Purity always matters

As the stage gets Bigger, Sound gets Louder, Crowd gets larger. THE SHAKTI, quietly leaves

The Divine stays stable in purity, Purity of bhao being the most important.

The Divine stays stable where there is purity of Bhao

Human Body is a Mandir

                                                       Human Body Is A Mandir

This human body is a physical case for the inner JeevAtma– The Soul.

For awakening of this soul, we need to keep a very aware mind and a pure body.

‘Our body is a Mandir’;

The soul cannot be peaceful in impurity

Nor will Parmatma stay within, if its not kept pure for Him.


The photo is of Shri Yamunaji, at Vrindavan, Kesi Ghat.

Shri Yamunaji is considered very sacred and pujan is done by floating Diyas and flowers.

It is all in the mind and our bhao; so also when we accept our physical body to be a mandir for the Divine Super Soul, we lose the physical limitations and receive the strength to spread out to limitless possibilities of attaining spiritual heights.

Mayic attractions

How can we move ourselves away from the material attractions?

What should be done to gain freedom from the compulsiveness of acquiring possessions?

“As you begin to realize and experience your inner reality,

the non-essential in the outer world starts to “move away” from you effortlessly.

So you need to work upon yourself and your purification, rather than,

spending precious time and energy in fighting to overcome the mayic world attractions.

The lure and luster of material possessions is very strong and so cannot be fought or run away from.

Only when you begin to move inwards towards your self- your reality, this outer material world loses its hold on your mind and life.

Outer glamour of life and its people  lose their hold and power over yourself when you begin to experience your inner realities and the self.

The way to move inwards is through your breath.

The beginning has to be made through the practice of pranayama and the associated disciplines”.

Powers of nature

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Kamal from “Keechad”

He saw the Kamal (Lotus) which was covered with filth and sinking fast in the keechad (Filth of the Mayic world).

He recognized the beauty and brilliance, in spite of the layers of keechad.

It was selected from among the crores of other flowers living in the keechad around.

Kamal in the keechad

He recognized the Divine Swa (Inner Self) of this Kamal.

He pulled it out, snatched it away and saved it from sinking totally in the darkness of the keechad (Filth).

Carefully he cleaned it of all the past karmic keechad (Past Karmic Sanskars)and fed it with gentle divine compassion, karuna, filling it with hope.

He groomed it taking away the layers of filth and keechad of several lifetimes, which had covered the true inner beauty and radiance; the true reality of the Kamal.

The Kamal began to shine and boom in this divine tender, gentle care and compassion.

As its purity increased, it bloomed spreading its fragrance; he purified it further, enough to be offered to the Divine in its total ness.

The blooming Kamal

This Kamal seeped in the total darkness of the (mayic world) outer dimension keechad, is purified beyond any normal standards; totally connected to the Divine in its own reality which is its inner divinity, inner purity, inner identity; revealed in its fragrance and brilliance.

Its knower, recognizer, selector, groomer, purifier, connector, offerer is the original divine sadguru.

The Kamal is the divine soul offered to Her Shree Krishn, ShreeNathji in total love and purity and surrender.

Jai Shreeji!!

merged swarup

No calculations or greed in bhakti

Purity of actions – No calculations or greed in bhakti –

Always feel gratitude for all that has been given to you. Value it and share it with some who may need it and do not have it. Giving of anything – feelings or gifts in kind should be an act complete in itself. The moment you begin to expect something in return, the purity of the action is lost and karmically nothing is gained. This holds directly to God also. We give Him a lot in terms of maybe chadava (offerings), mantra jap (chantings), havans (fire offerings), vrat (fasting), sewa (ritualistic worship), daan (charity), teerth (pilgrimage) etc…What do we hold in our thoughts and hearts as we perform this karma? Is not there always a continuous counting and calculation going on in our mind?

I did this – I will get that
I offered so much – I will receive so much back
I did puja, pilgrimage – my punya has increased – my next birth will be better
I did daan, dharm (religious charity) – I have cancelled my paap or negative karma, so I become purer
I did some parikrama – I collect xyz points in my list of punya
I will now escape hell and reach heaven

Till this calculation of adding punya does not go away; one will not be purified enough to get closer to God. Of course, the punya karta’s position will be better then the rest of the humans who do not indulge in this sewa also. But it will hardly provide any closeness to God; your intentions get you the results; God stays away till the time you begin to offer your actions and the fruit of these actions; totally at His lotus feet.

Despite God standing there, over flowing with His Divine Love and Bliss He is helpless.

We as humans are not able to follow the Holy Gita in the right manner towards the path of unmotivated karmas – actions. Our greed from the outer dimensions is never satisfied and we keep on moving in circles on the outer zero – cheating ourselves in this process.

As soon as our gifts – in any form are only with bhao for Thakurjee the initial connection with Him gets established. Purity levels increase as you surrender all in His name and bhao. That is true religion and dharma——
To work for Thakurjee
To give Him joy.

To offer ourselves totally in His service.
To become the mediator for Him to enable Him to enter the outer dimensions and spread around.


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Destruction is not positive progress

                                 Why as the great, progressive, loving, compassionate humans

                                                 that we like to call ourselves do we make weapons?

                                                                To spread love? To spread humanity?      

                                                                Obviously no :

We try to make ourselves believe wrongly that we are spreading a lot of love and are capable of receiving as much; and are progressing as a human race.


Can destroying nations, people, and nature be called love or humanity in any possible way?

                                       Destruction is not positive progress.

All talk about Love. All want love.

All have a need to belong.  

Weapons are made only to create fear; to bring destruction

Can jealousy be a part of love? Can there be expectation in love?

All try to make a show of being compassionate.

Can creating fear in any way be associated with love?

Living flowers are the fragrance of God

“You have no right to give death penalty to these beautiful flowers”, says Gurushree Sudhir Bhai

“Flowers, in a natural way give fragrance; you cannot give untimely death to them”.

I do not accept flowers from last nearly 8-10 years as my understanding says we should not pluck flowers for our pleasure. Living flowers are the fragrance of God, Presence of God”. “Giving a bouquet of flowers as wishes to someone is not right, as you had no right to pluck the flowers in the first place for your senses; they can be plucked when there is some correct purpose to it only”.

“But even after all the understanding that I try to give people around me, if some flowers come to me as a gift I look after them tenderly; and when all their fragrance and beauty is over I give them a proper funeral by putting them in water. I do not just throw them in the dustbin”.

“Flowers, nature, must be respected, their beauty and fragrance is to be enjoyed when they are alive in their natural surroundings. If you yet wish to gift flowers, then gift them live in a pot, or gift a garden to me, I will take full care and look after them. In this way I receive your wishes also and can enjoy the living beauty and fragrance of the plants and flowers” says Gurushree.

These are the sentiments of Gurushree and if one thinks deeply show us how we could learn enjoyment without being selfish.


I would also accept Nature as a gift from God which is complete with all colours and fragrances. It could also be called the canvas of God where He delights our senses with His creations. All this He provides to us free and there is no restriction placed on who can enjoy the beauty.

His painting is visible in the uncountable varieties of colour and designs and fragrance in nature.

Respect for all life in nature is very deeply connected with spirituality.