Purity always matters

As the stage gets Bigger, Sound gets Louder, Crowd gets larger. THE SHAKTI, quietly leaves

The Divine stays stable in purity, Purity of bhao being the most important.

The Divine stays stable where there is purity of Bhao

Shree Ganpati Baba Visarjan

Ganpati  Visarjan is a big festival in our city. But as you see from these few photos, the same Idols, which once adorned our homes and worshiped with a lot of love and bhao, today lie alone and desolate in the midst of dirt and grime.

In Ganpati festival, there is a pratha of doing Ganeshji sthapan at home or in a community mandal. Bhakts celebrate with a lot of bhao; and depending on the desire of the family, keep this murti from 1-10 days. It is really sad to see what happens to some of these Ganpati after the family has done visarjan of this same Ganpati Baba Idol which they had bought to their home with so much love.

I feel extremely disturbed (and so would all of you) when I come across these God Idols (I have many more photos of other God Forms too), lying helpless and alone in dirt and grime.

For future Ganpati festivals, if we wish to  avoid subjecting our Gods to this situation, I can think of two solutions.

First is to use only Murti made of clay, as this dissolves completely and, according to our scriptures is the right material to be used. Plaster of paris etc materials should not be used.

Second solution is to use a metal Murti which can be stored and used again for many years.

(It’s just a suggestion, I mean, there can be as many arguments about this)


(These photos which you see here are from March 2014; so even after 5-6 months of Visarjan the murtis are yet being tossed back by the sea).


Ganpatiji lying with the dirt and filth from the sea. Is this the right kind of immersion? We need to be very careful about how we treat our Gods


Alone and lonely, This Murti has been in water for months without disintigrating


Devi Maa, She has been disfigured, yet not merged in the earth


This looks like a leg which belonged to some amazing Ganpati

4Ganpatiji, maybe waiting for the sea to take Him back, so that He might be saved from this disrespect


As He stands here, with the crow to keep Him company, does it not cause your heart to feel the hurt of watching God in this dirt and filth. 



7Lets commit to ourselves that henceforth we will be more careful


 Devi Maa, looking out to the sea, as if requesting it to take Her back as soon as possible. These murtis which are not made of natural clay, do not disintegrate and merge with the water and earth, which is the correct type of Visarjan


Why does this happen? Does anyone really care?


Lets become more aware, do the right things for the right reasons. If you only buy smaller natural clay Murtis, this will stop happening. Gods will not be subjected to such humiliation. Its all in our hands, its the bhakts decision, of how he wants his Bhagwan to be treated.


1 – Using only clay Murtis

The word “visarjan”, in the context of worship or ‘puja’ it refers to the formal concluding rite, in which the presiding deity is requested to depart from the physical embodiment, specifically utilized for the puja (usually a murti) in which it was initially invoked.  This ‘temporary receptacle’ is then discarded, most often by submersion into running water, such as a river or the sea.

The predicament of the washed up discarded murtis after the visarjan is due to our own negligence.  The images depicting discarded murtis of Ganeshji as detritus are highly distressing for Hindus, but are partly of our own doing.  It requires re-educating the masses and insisting that the constituents of the murtis (as instructed by our scriptures) should be of a biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly nature.

This way the material (clay) used for the deity will naturally dissolve in water, which is the original concept described in the scriptures.

Furthermore, the discarded murtis should be completely submersed (and not just immersed) out at sea, or at that point of a river or lake where it is deep. This will prevent a humiliating fate for the remains of the revered murti.

The most popular images seen during the Navratri Durga Puja and Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations are elaborate murtis made primarily from clay and straws. Clay is formed from sediment including the physical remains of once living organisms, including humans.

In the case of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, it commemorates the creation of Ganapati Baba and he is venerated for ten days with great fervor.  According to Puranic texts, Devi Gauri molded His original form from exfoliate of her own skin.  She then invoked her consort, God Shiva to breathe life into the inanimate sculpture.  Hence, the process of creating and worshipping Shri Ganesh in the aforementioned method is highly significant and analogous to his actual genesis described in our scriptures.  The Goddess Gauri is represented as mother earth and the clay symbolises her body’s exfoliate from which Ganapati was formed. On the tenth and final day of the festival (Anant Chaturdashi), the transitory embodiment of Ganesh is respectfully requested to depart (visarjan) and then the remaining depiction (now inert) is submersed into water.

(Above matter taken from the website): http://www.lokvani.com/lokvani/article.php?article_id=4348

 2– Bringing a new metal idol and worshiping it: 

Where there is paucity of water, consecrate a new metal idol for Ganesh Chaturthi. There is no need to immerse such idol in flowing water. At the time of immersion, place a few unbroken rice grains on the hand of Ganapati and move the idol slightly from the place. Thereafter keep the idol at some sacred place in the house. Next year the same idol can be consecrated and worshipped.

The reason underlying why the metal idol need not be immersed in flowing water: By consecrating a new metal idol and worshipping it, the Ganesh Principle infuses in the idol. For immersion purpose when the idol is shaken slightly, this Principle is expelled. It is not necessary to worship such idol daily. Next year the idol can be re-consecrated and worshipped.

This matter is taken from the website:



 Jai Shreeji!

ShreeNathji's kripa







ShreeNathji-Time to return to Vraj Mandal?

Shreeji has been on this earth for total of 605 years; and 342 years at Nathdwara , as in 2014 AD

From 1672 AD till today, 2014 AD, ShreeNathji has been in Nathdwara. It has been to fulfill His commitment to His dear bhakt Ajab Kunwari, a Rajput Queen.

His stay here at Nathdwara is  nearly coming to an end, and He maybe getting ready to return to His most favorite place, Braj Dham!

Shreeji has been on this earth for total of 605 years; from which 342 years have been at Nathdwara.

From 1672 AD till now in 2014 AD, ShreeNathji has been in Nathdwara. This stay has been for fulfilling His commitment to His dear bhakt and friend Ajab Kunwari, a Rajput Queen.

His stay here at Nathdwara is  nearly coming to an end, and He maybe is getting ready to return to His most favorite place, Giriraj Gowardhan on Braj Dham!

Here are listed some important dates in Thakurjee ShreeNathji’s Leela.

I have tried to put it as a image, so it becomes easy to read and remember. Details on the various years are already on our website for Shreeji:


Jai Shreeji!



Shreenthji-important dates

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Living flowers are the fragrance of God

“You have no right to give death penalty to these beautiful flowers”, says Gurushree Sudhir Bhai

“Flowers, in a natural way give fragrance; you cannot give untimely death to them”.

I do not accept flowers from last nearly 8-10 years as my understanding says we should not pluck flowers for our pleasure. Living flowers are the fragrance of God, Presence of God”. “Giving a bouquet of flowers as wishes to someone is not right, as you had no right to pluck the flowers in the first place for your senses; they can be plucked when there is some correct purpose to it only”.

“But even after all the understanding that I try to give people around me, if some flowers come to me as a gift I look after them tenderly; and when all their fragrance and beauty is over I give them a proper funeral by putting them in water. I do not just throw them in the dustbin”.

“Flowers, nature, must be respected, their beauty and fragrance is to be enjoyed when they are alive in their natural surroundings. If you yet wish to gift flowers, then gift them live in a pot, or gift a garden to me, I will take full care and look after them. In this way I receive your wishes also and can enjoy the living beauty and fragrance of the plants and flowers” says Gurushree.

These are the sentiments of Gurushree and if one thinks deeply show us how we could learn enjoyment without being selfish.


I would also accept Nature as a gift from God which is complete with all colours and fragrances. It could also be called the canvas of God where He delights our senses with His creations. All this He provides to us free and there is no restriction placed on who can enjoy the beauty.

His painting is visible in the uncountable varieties of colour and designs and fragrance in nature.

Respect for all life in nature is very deeply connected with spirituality.


ShreeNathji-Can God enjoy a vacation please?



Complete Shringar Darshans

The beginning of another year; 2009. This day is celebrated as a world wide holiday.

I visited ShreeNathji’s mandir today morning and received this thought again from Him,

“Tum sab loag chutti manate ho, mujhe new year ki chutti kiyon nahi milti hai? Mujhe bhi ghumne vacation par jana hai. Main boar ho gaya hun, yahan mandir main chupchaap rehkar. Yeh mukhiya kuch naya toh sochta hi nahi hai, bas vahi purane khel karte rahte  hain.”

Why do I not have a holiday like you all humans, so I can go off work and enjoy MySelf,? I too want to go off on a vacation like you humans. i am tired and bored of staying in this mandir. This Mukhiya never thinks of anything new, they all keep playing the same old games with me”


ShreeNathji Haveli at Nathdwara


ShreeNathji had mentioned the same to us earlier at Nathdwara.

God ShreeNathji meant to say, it could be a possibility that God is tired standing in His mandir 24/7 all year, completing His karma of giving Darshans to all humans; why has no one ever thought to let God also enjoy a holiday, when He could be free to do whatever He wishes; will not be bound by the temple rules; Maybe ShreeNathji would love to take off some days and be on His vacation?

Please visit Shreeji’s website www.shreenathjibhakti.org  for details about our conversations with Him. He is the most alive Form of God today in our world!!

ShreeNathji Gaushala at Nathdwara

ShreeNathji Gaushala at Nathdwara

Jai Shreeji!!

ShreeNathji-Merged Swarup of Shree Radha Krishn

ShreeNathji-Merged Swarup of Shree Radha Krishn

ShreeNathji-Worship of God in a Form

Why would it be important to be surrendered to; a ‘Form of God’; Rather than ‘God as The Formless’

Shreenathji Mangla


    ShreeNathji – Mangla Darshan

God is the ultimate Supersoul; from which all creation takes place and in Whom everything finally merges. We understand this SuperSoul with many different names; as The Supreme Energy, SarvShakti, The Super Consciousness, The Creative Intelligence, The Light, Formless Bramh, The Oum, The Cosmic Energy…

He is as we believe everywhere; only existing on a very higher different vibration level from us humans. But in this SuperSoul Form He feels so vast, so vague, it might just be very difficult concentrating on Him at this level. Believing in this formless God becomes tough; it might just be easier to visualize Him in any Physical Form, during our prayers or meditations.


ShreeNathji Haveli at Nathdwara

This Super Shakti, in particular time periods takes on a physical human form and appears on our planet. The soul of this Human Form of the Limitless Supreme is the concentration of the SuperSoul. He in our language is known as an Aavtar – Incarnation. According to the required purpose this Aavtar takes on certain qualities and lives His life around us – showing us by example what we need to learn or know. At the same time all the God powers are manifested through this SuperSoul Human on our earth level.

(Certain limitations may come in as the physical structure has it’s own gross levels).   

These Aavtars or Shaktis as human forms, live their lives to remind us of values or truths we may have forgotten; to set a new path for humans, according to the age and times we live in, to destroy some strong negativity in our world and structure a path of bhakti and faith for us. So there is no difference in the SuperSoul or in the Physical Structure who appears on this earth as an Incarnation.

The human body of an Incarnation becomes a physical container for the Creative Intelligence-The SuperSoul.

These are the Forms or Avtaars, which we worship as God in a Human Form.

In all our various sadhana we try to touch this spark; to be able to do this requires the highest purification in Mind, Body, Soul, Bhao, Feelings…….

Worship, prayer or surrender to the Physical Incarnation or Form, is the same as; of the Limitless Force of the Formless God or the Creative Totality.merged swarup

As humans we all have a spark of this creative force within us, which is mostly dormant. If the regular human is a spark; Incarnations are 100% in concentration.

When all is offered in surrender to this physical form of God – the doer ship vanishes faster. When all karmas and the fruit of these karmas are offered to This Form, it gets easier and faster to reach the akarm level.

With our limited senses as a human it becomes very easy to identify with the Physical Form of this Creative Intelligence.

Surrender to Them is surrender to the SuperSoul or To The Formless God. This works faster as we are able to relate to Him as a human form in our minds, easily.

Once total surrender-purification takes place the merging with the Divine Form automatically happens – which would be the same as oneness with the Formless God.


ShreeNathji Shringar Darshans

 This creative force (God) is spread all around – to tap into it a human has to be able to reach that level of vibration aura purity, to be able to receive the flow and let it enter the physical body on the level of chakras. This spreads all over through the spine; awakens the force already within us and merges with it and the flow begins. Our own powers given in the body can then be able to accept and tolerate the Divine force and enlightenment is there.  

In the Physical Form of God the human soul opens up to the worshipped form of his Deity. He converts his body into a pure structure for Him, who likes staying there. The devotee’s form of Deity can come and go as and when He pleases.

The particular human body which is a purified physical structure, then houses the purified soul of the devotee with the energy and powers of his form of God . The human becomes a moving temple and as pure, sattwik and powerful.

      Total wisdom is there with awakening and as the human soul remains surrendered to his Physical   Form of God; he is then totally relieved from any further karmas. (akarm – beyond the karmic levels – a Sadhya)

Once this merging happens then that human, automatically is merged with the Creative Force; The Supreme Intelligence; as his Physical Form of God who now stays within him is the Formless SuperSoul.


Divine Darshans of ShreeNathji Form

Hence this particular human is automatically an intimate part of the Limitless Creative Force, with full control over the Cosmic Energy – known as Pran; with full wisdom but no ego as he remains surrendered to his Physical Form of God; despite all his powers. He transcends doership, as all his humanitarian works are surrendered to his Form of God. He never takes credit or calls himself Bramh, in spite of enlightenment and the powers. Earlier there was higher purity in humans and then God found it easier to enter His devotee and play with them in various ways – darshans were also there for the truly devoted. Today environment and lifestyles have gone against all natural laws. We all are aware of the strong pull maya and greed has on us. Mind, Body, Soul are impure in the vibration levels; very gross in our auras.    Whatever small powers or siddhis some souls get, is also used for commercial purposes, for name and fame. Soon it gets lost. All operate on the base three chakras.

ShreeNathji painting at His Gaushala

ShreeNathji painting at His Gaushala

When this Supersoul comes to earth as an Aavtar in a human form, some karmas are in some forms, as some ansh of the Original Aavtar.Knowing themselves as the original reality; they function normally, totally merged with the original form of the Aavtar, manifesting their original powers in the world.


The true meaning of Surrender; “One Form, One Path, One Guru”- The Divine Reality – In Totality.


Maharaas at Banshivat


Jai Shreeji!!