energy and powers of his form of God . The human becomes a moving temple and as pure, sattwik and powerful.

      Total wisdom is there with awakening and as the human soul remains surrendered to his Physical   Form of God; he is then totally relieved from any further karmas. (akarm – beyond the karmic levels – a Sadhya)

Once this merging happens then that human, automatically is merged with the Creative Force; The Supreme Intelligence; as his Physical Form of God who now stays within him is the Formless SuperSoul.


Divine Darshans of ShreeNathji Form

Hence this particular human is automatically an intimate part of the Limitless Creative Force, with full control over the Cosmic Energy – known as Pran; with full wisdom but no ego as he remains surrendered to his Physical Form of God; despite all his powers. He transcends doership, as all his humanitarian works are surrendered to his Form of God. He never takes credit or calls himself Bramh, in spite of enlightenment and the powers. Earlier there was higher purity in humans and then God found it easier to enter His devotee and play with them in various ways – darshans were also there for the truly devoted. Today environment and lifestyles have gone against all natural laws. We all are aware of the strong pull maya and greed has on us. Mind, Body, Soul are impure in the vibration levels; very gross in our auras.    Whatever small powers or siddhis some souls get, is also used for commercial purposes, for name and fame. Soon it gets lost. All operate on the base three chakras.

ShreeNathji painting at His Gaushala

ShreeNathji painting at His Gaushala

When this Supersoul comes to earth as an Aavtar in a human form, some karmas are in some forms, as some ansh of the Original Aavtar.Knowing themselves as the original reality; they function normally, totally merged with the original form of the Aavtar, manifesting their original powers in the world.


The true meaning of Surrender; “One Form, One Path, One Guru”- The Divine Reality – In Totality.


Maharaas at Banshivat


Jai Shreeji!!