Karmic sanskars

It takes just a moment for you to not exist as yourself on this planet.

That moment can be any moment, who knows? Next breath could be the last..

When you leave this body, only the karmas will travel with you as your sanskars. These karmic sanskars is what will give you results in the next birth.

So just think, “Is all this Raag, Dwesh, Lobh”, (Attachments, Rivalry, Greed) really worth it?

Create karmas which will give higher and positive situations in the next birth.


original with frame


(This particular photo is of entangled leaves on a branch. The twisted leaves remind us of the agitation in a mind which is full of Raag, Dwesh, Lobh. It is a very negative and selfish mind who fails to find the required peace).

Jai Shree RadhaKrishn

Spirituality-Tool against negative power use

To be able to maintain the normalcy of thoughts and acts, when one has been bestowed the highest of powers over people and countries, or simply earned enough money to control others with his money power, is a huge challenge for any human.

So under these very fortunate circumstances, what does one do to keep a calm, positive, humble, honest attitude in day to day life?

Its only through introspection and practising spirituality with religion to some extent, that a human is able to control negative use of his power and use this power for the betterment of all humans and the planet.



Jai Shreeji!!

The Rainbow of Life..

The Rainbow of Life:

I saw-

A rainbow today.


Its not the rainbow in the sky;

That’s just an illusion

It’s the rainbow

That represents

The innumerable colours of life.

Greed, Selfishness

Represents today’s human;

Jealousy seems to be

Each ones policy;

The greed-

For money, Fame, Power

Has blinded the world!

Around which

Their minds seem to whirl.

Love, Beauty, Sacrifice

Where are they

Where are they?

The depth of love

Has hidden in the dark alcove.


For today’s man

Lies on the surface

To search the soul

Who has the time or place?

Who believes in sacrificing?

It has been named as dumbness,

Has no worth left;

A feeling which all try to push out of their mind.

The strength which it gives

They’ve forgotten.

No wonder,

There is so much darkness in every soul!

For the light of happiness-

Seems to be present only in pearls.

The red yellow orange

From the rainbow

Have long since turned grey

Burnt to ashes

In the hearth;

Through the greediness and selfishness

Of  today’s human.

 abha shahra

HUMANITY – Religion + Spirituality


Its very easy to talk and preach, write and lecture “Others” on Humanity, Values, Sanskars …

But who actually would be a true humanitarian?

It would be one who practises what he preaches or may be the one just acts out of his sanskars and chooses to not talk or discuss  his humanity, spiritual or religious acts at all!

Like they said in the earlier times,

When you do any act of humanity of charity; it should be so discreet that your left hand  is  not aware of the fact that  your right hand has done some noble deed!!


Me – Only Me !!



ME – ONLY ME !!   abha shahra

Me and Myself

Is that all I am concerned about?

Worried only about my well being

And to hell – with the rest of the world.

The anguish of pain – the cry of despair!

I am deaf to these cries

Because for me, I don’t see beyond myself

Why should I be bothered?

At what ails him or her

I want to be happy – I want to be free!

The rest of them can go look after themselves

Some one needs my love, I don’t care-

The love lost soul crying for help-

The destruction of nature- The pollution of environment;

Is not my responsibility.

I am me – I am myself

I shall continue with my life and myself

No time to be bothered

With the concerns of the world

There is so much out there I have to possess

I need more money

I need more fame

I need more power

How can I waste time on what gives me none of this

Life is so short,

I have to fill my bank accounts

I need more – I need more

Cannot waste time

On what does not give me my returns….

What do you think?

Does it not describe all of us to some extent in our greed for the material trappings in the world?

Have we all not become selfish and blind in our needs for more of everything?

Are we not cutting the branch of the tree on which we are sitting,

in destroying the natural resources for our greed?


Mr Narendra Modi – BJP Party


Mr Narendra Modi, if elected for the Prime Minister, will you uphold the principle of Humanity and not fall a prey to greed?

You have been making a lot of promises to the Indian citizens and portray your self as a humanitarian.

This post, is a question and a reminder for you. I support the BJP government  and my vote will go for you Mr.Narendra Modi. Even though not being involved in the country’s politics directly, as any lay person I strongly feel the need for an immediate change in our country political scene. The only worthy party which may contribute to some positive change for Indians is the BJP – Bharitya Janta party, with you, Mr.Narendra Modi heading for the Prime Minister seat.

If you come to power, will you remember these words that you have spoken?

modi_1362293133_1362293150Narendra Modi Free Wallpapersimages

Our country is full of the most corrupt leaders. For the several scandals that have come in the open, as many remain hidden. The basic care and concern which a country’s elected leaders are supposed to provide for its citizens is totally lacking.

A lot of promises are made before elections, but, as a leader if one is not constantly evaluating ones actions, infinite power could have an awful effect on the mind of any person. “Power” has the “power” to turn the simplest person into a greedy monster.

Mr. Modi, you will come to power in a time period when our country is in the worst of situations. We expect you to work pretty hard in cleaning up the mess that earlier governments have created. This will not be easy and may take a long, long time before we will feel an improvement in the basics of life and living. Uphold the basic humanitarian values, so that the several lakh below poverty line Indians, are provided basic employment and means to basic education.

We need you to care for the illiterate and the poor visible every day in every corner of our country. You have to commit your self for uplifting them from the filth they live in. These few pictures represent the extreme poverty lakhs of Indians are born and live in whose exact numbers would be alarming to know.

These images are for your reference, as none of you who are in power ever walk the streets of India: The poorest of the poor do need some assurance from you.. as does humanity. They are not just vote banks. Don’t let them down.

Pictures talk more then any amount of words can do. These disturbing pictures have been taken by me and uploaded only to get some positive reaction from the Government. Please excuse me for showing my country in this image. I love my country and am very proud of being an Indian citizen. At the same time I realize how blind we have become to these scenes all around us, every where in India. In fact, unfortunately, it has become an invisible part of our country for most of us. Worst is, we have stopped questioning the atrocities of the Government for its citizens. Ours is not a poor country, just that, all the funds fill  pockets and bank accounts of the few in power.

– Abha Shahra Shyama

SO, MR. MODI – What do you say? I speak on behalf of the lakhs of Indian citizens whose  life is worse than an animal, we are those who India has forgotten to care for.



Its bad to be born poor, worse to be born a poor girl. She is the victim of  the worst kind of abuse, which is never reported nor a part of statistics and numbers.



Its so contradictory, how these poor sell Indian Flags and earn some money. They are so illiterate, they will never understand how much this very own country has let them down. They are made to believe that it is in their naseeb to be treated like filth








Remember all the words that you have spoken!

Who ever the new Government is, (I do hope Mr. Modi, it is your Government), respect a human life and respect Humanity; it is above every other religion in the world.

A person who does not walk on Humanity, can never be Religious or Spiritual.

Thank you and God bless you!

Abha Shahra Shyama

(The pictures of Mr. Narendra Modi have been taken from various websites which talk about him on the internet.

The rest of the pictures are mine and are copy righted by abhashahra.org)



Money, Money, Money..”Sanskar”


“All spiritual and humanity values take a back seat, and all actions justified as the only sanskar majority follow is money power”.

This is what I call “THE MONEY SANSKAR. (A value and moral system based only on money)

In my spiritual journey, as consciousness moved deeper, a new outlook developed. The same world and the same people stood in a different light; and visions of day to day life underwent some changes. The vision instead of being straight moves in a 3D manner – it becomes like 360 degrees of viewing.

Though giving greater joy, in some situations also brings up different meanings in the same people and situations, which may not always be pleasant.

One of the ugly realities of our outer world I ‘experienced’ was the negative influence of money power. 

Talking about SANSKARS (value systems) is very easy; sounds very good; but I experienced that majority of the time what people preach are only empty words.

All  Spiritual Sanskars;  Humanity Sanskars are made a show of being followed only till lectures, pravachans, and discussions; mostly to impress others; who do the same  themselves. It  just becomes a big show of hypocrisy, as none practice what they speak.


abha shahra

In a world where money is the universal language all actions are accepted as right, as long as the person is rich with several zeros attached to his name; so the majority follows what I call   “THE MONEY SANSKAR(A value or moral system based on money only)

The larger the number of zeros attached with a name the loudest his truth is heard.

How much importance is given to the zero factor? In fact many people actually bow down to the “ZEROS”

Someone worth 100 crores – Someone worth 1000 crores – Someone worth 9000 crores –Someone worth 100,000 crores.

Do the bank accounts really portray the true inner person behind the zeros or the actual reality of the particular person; this person who dominates the thoughts and hence clouds the judgments of people around by the display of his money power; his only achievement being the number of ‘zeros’ attached to his name.

Most humanity is easy to fool by the layers and layers of masks we cover ourselves with.  This is extremely easy, as no one actually has time to see beyond. We all live in the gross level of realities –‘Instant gratification’ in all degrees of living, for which money power is important.

The funniest is, when we bow down to the power games, of the corrupt only because of our greed, and with the good knowledge of them possessing the lowest spiritual or moral qualities. The lies, the deceit that many in the guise of some power exert over our lives.

And all for what? – a greater share in the Zero?

I feel the moment we forget our realities and get involved only in figures and calculations; it becomes a total outward journey and the real Humanity Sanskars which should be a part of our life are forgotten. It is only a human with any degree of spiritual awakening who  does not bow to money power.

If you – your soul, your dot – are the stronger one, this “ZERO” then has to bow down to the real you. Then the zero factor becomes your slave instead of ruling over your life or senses.

It is then that you have gained freedom for yourself and are your own master; free from the raag-dwesh-lobh (attachment-envy-greed) of the outer dimensions;

Which in my understanding is true Spirituality.


(Some lines are taken from my book “Zero2dot”-

For details please visit my website www.zero2dot.org )

Jai Shreeji!!

Shreenathji Mangla


Give me more..Dil maange more…!!


The Heart and the Mind are always asking for more, “give me more”…always;

could be for things or for experiences – newer and better;   a little more exciting, a little better than the last time..

So what  happens?  We are always hungry; there is always greed and hunger;

for more, and more..

There are a few individuals controlling the mass intelligence – Marketing is the game of ‘Kalyug’.. (the present era according to Hinduism) As we are all aware of, in the entire human history there always have been a few individuals influencing the masses. And,

The course of humanity depends on who these ‘Few’ are,  what is their quality!

Running without satisfaction

Running without satisfaction

If these few; themselves are not peaceful nor content; and are so shallow, so hungry – what will they give humanity?

An illusion is created making us believe we are receiving a lot, we are progressing – yes progressing I would agree in a limited way – but towards what?

Losing one’s human ness? Falling in the trap of greediness?

We have forgotten to even respect nature – the bounties of which we are totally dependent on.

In this time period the whole of humanity is being taken to the summit of materialistic and luxury living; 100% sense pleasures – drown yourselves in them – go deeper in it.

What happens? What do we experience?

As the satisfaction achieved is very temporary, more and more is required for the same results, and the fun part is ‘the more you have the more you want’; human greed and appetite is never satisfied; contentment is never felt for any lasting period.

As the slogan of our times – Dil maange more’, is so apt for the dissatisfaction and unrest we experience in our lives today. The whole media is  manipulated into creating a demand which is never satisfied. We are being led to a truth of ‘Jet age gurus’, ‘Instant spirituality’, ‘Quick Kundalini rise’, ‘Immediate peace and better health’ etc              

All these slogans sound religious – but what’s the goal? Greater peace, better health, more religion, more knowledge, all leading to what? Only so that you can go on living and enjoying the ‘maya’ in a deeper way.abhashahra

Sad is to see how the youngest of our generations has been influenced by the media towards so much negativity. The ‘Sanskriti’ and religion of our country has become a joke in various social settings.

The whole environment has been made so sensual, how can the younger people escape from its influence? It’s become uncontrollable – as children blinded by what they see and read, go berserk in fulfilling themselves.

The need for everyone is joy that is ever lasting – love that    will never fade with time – And of course, total bliss and Anand.  

Intellectually, we may even know where it is and how to get there – but how many are able to put themselves in the open for the inner dimensions to be touched by the light?

Taken from my book Zero2Dot: http://www.zero2dot.org/





Its a sad state of affairs in our so called society and world



Jai Shreeji!!