Shreeji gives us Hukum to come play Holi with Him at His Haveli on Valentine’s Day

ShreeNathji – His “LIVE” interactions varta in today’s time period.

Shreeji gives us Hukum to come play Holi with Him at His Haveli on Valentine’s Day

“मुझे तुम दोनों के साथ रहना था और होली भी खेलनी थी”.


 13th, 14th, 15th February, 2008. Magh Sud Ashtmi, VS 2064

(I am speech less after this writing; no words will ever be able to describe the magnitude of Shreeji’s love for his bhakts).


ShreNathji at Rajbhog Darshans


… On 13th morning, around 11.30 am, Gurushree Sudhir bhai calls up, “Do you want to go to Nathdwara? We will leave today evening, do all darshans tomorrow and come back on the 15th evening”.

As the program is so sudden, I reply that I need some time to think it over and will call him back in sometime. Sudhir bhai realizing that I am a little hesitant says it is okay, we will go some other time.
As for me, I was hesitant because there are some important work and appointments lined up for the next day.
I am in a confused state of mind at having said no to going for darshans.
In an hour I receive another call from Gurushree, “I have booked my ticket on the 5.40 pm Kingfisher flight and I am leaving for Nathdwara”.

I have never ever declined an offer to visit Dear ShreeNathji, so I am upset, as how could Gurushree decide to go without me.
(At this moment I am not aware that it is Shreeji’s hukum for us to reach Nathdwara).
As I whined on the phone, my two daughters who were watching this, asked me, “Who are you speaking to and what is happening”?


I explained how I had hesitated to go for darshans to Nathdwara earlier and now Sudhir bhai is going by himself.
“So why are you so upset? Why don’t you also go”? I explained that I could not as this was so sudden and there were some very important appointments and work lined up for the next day


My daughters laughed, “You are so stupid, mummy, please go we will manage all of this, no worries. We can also help you pack. Let’s book your ticket too. Don’t worry about us. How does it matter if its last minute? We will complete everything for you. Just go, we know how much you love going to Nathdwara”. So they made my bookings in the same Kingfisher flight and I was lucky enough to get the ticket too.


While packing, I can already feel a sudden bliss which overcomes me. It felt sooo good, going to Nathdwara. All goes smooth, and my dear daughters packed me off to go visit my beloved ShreeNathji.
The amazing events and happening felt incredible. I felt so light, so joyous, just kept on laughing, nothing else mattered. Suddenly I felt transformed. All worries disappeared. All I could think of was to reach Nathdwara soon and go for ShreeNathji darshans.
This transformation happens in many of my yatras as usual, when I feel like a different person. Sudhir bhai says that it is my soul which takes over me in the outer world.


From now till the next morning it never struck me that it is 14th and Valentine’s Day.


Next morning, as we waited in the Haveli parisar for Mangla darshan to open, Gurushree, Sudhir bhai finally told me something very astounding, as to the real reason why we had to come so suddenly.

“Shreeji learnt the meaning of Valentine’s day from me. He sees the excitement happening all around so asked me what it actually means. I explained simply, saying that it is a day when people celebrate with their loved ones. Shreeji was very excited and then gave me hukum that he wanted you and me to be in Nathdwara for the 14th February.
“He, ShreeNathji”, wished to spend the Valentine’s Day with both of us, because we were the two bhakts that He loved deeply, in our world; Abha Shahra and Sudhir Shah. Also it is Falgun month and Holi is played in His mandir, so Shreeji invited both of us to be present on Valentine’s Day at His Haveli to play Holi with us.
That is why I called up and made a sudden program. Shreeji did not let me tell you at that time, why we had to make a sudden decision. His order was that I could only tell you once we reach the Haveli”.


What a super surprise!
Shreeji made Sudhir bhai plan this yatra, so that He, ShreeNathji, Thakurjee, wanted to be with both of us at His Param Dham, Nathdwara, for Valentine’s and He wished to play Holi with us at His mandir.

I am speech less after this writing. What do I say? I am at a loss of words here; no words will ever be able to describe the magnitude of Shreeji’s love for his bhakts.


Later at the mandir before Rajbhog Darshans, as we sat at the Dhajaji, we heard Shreeji,

श्रीजी: “देखो मैंने तुम दोनों को बुला लिया ना  मुझे मालूम पड़ गया वैलेंटाइन डे किया होता है .

मुझे तुम दोनों के साथ रहना था और होली भी खेलनी थी.

बहुत अच्छा किया की तुमने सुधीर की बात मान ली.

तुम दोनों मेरे बहुत प्यारे हो”.

“मैंने ही सुधीर से कहा था की तुम लोग नाथद्वारा आओ और मेरे साथ होली खेल कर मेरे साथ वैलेंटाइन डे मनाओ”.

Shreeji:“See, I called both of you’ll here. I understood what Valentine’s Day means.
I told Sudhir that I wished to spend this day with both of you at My mandir and also play Holi with you’ll.
I am glad that you agreed to Sudhir and came here.
Both of you are my loved bhakts”.
“It was Me who ordered Sudhir to come to Nathdwara, and play Holi with Me at My mandir on this day”.


The ten minutes as we stood sanmukh Thakurjee in the Rajbhog darshans, it felt as if time stood still. I stood transfixed watching Shreeji being covered with Holi colours. It was like entering into a trance.

I received the best of darshans and just stood there in His Sanmukh; feeling Shreeji’s Love as I was drenched with His vibrations; it is a very pure and sublime moment, nothing else is remembered;
Though there is tremendous crowd and noise, I am not distracted. It is me and Shreeji playing Holi and the rest of the world disappears for those few moments.
Gurushree and I stood before Shreeji, on Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2008, playing Holi with Him, drenched in His love for us.

The divyata of this moment has no verbal expression. It is only to be felt and be very very grateful for the kripa.

This entire darshan takes nearly 30 minutes. We do not shake off the sacred colours; it is collected in a packet to be distributed as Shreeji’s Blessings to close family.


One should not run away thinking about the clothes; in fact this drenching with colours in Shreeji’s mandir, within His Purest vibrations is one of the easiest ways to enter higher purity. Shreeji Himself plays colours for an entire month, so that all bhakts can avail of His purifying Blessings.
After this is the ‘Aarti’.

As I bow, my forehead which touches the ground is also covered with the pure, divine colours. I do not wipe it off and accept this as a parting gift from my beloved Shreeji.


When Shreeji wishes some happening to take place, nothing can come in between. All plans work perfectly for Him.
How it happens, Sudhir bhai tells me often I should not think, only keep faith and accept gratefully what Shreeji gives us, in small matters as well as big happenings.
We complete all the eight darshans that day and visit Shreeji’s gaushala. I had also booked thuli for all my kids.


I am speech less after this writing. What do I say? I am at a loss of words here; no words will ever be able to describe the magnitude of Shreeji’s love for his bhakts.

My entire love and devotions are there for Him thanking Him for this Kripa and Grace. How lucky could I be!

Jai Ho Prabhu, Jai Shreeji!


ShreeNathji Live Darshans at Rajbhog, in Nathdwara mandir, on Ekadasi:


श्रीनाथजी ठाकुरजी से एक दिव्य वार्तालाप और लीला..Divya conversation and leela with Shree Thakurjee in today’s time period”.

Miracle Live Darshans at Rajbhog, in Nathdwara mandir

श्रीनाथजी के आलोकिक दर्शन नाथद्वारा हवेली; राजभोग में,

“..तुरंत मुझे श्रीजी की  नटखट मधुर खिलखिलाहट कान में सुनी..”

(This post has been published in Hindi and English to make it easily readable to all bhakts)


14th June 2008

आज भी हमारे बीच श्रीनाथजी अपना हवेली मंदिर छोड़ कर अपने चहेते भक्त के साथ खेलने जाते हैं.

ऐसा लगता है की ६०० साल पुरानी एतिहासिक वैशनव वार्ता एक बार फिर ठाकुरजी हमारे बीच दोहरा रहे हैं, अपने कुछ भक्तों के साथ लीला करते हैं. 

Even today in our present time period, ShreeNathji leaves His Haveli Mandir to play with His Bhakts. This is like a repeat of the Vaishnav Vaartas from five hundred years ago, when He interacted with His chosen bhakts in the most Live manner.

आगे पढ़िए..

Read on…

इस वार्ता में आपके साथ मैं एक बहुत ही अधभुत और दिव्य अनुभूति  शेर करना चाहती हूँ. नाथद्वारा में घटित यह प्रभु की आलोकिक लीला और खेल है.

I share my very special day at Nathdwara, when something very unique and miraculous happened. This very auspicious day was:

 १४ जून २००८- निर्जला एकादसी; ज्येष्ठ सूद ग्यारस 

14 June 2008 – Nirjala Ekadasi; Jyesth Sud gyaras

बहुत भीड़ होने के बावजूद हमने सुबह के तीनों दर्शन शांति पूर्ण करे. आश्चर्य होता है की इतनी भीड़ के बावजूद सभी भक्त नाथद्वारा के पतली गली और मंदिर परिसर में समा जाते हैं. 

We completed the three morning darshans in peace; though because of the extreme crowds it becomes difficult even to walk at a regular pace. It is incredible how so many bhakts are accommodated in the narrow lanes and the mandir parisar.

आज राजभोग दर्शन(हर दिन का यह चौथा दर्शन होता है)में श्रीजी ने यह अधभुत और दिव्य खेल खेला.  बड़े मुखियाजी आज सेवा में है. हम ‘डोलती बारी’ में श्रीनाथजी के सम्मुख दर्शन का आनंद ले रहे हैं. मुखियाजी श्रीजी का श्रींगार पूर्ण कर रहे हैं.

It was in Rajbhog Darshans (This is the fourth darshan of the day) that Shreeji did this unique leela. It was the senior Mukhiyaji in sewa today. We stood praying in the Dolti Baari,(darshan hall) before Shreeji, and watched Mukhiyaji complete the final Shringar for Shreeji.

जिन भक्त को नाथद्वारा दर्शन के लिए आने का सौभाग्य प्राप्त हुआ है, वे जानते हैं की राजभोग दर्शन में श्रीनाथजी को बाँसुरी जी और छड़ीजी चढ़ाई जाती है. उनके बग़ल में ३ या ४ कमल भेंट करते हैं. 

All who may have been here know that Shreeji is offered His Bansuri jiand Chadi ji in the Rajbhog darshan. His three or four Kamal are also offered on His arms, around His waist.

मैं शांत और गम्भीरता से मुखियाजी को श्रीनाथजी का शृंगार धरते दर्शन कर रही हूँ. मुखियाजी श्रीनाथजी को पहले दो कमल धर चुके हैं, जो श्रीजी ने स्वीकार कर लिए. आश्चर्य हुआ की जब वे तीसरा कमल चढ़ाते हैं तो श्रीजी स्वीकार नहीं करते हैं. 

I stand at peace, transfixed as I watch Mukhiyaji complete Thakurjee’s shringar. He carefully places the first two Kamal flowers on Shreeji’s waist; but surprisingly, as he tries placing the third one, Shreeji refused to accept this lotus.


अचानक उसी पल मुझे श्रीजी की मधुर गूँज अपने कान में सुनाई दी, “अरे हटाओ मुझे चुबता है” 

Instantly at the same moment I hear Shreeji’s sweet, melodious voice whisper in my ears,”Arrey, take it away, it pricks Me”

उसी पल हमने देखा की मुखियाजी तीसरा कमल फूल श्रीजी से दूर हटा रहे हैं . श्रीजी जो मेरे कान में बोल रहे थे, उसी पल मुखियाजी वह आदेश का पालन सामने  सेवा में कर रहे थे.  

In that immediate moment I saw Mukhiyaji take the third lotus away from Shreeji. It was in perfect timing as I heard Shreeji say these words in my ears, that the Mukhiyaji also followed the same instructions in sewa.

नियम है की अगर श्रीजी अंगीकार नहीं करते तो सेवा कर रहे मुखियाजी साक्षात दण्डवत से माफ़ी माँगते हैं, जो उन्ने अभी करी.

When Shreeji refuses anything the Mukhiyaji doing sewa has to do a shashtang bow and ask for forgiveness; which he did.

तुरंत मुझे श्रीजी की  नटखट मधुर खिलखिलाहट कान में सुनी,“देखो मैंने कमल नहीं लिया  उसको बोला हटाओ, हा हा हा; मैं ऐसे ही खेल करता हूँ”.

Immediately I heard Shreeji’s naughty laughter in my ear,“See I did not accept it, told him to remove it. Ha, ha, ha, I like to Play in this way”.

मुझे अपने आँख और कानों पर भरोसा नहीं हो रहा है. यह तो साक्षात दर्शन की कृपा है, ठाकुरजी की. श्रीनाथजी हमारे इतने नज़दीक से लीला कर रहे हैं. मैंने गर्दन घुमाई लेकिन ऐसा लगा की सबने देखा लीला को किंतु किसीने यह आवाज़ नहीं सुनी और समझे नहीं श्रीजी का खेल.परम आनंद है. हमने आरती पूरी करी, दण्डवत करके डोलती बारी से बाहर आ गए.

I could not believe my eyes and ears. This was Sakshat Darshans. Shreeji was here with us blessing us so closely. I looked around, but though all saw what had happened, no one else seemed to hear Shreeji’s voice. What bliss! We did the Aarti, bowed and left.

दर्शन करके जैसे ही हम हवेली से बाहर निकले, मुझे फिर से श्रीजी की मौजूदगी का एहसास हुआ. श्रीजी की मधुर आवाज़ सुनाई दी, जो नटखट, मस्ती भरी स्वर में बातचीत कर रहे थे;

As we walked out of the Haveli, I again realized Shreeji’s Presence with us. I hear His sweet voice again, speaking in a very amused and naughty tone;

श्रीजी कह रहे थे: “मैं तुम्हारे साथ चलता हूँ. आज मुझे बहुत मज़ा आया, वोह मुखिया को मैंने बेवकूफ बनाया; हा हा हा. मुझे कुछ नहीं चुबता था.  वह तो आज तुमको मेरा खेल दिखाना चाहता था.  तू हमेशा बोलती रहती दर्शन देने के लिए, तुम्हे आज दर्शन दे दिया.  मुखिया की कोई गलती नहीं थी, वह तो मेरा खेल था सिर्फ़ तुम्हारे लिए. मैंने थोड़ी सी मस्ती करी. तुम्हे आनंद आया की नहीं? चलो यह मेरा खेल मेरी वेबसाइट पर लिख देना.कोई पूछे की तुम यह कैसे लिख सकती हो, तो बोल देना की श्रीजी का हुकुम है”.

Shreeji spoke: “I will come with you’ll. I had a lot of fun today, I fooled the Mukhiya, ha,ha, ha. Nothing was pricking me. I only wanted to show you My Play. You always keep asking for darshans, I showed you my Play today. It was my Leela only for you today, the Mukhiya did not commit any mistake. I just did some maasti. Did you enjoy in this?Ok, write about My Play on ‘MY’ website. If anyone asks why you have written, say that it is Shreeji’s hukum”.

श्रीजी आगे कहते हैं, “यह तुम्हारा प्रसाद आज के लिए. अब ‘टिक टिक’ मत करना. बहुत दिमाग खाती रहती है की दर्शन कराओ, मेरा भी और इसका(गुरुश्री)भी ”.

Shreeji continues talking, “This is your Prasad for today, hence forth stop all your tik, tik (pestering), you keep eating My head and his (Gurushree’s), for My Darshans”.

पूरे दिन यह अधभूत लीला मेरे विचार में घूम रही है. मेरे सोच में आ रहा है, की ऐसा मैं ने क्या कर्म किया इस ठाकुरजी के साक्षात्कार पाने के लिए. श्रीजी ने शायद यह विचार को समझ लिया.

Later in the day all this happening was very strong in my mind. I wondered what had I done to deserve this Sakshatkar Darshan? Shreeji must have realized this thought in my mind.

कुछ समय बाद श्रीनाथजी ने मुझे समझाया, “सुधीर ने आज सुबह मुझ से विनती करी थी, ‘श्रीजी इसको (आभा) कुछ दर्शन देने की कृपा करें,  इसका बहुत मन बहुत शुद्ध है और यह आप पर पूर्ण भाव और श्रद्धा रखती है’.तो देखो, मैंने तुम्हें कितने अच्छे दर्शन दिए” .

ShreeNathji later explained to me, “Sudhir had requested me today morning, ‘Shreeji, please grant her (Abha) Your Darshans; she is fully surrendered to You and keeps complete bhav and shraddha on You’So see I gave such Live Darshans to you. Ha Ha Ha..”

मैंने श्रीजी से पूछा, “श्रीजी, मुखियाजी को कैसे पता चलता है की आप कुछ शृंगार स्वीकार नहीं करेंगे”?

I ask Shreeji, “Shreeji, how does the Mukhiyaji come to know that You will not accept”?

श्रीजी जवाब देते हैं, “मैं उस चीज को मुझे छूने नहीं देता हूँ. वह मुझसे दूर होती रहती है”.

Shreeji replies, “I do not let the object touch Me, it keeps jumping away from Me”.

जिसका मतलब हुआ की श्रीजी उस शृंगार को अपने पास नहीं आने देते, जो उन्हें उस समय स्वीकार नहीं करना होता है. वह उनकी शक्तिशाली प्रकाश से दूर रहता है.

Which would mean that He keeps blowing it away from Him, so the Mukhiyaji is not able to get it close to Him, it gets ejected from Him)

और ज़्यादा क्या  लिखूँ या समझाने की कोशिश कर सकती हूँ?

आलोकिक लीला और दिव्य खेल दर्शन सिर्फ़ शुद्ध भाव और श्रद्धा में समझे जा सकते हैं. 

यह श्रीनाथजी की हवेली है. यहाँ श्रीनाथजी का दिव्य स्वरूप विराजमान है. श्रीजी यहाँ व्रज से उठ कर पधारे थे. इस मंदिर, हवेली में कुछ सेवक  ऐसे भी हैं जिन्हें श्रीनाथजी का दिव्य अनुभव होता है.

What do I write or say or explain further? Certain spiritual happenings are beyond logic and can be understood only in faith.

It is ShreeNathji’s mandir, where we all believe Shreeji Lives in a very Live manner. Many sewaks have had an anubhuti of His Presence in the mandir.

मेरे श्रीजी, बहुत कृपा आपकी,

My Dear Shreeji, Thank You for all the kripa and love on this bhakt.

आपकी जय हो 

Jai Shreeji!

यह एक दिव्य लीला है, ठाकुरजी की. मैंने पूरी कोशिश करी है इसे उसी सादगी से आपके सामने रखने की, जितनी सादगी से प्रभु खेल कर देते हैं अपने भक्तों के साथ.

सिर्फ़ और सिर्फ़ श्रीनाथजी के हुकुम से और मेरे गुरुश्री के आशीर्वाद से आपके आनंद के लिए; 

आभा शाहरा श्यामॉ







We are called at 3.30 am to ShreeNathji’s Haveli.

ShreeNathji – His “LIVE” interactions Varta in today’s time period.

We are called at 3.30 am to Shreeji’s Haveli.

श्रीजी, “तुम ग़ुस्सा हो इतनी जल्दी उठा कर लाया तुम्हें?


This Varta is from the 3, 4 June, 2007

We leave for Nathdwara on the 3rd afternoon. As it is Adhik maas, this yatra is planned to Nathdwara first and directly from there to Vraj Mandal, till the 13th June.

We reach Nathdwara only at 8 pm. Next morning which is the 4th  June, I am woken up at 2.45am by Gurushree, Sudhir bhai. “We will go and wait in the outer parisar of the Haveli early today. Shreeji has sent a hukum for us to be there early”.

I hurriedly shower and am ready by 3.15 am. Out on the streets, it is yet dark in total silence. There is hardly anyone to be seen this early, on way to the Haveli. We reach ShreeNathji Haveli at around 3.30 am and sit at our favorite place. It is an empty parisar with just the few guards outside the main gate of Shreeji mandir.

In this darkness, the early morning serenity and silence are broken by the loud banging from breakage going on around the Haveli.
This loud disturbing noise was because of throwing the stones and cement debris from the broken structures in a tractor.
This actually is the reason that Shreeji has ordered us to be here so early today. As we sit here, Shreeji’s divine Presence can be felt very strongly. His melodious voice echos,

श्रीजी – ” तुम ग़ुस्सा हो इतनी जल्दी उठा कर लाया तुम्हें?

Shreeji – “Are you angry that I woke you so early and bought you here”

मैंने जवाब दिया – ‘नहीं श्रीजी, बिलकुल नहीं, हुकुम करिये ‘
I answer – ‘Of course not at all Shreeji, tell me your hukum’.
श्रीजी – “देखो यह कैसे पत्थर पटकते हैं। कितनी आवाज़ करते हैं। श्रीजी कैसे सो सकते हैं यह कोई सोचता ही नहीं. किसी को परवाह नहीं की श्रीजी जाग जाएँगे। पूरी रात इसी तरह शोर करते हैं। तुम्हें यह बताना था”।

Shreeji – “Just see, how these people bang stones. They make tremendous noise. No one has the bhao to understand that Shreeji must be sleeping inside. Nobody cares that how can Shreeji sleep in so much noise; He might be disturbed and will wake up. Entire night they make this loud noise. I called you early only to show you this noise.


श्रीजी – “मैंने सुधीर से यह बात कही थी रात को। लेकिन इसने जवाब दिया की, ‘ श्रीजी, आप ही के मंदिर का काम चल रहा है, थोड़ी आवाज़ तो होगी ही, चला लेना पड़ेगा। इन लोगों में समझ नहीं है कि आपको डिस्टर्ब होता होगा। आप ही चाहते हैं कि मंदिर का काम हो’। सुधीर सही कहता है”.

Shreeji – “I had mentioned this to Sudhir earlier. He told me that, ‘Shreeji Your mandir work is going on, there will be some noise. You will have to accommodate this noise for some days. The authorities here lack understanding; they will not understand that it might disturb You’.

Sudhir speaks right”.


मैंने जवाब दिया – ‘श्रीजी, मैं इनको कहूँ काम धीमे करने के लिए’।

I ask Shreeji – ‘Shreeji should I request them to work silently’.
श्रीजी – “नहीं, नहीं, तुम कुछ मत बोलना। मैं तो तुम्हें जल्दी लाया था सिर्फ़ दिखाने के लिए।

काम तो करना ही होता है। तुम अपनी वेब्सायट  में लिखना की देखो किसी को,भाव नहीं है श्रीजी के लिए”।

(हम लोग श्रीजी के हुकुम से उनकी वेबसाइट श्रीनाथजीभक्ति बनाने की तैयारी कर रहे थे)

Shreeji – “No no, you don’t have to say anything to them. I bought you here only to show this to you. The work will have to be completed. You can write this on your website, look what is happening; no one has any bhao for Shreeji anymore”. (This was the time when we were planning Shreenathjibhakti website for Shreeji, under His hukum).
We sat like this for nearly an hour. Shreeji keeps on making jokes about the loud noise that is happening.

श्रीजी – “यह देखो आइ पत्थर लेकर, अब पटकेगी। पटको,पटको, ज़ोर से पटको, हा हा हा..”

Shreeji – “See here she comes with the stones, now she will bang the stones loudly now. Throw, throw, throw, bang loudly, ha, ha, ha”

Shreeji keeps on making me laugh, asking me if I was angry that He had woken me up so early as we just sat here doing nothing.

श्रीजी – “देखो, मैं तुमको कितना हंसाता  रहता हूँ”. सबको ख़ुशी देनी चाहिए”.
Shreeji – “See, how I make you laugh always, we should give joy to everyone”.


During day time because of the heavy crowd there is no place for a tractor to come inside to carry the cement and stones.

The only problem was that these workers threw the stones in the tractor with a loud bang; they obviously had no instructions or training from the mandir authorities to work silently. This being Shreeji’s Haveli where He lives, He is very disturbed by the loud noise and banging all night through.

When we wait at Mangla all Vaishnavs are always asked to stay quiet, as Shreeji is sleeping inside. None is allowed in the premises once the Shayan Darshan is over. No one inside also dares to make any noise, as not to cause disturbance to Thakurjee.

It is only after Shankhnaad that Shreeji wakes up. This proves that all believe of ShreeNathji’s “LIVE PRESENCE” in His Haveli.

All locals as well as authorities must have been aware of this loud banging every day, yet none had the bhao to go correct the situation and make it quieter. Maybe that is why Shreeji woke us and called us here to show what is happening.

(As Sudhir bhai had explained that the work has to go on, Shreeji should allow it. We cannot help it if the people in power have no bhao to think that Shreeji is sleeping inside and will be disturbed. So Shreeji maybe decides that He will let the work continue, and go sleep somewhere else. Shreeji, being so full of kindness and compassion forgives all. All He told me was to write about this happening on my website. We had tears in our eyes. Have we lost all bhao. Entire nights Shreeji may have not been able to sleep because of the very loud noise of loading stones in a tractor).

It is His town and His Haveli; and may be Shreeji is not happy with the way His sewa  is being done. Who can stop Him if He decides to leave and go back to His favorite Dham, Vraj Mandal.

People have come with their shops till the main entrance of Shreeji’s Haveli. Here they dirty and cause filth all over, not giving any thought about the purity that should be maintained if God Lives here. They all take advantage of the kindness and forgiveness nature of Shreeji.

Mangla opened at 5 am today.

Shreeji kripa rakhen, You are very kind and forgiving.

Shreeji ki Jai ho!





Swami Vivekanand-Duty of the Householder

The life of every individual, according to the Hindu scriptures, has its peculiar duties apart from what belongs in common to universal humanity.

The Hindu begins his life as a student; then he marries and becomes a householder; in old age he retires and lastly he gives up the world and become a Sanyasin.

I am pleasantly surprised to read Swami Vivekanand’s rules on how a wife should be treated by the householder.
Surprised, because in today’s world, I’ve come across several Sadhus, Sants, and Religious leaders, who form rules upon rules of how a woman and a wife should behave and do her duties dutifully without any questions. None of them ever even mention of how the man, the husband and father should be completing his duties.
This particular paragraph is taken from the book, “Complete book of yoga”, page 29-32

The duties of the householder, according to Swami Vivekanand;

Knowing that the mother and father are the visible representatives of God, the householder must please them. Before them he must bow down, not show anger, and stand up in their presence.

… If the householder has food, drink, clothes without first seeing that his parents, his children, his wife, and the poor are supplied, he is committing a sin. The parents are the causes for this body, so a man must undergo a thousand troubles in order to do them good.

Even so his duty to his wife; no man should scold his wife, and even in the greatest difficulties and troubles he must not show anger to his wife.The householder must always please his wife with money, clothes, love, faith, and words like nectar, and never do anything to disturb her.
He who thinks of another woman besides his wife, if he touches her even with his mind, that man goes to dark hell.

Before women he must not talk improper language, and never brag of his powers.
The householder must speak the truth and speak gently.

The householder is the basis, the prop of the whole society; he is the principal earner. The poor, the weak, the children, and the women who do not wok – all live upon the householder; so there must be certain duties he has to perform. He must struggle hard to acquire, first knowledge and then wealth. It is his duty; and if he does not struggle to get wealth, he is immoral. If he is lazy and content to lead an idle life, he is immoral, because upon him depend hundreds. This wealth is for distribution
He, by digging tanks, by planting trees, by establishing rest houses for men and animals, by making roads, building bridges goes towards the same goal as the greatest Yogi…

Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekanand is very well known all over the world. If interested, details on him can be read on: