“What if you were not a part of anyone’s daily routine?

“What if you were not a part of anyone’s daily routine”?

“Be very grateful if you are”.

We tend to take many relationships and blessings for granted.



This photo is of the Kingfisher sitting alone on a rock at the Arabian Sea in Mumbai. I am sure it would have a flock to go back to, but this shot shows it at a very lonely moment in the huge expanse of the sea.

If there is even one person who plans his\her 24 hours with you in mind; thank God and don’t take the person for granted.

Thank you





HUMANITY – Religion + Spirituality


Its very easy to talk and preach, write and lecture “Others” on Humanity, Values, Sanskars …

But who actually would be a true humanitarian?

It would be one who practises what he preaches or may be the one just acts out of his sanskars and chooses to not talk or discuss  his humanity, spiritual or religious acts at all!

Like they said in the earlier times,

When you do any act of humanity of charity; it should be so discreet that your left hand  is  not aware of the fact that  your right hand has done some noble deed!!