Vraj Mandal…are the Shaktis moving away?

Paragraph taken from my book: Zero2Dot.


….  At this moment all who have been to Braj will agree how the authorities have let the whole of the area develop into an open sewage. There is no control or discipline in traffic as also the cleanliness of the district. Pilgrims are hounded by the locals and no one is allowed a moment’s peace in any of the important divine spots. The garbage is scattered all over and it looks worse than Bombay on a bad day (we call Mumbai the Slumbai and the sewer of the country).

Braj is called the Spiritual capital of this country and it definitely deserves better treatment from the government and of course from all the bhakts who visit or stay there. Rest of course is all in God’s hands, to decide what we deserve as humans.

(I do not like depicting my divine Braj in such filth, just a couple of pictures to show my point : these are from Govardhan and the prikrama marg;  there are spots worse then these; plastic is merging in a big way with the divine ‘Ruj’ of Vrindavan Dham and the sacred waters of Yamunaji. Because of the unplanned construction the sacred Sthals are being eaten away.  In areas like Sewa Kunj, Nidhi Van.. where one is not allowed to stay at night; surrounding structures have become so high, any one can peek at night within the sacred premises; they have also encroached in a big way sharing the boundary wall also! Similar there are several examples like this, all who visit Braj are very well aware of this fact.

At Govardhan where ShreeNath Lives at the Mukharwind,  greed has made the locals take over HIS land. The shops have reached HIS door, the place where all believe ShreeNathji spends the night and the sacred place from where He has Appeared).

… There are so many spots like this, which are religious and sacred, but are not looked after due to various reasons. I feel, these places which are alive with the Presence of the Highest Energies and Powers, and the belief of the people being so high in them, deserve more importance from the concerned authorities.

 In spite of all the proofs as the original homes of the Deities, it is truly sad to see them having deteriorated to that extent. When the sacredness around the places is believed to be so high, it has to be looked after by the people who can exert the right power.

These sadhu, sanyasis, bhakts who have built their ashrams here, and people in power, own this to the Deities present there and to the Shraddha of the people who flock there for darshans.

This is a very intricate part of our spiritual culture, and dates back to before 5000 years; if proofs are there about this truth, why are they being neglected?

Why do we not feel strongly enough to protect the right environment, and give Shree RadhaKrishn “Energies” the highest purity and pavitra surroundings, so “They” can flow and flourish in their Form.

At this point I am sure “They” have been pushed in the corner as “They” will not flow when the right Bhao is not provided.


“Who knows, some day “THEY” may decide we don’t just deserve it   all; and move away altogether?”

Where will that leave the sanctity of the place – which is accepted as the most Divine in our spiritual history?

(In June 2006, had the experience of being on the road in a car during the Govardhanji parikrama, at the Mansi Ganga area on a poonam. We were there with someone who was trying to show us some lands for purchase. It was like a stampede. We got caught in the worst human traffic with cars parked randomly every where. Not a single traffic policeman came to control the madness. There were lakhs of pilgrims doing the Govardhan Parikrama on that day, which is supposed to be a normal occurrence on poonam, over here. The whole scene turned so ugly we had 100’s of these people, including women and children climbing over our car, on the hood, the doors, the scene looked like monkeys gone mad(and I do not exaggerate) – basically over our heads to run for the parikrama. There was absolutely no bhao or religion in their hearts or minds. Like ShreeNathji then told us – “See these are humans today – there is no bhakti here. Even if God sat in that car they would not hesitate to climb on His head to get their share of “PUNYA” in completing the parikrama that day”. ShreeNathji wondered what these people actually deserved. None of the people there had the goodness of stopping for a few minutes to let the cars pass away.

There is a lot of selfishness and envy in the hearts and minds – I cannot talk about the soul as that is totally asleep yet in all of them.

The dirt from the left over food is scattered all over the side roads, and we talk about the Govardhanji being sacred?

Will GovardhanNathji – ShreeNathji ever reward them?

He gave us this experience to make us aware of the humanity today).

It would not be surprising if the Higher Energies decide to move away into the clean corners and leave all of us empty handed as may be this is what we truly deserve.
…..From my book published in 2006.