ShreeNathji Kripa of His Darshans at Gowardhan


Devotion for me is offering of myself at your feet, Shreeji-Shree RadhaKrishn. Through You I surrender to eternity”.

ShreeNathji's kripa

Shreeji, Aapki kripa hamesha bani rahe


As I feel myself experiencing this Divine energy, my whole being gets transformed. Had never experienced such sacredness in any situation before. Beyond the ordinary, the mundane, this flow of such incredible intensity moving is in no way connected to the outer reality.

It’s as if experiencing another world, some different level of reality where all is vibrations colors and energy.

What moves within?

Something just takes hold of me and transports me to another dimension.

It makes me greedy – wanting more and more. In this close experience with the Divine, with existence, it feels as if something is filling me up which creates a feeling of gratitude and a lot of joy. It’s as if I’ve finally found what I had been searching and waiting for.

This is the door for the ‘Bhao’ that I want to be a part of.

It intoxicates me – the flow of such Divine love, I am unable to keep myself to myself- I have to melt away- do away with all the physical boundaries of this gross body and move deeper and deeper to reach the Dot.

The purity, the sacredness of the total experience shows me a new and different way of being. I feel I am floating away carried away into a cradle of love, love and a lot of love. I feel rested, I feel peace and most of all I feel of not wanting to stop this flow and come back to outer reality we call life. As the vibrations enter every pore, each cell of my being, I feel I want to drown totally in this flow, in this bliss.

Krishn, let my heart be totally pure and mind intent on the goal”.

The wearing of Shreeji’s pujan ‘mala’ at the Mukharvind, and the Tilak  of the pujan at the Shyamkund, stirred up un describable devotion and a feeling of complete surrender and peace – of “belonging”.

Abha doing pujan at Shreeji Mukharwind at Gowardhan. Shreeji Gives His Mukhar Darshans at this moment. Please look closely at this picture

Abha doing pujan at Shreeji Mukharwind at Gowardhan. Shreeji Gives His Mukhar Darshans at this moment. Please look closely at this picture



Such moments of pujan become memorable, I call them soul presence, as there is nothing of the mind and body present at the time of  darshans; it is ourselves, as the true beings in the original identities.

This can only be experienced, not explained, and I guess only possible in the close proximity of one who is the highest in purity and spirituality, which is Gurushree, Sudhir bhai .

ShreeNathji leaves His Haveli Mandir from Nathdwara, as Shreeji enjoys staying with Gurushree most of the time. It is his kripa that Shreeji gave His sakshat darshans from His Mukharwind at Giriraj Govardhan.

Such intensity and Bhao I have never experienced before – such total acceptance of me as myself; as the truth about my true identity.

Jai Shreeji!!


Paragraph taken from my book: Zero2Dot.

A complete website dedicated to This Darshans is coming up soon!




“Gam Ka Pyala”..The Cup Of Sorrow


SHER (Lines) IN HINDI :  

“Gam Ka Pyala” –  Cup Of Sorrow

(a few lines  for the unlucky in love)

रहे मुस्कान सदा तेरे चहेरे पर  (Let a smile be there always on your face)

पिए जा गम का प्याला प्यार की सौगात समझ कर.(As gift of love,continue to drink from the cup of sorrow)

बसा ले अपने प्यार की याद अपने सीने मैं, (Make your heart a home in memory of your love)

दर्दे मुहब्बत का बसेरा बना कर. (As a nest for your love memories)

बहाना ना ये अनमोल अश्क फिर कभी, (But never shed these very precious tears again for any human)

ना दे सकेंगे ये जालिम कभी इनका मोल, (The outer world will never understand the true value of them)

सारा जहांन बेच कर (Even if they try selling the world they will never be able to repay for your precious tears, )

Tears are precious, not worth shedding on any human. Let them drop in overflowing joy of the divine

Tears are precious, not worth shedding on any human. Let them overflow only in Joy of the Divine

When in the deepest of meditations you experience the Divine Flow; the overflowing that happens then is worth shedding, as God always holds precious His bhakts love and devotion for Him. He extends His hand and wipes those tears which are shed in His love and Bhakti, giving incredible Joy and Peace. No human and no worldly object is worth those few moments with the Divine!

[I have roughly tried to translate the meaning in English, sadly the translation does not manage to bring out the correct meaning]

Jai Shreeji !!

Divine ShreeNathji



Some words in love for my ShreeNathji – my ShreeRadhaKrishn;

with whose blessings and grace;

in whose Bhao and Mahabhao I have realized my divine nature; my reality


“YOU are the dawn of everyday to me, the Hope that sees me through,

The Light that guides the way for me, the Love that’s always true –

YOU are the Joy that fills the heart in me

The BLISS that completes the dreams in me.

YOU are the reason for my tomorrows

YOU are the reason for today

YOU are the reason for my life’s living

YOU are the reason for my soul’s shinning.

YOUR love, friendship, grace

Has shown a new dimension –

I had never thought

I’d attain such contentment.

I want to be possessed by YOU.

I want to belong to YOU.

In my deepest thoughts

I want to hold on to “YOU”.

In total surrender and Bhakti

I offer my total to “YOU”.