Your Belief system


Does your Belief stem from understanding or from fear ?

Any Belief that has its roots in right understanding is positive and helps in spiritual growth.

A Belief system that originates from Fear does not facilitate positive growth, even though the person may spend hours in some rituals.

Before starting any process of worship or sewa, it would be helpful, if first some time is spent in understanding why you are doing what you do.

As then the entire pursuit becomes growth oriented, even though time spent in it may be less.


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( This particular photo is from the ancient Vishvanath (Shivji) mandir located at Gupt Kashi, Rudra Prayag. This is a Kund in the courtyard, which has Ganga and Yamuna flowing in the Kund. Every km of the Himalayas is full of sacred sthals)

Jai Shreeji!