Sharad Purnima-MahaRaas Purnima

Purnima of Ashwin Shukl Paksh is called Sharad Purnima.

The day is also referred as Rasa Purnima or Raas Lila Day.

Sharad Purnima Moon

It is considered that the Moon and Earth are at a closer distance on Sharad Purnima night and the rays of the moon have several curative properties. So it is believed that eating food (specially ‘kheer’) that has been exposed to the moonlight  for a few hours, nourishes the body and soul.

The religious significance, of this beautiful night, as described in the Shreemad  Bhagvadji, is the divine MahaRaas Leela played by Thakurjee Shree Radha Krishn; at Shree Vrindavan Dham many thousands of years ago.

That famous Sthal today at Vrindavan, is known as Banshi Vat.

ShreeKrishn played the famously Divine Maha Raas  on  Sharad Purnima night.

Banshivat is Thakurjee’s most loved Raas leela sthal.

“Brindavan so van nahi, Nandgaon so gaon

Banshivat so vat nahin, Shree Krishn naam so naam”.

‘Gopika shat kati bhi Raas leela vibhu sith

Banshi Rav sama keerm Banshivat namo stute”.

“Brindavane vate banshi, praoage maoarath:|

Gayanya akshay khyat, kalpastu Purushottume||

Nishkumbh: khal lankaya, eategha panch gha vat:|

Eaitesu vat mulesu, sada nivsati makhav”|

Banshivat is Thakurjee’s most loved Raas leela sthal.

The divine Vat tree at Banshivat

ShreeKrishn played the famously divine Maha Raas here on the Sharad Purnima night. This is the spot where many famous loving divine leelas of Radha and Shyam along with the gopis took place.

This sacred mandir is located in the Banshi Vat area in Vrindavan.

It is a Siddh Sthan and the original MahaRaas Sthali of Shree RadhaKrishn.

This particular place has the original Charan(foot prints) of RadhaKrishn, and the whole aura of the place feels magnetized.

Divine Charan and the Maharaas Pichwai

A complete website dedicated to this divine place can be read at:

History in the scriptures:

Thakurjee ShreeKrishn’s leela bhoomi Braj is like Krishn’s body and Shree Vrindavan is like His heart, where Thakurjee even today plays and does leelas. According to Shreemad Bhagwad Krishn has said:

“I do not leave Vrindavan for even a moment’.

Vrindavan is famous as God played Raas leelas with the gopis. In today’s times there are many places which have been proclaimed as the Raas sthali; but with the proof available, Banshivat is the only place which is mentioned in many scriptures and holy books and history by various saints.

Banshi means the flute; Vat means the Banyan tree.

Banshivat is the spot where the Divine couple spent a lot of time.

This is the spot where many famous loving divine leelas of Radha and Shyam along with the gopis took place.

Some of the main reasons spoken about in the olden scriptures as reasons for playing the Leela of Maha Raas, are  fulfilling the many commitments made to various bhakts in the many different avatars by Him; and granting of anand and bliss to His many rasik bhakts.

                    Shree Krishn’s victory over Kaam Dev at this place, is another reason Banshivat is famous for.

This katha goes as follows;

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(More Darshans, and the Gaushala, will soon follow).

Shreeji’ in His compassion for all His bhakts,showers His blessings on them.

Darshans of His Loving, Magnetic Swarup, can now be enjoyed wherever you are and whenever you choose.

                                   JAI SHREEJI!!

Peacock killing

The peacocks are a very intimate part of the Divine Krishn and Radha leela.

An appeal to not kill these beautiful birds for pleasure or food. They are as close to RadhaKrishn as His beloved sacred Cows!

This is news from Rajasthan, but holds true for sacred, divine, Braj Dham also.

The Sunday Standard

New Delhi, 13 November 2011

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Vraj Mandal…are the Shaktis moving away?

Paragraph taken from my book: Zero2Dot.

….  At this moment all who have been to Braj will agree how the authorities have let the whole of the area develop into an open sewage. There is no control or discipline in traffic as also the cleanliness of the district. Pilgrims are hounded by the locals and no one is allowed a moment’s peace in any of the important divine spots. The garbage is scattered all over and it looks worse than Bombay on a bad day (we call Mumbai the Slumbai and the sewer of the country).

Braj is called the Spiritual capital of this country and it definitely deserves better treatment from the government and of course from all the bhakts who visit or stay there. Rest of course is all in God’s hands, to decide what we deserve as humans.

(I do not like depicting my divine Braj in such filth, just a couple of pictures to show my point : these are from Govardhan and the prikrama marg;  there are spots worse then these; plastic is merging in a big way with the divine ‘Ruj’ of Vrindavan Dham and the sacred waters of Yamunaji. Because of the unplanned construction the sacred Sthals are being eaten away.  In areas like Sewa Kunj, Nidhi Van.. where one is not allowed to stay at night; surrounding structures have become so high, any one can peek at night within the sacred premises; they have also encroached in a big way sharing the boundary wall also! Similar there are several examples like this, all who visit Braj are very well aware of this fact.

At Govardhan where ShreeNath Lives at the Mukharwind,  greed has made the locals take over HIS land. The shops have reached HIS door, the place where all believe ShreeNathji spends the night and the sacred place from where He has Appeared).

… There are so many spots like this, which are religious and sacred, but are not looked after due to various reasons. I feel, these places which are alive with the Presence of the Highest Energies and Powers, and the belief of the people being so high in them, deserve more importance from the concerned authorities.

 In spite of all the proofs as the original homes of the Deities, it is truly sad to see them having deteriorated to that extent. When the sacredness around the places is believed to be so high, it has to be looked after by the people who can exert the right power.

These sadhu, sanyasis, bhakts who have built their ashrams here, and people in power, own this to the Deities present there and to the Shraddha of the people who flock there for darshans.

This is a very intricate part of our spiritual culture, and dates back to before 5000 years; if proofs are there about this truth, why are they being neglected?

Why do we not feel strongly enough to protect the right environment, and give Shree RadhaKrishn “Energies” the highest purity and pavitra surroundings, so “They” can flow and flourish in their Form.

At this point I am sure “They” have been pushed in the corner as “They” will not flow when the right Bhao is not provided.


“Who knows, some day “THEY” may decide we don’t just deserve it   all; and move away altogether?”

Where will that leave the sanctity of the place – which is accepted as the most Divine in our spiritual history?

(In June 2006, had the experience of being on the road in a car during the Govardhanji parikrama, at the Mansi Ganga area on a poonam. We were there with someone who was trying to show us some lands for purchase. It was like a stampede. We got caught in the worst human traffic with cars parked randomly every where. Not a single traffic policeman came to control the madness. There were lakhs of pilgrims doing the Govardhan Parikrama on that day, which is supposed to be a normal occurrence on poonam, over here. The whole scene turned so ugly we had 100’s of these people, including women and children climbing over our car, on the hood, the doors, the scene looked like monkeys gone mad(and I do not exaggerate) – basically over our heads to run for the parikrama. There was absolutely no bhao or religion in their hearts or minds. Like ShreeNathji then told us – “See these are humans today – there is no bhakti here. Even if God sat in that car they would not hesitate to climb on His head to get their share of “PUNYA” in completing the parikrama that day”. ShreeNathji wondered what these people actually deserved. None of the people there had the goodness of stopping for a few minutes to let the cars pass away.

There is a lot of selfishness and envy in the hearts and minds – I cannot talk about the soul as that is totally asleep yet in all of them.

The dirt from the left over food is scattered all over the side roads, and we talk about the Govardhanji being sacred?

Will GovardhanNathji – ShreeNathji ever reward them?

He gave us this experience to make us aware of the humanity today).

It would not be surprising if the Higher Energies decide to move away into the clean corners and leave all of us empty handed as may be this is what we truly deserve.
…..From my book published in 2006.


Blessings on this birthday

Today is the 16th August 2009; though a day like any other in the calendar is special for me. It is my 53rd birthday today and the reason for my writing, about this day.

There are two days a birthday can be celebrated-one by the English calendar which is by the date and shows the 16th; the other is by the Lunar Hindu calendar which is called the ‘Tithi birthday’.

My Tithi birthday this year came on the 1st August. The detail explanations about the Tithi cannot be given here, in short it is a day with similar star placements to my day of birth in 1956 when certain nakshatra and yoga and raashi match- which is Dhanu Raashi, Moola Nakshatra in short. Today I am very joyful and blissful; all my past sadhanas(from this and previous births) have given me results which make me the luckiest soul in the entire world today.

This Janmashtmi (Birthday of ShreeKrishn) of 2009, is the same tithi as the original one when ShreeKrishn was born as an Avtaar on this earth 1000’s of years ago.(details about this will follow later in another writing).  According to beliefs and calculations, on this very, very auspicious day there would be rare, some, who receive HIS Blessings, as is believed that ShreeKrishn’s Live Presence is some where on this planet.

On this very uniquely sacred day, which was the 14th August I have been the recipient of some unique blessings; I received that Grace which is every seekers ultimate goal; just a couple of days before my 53rd Birthday.

This physical structure which we call the human body is a store house for various requirements which a human needs to live in the world; roughly the physical, physiological, emotional, mental, spiritual… all processes encased in this structure held together with the various systems and skin and bones(sorry for this but I assure this is no lecture on biology). What I am trying to explain here is that this human body is the basic instrument we have been given to experience various truths in the outer living and also when trying to reach our spiritual goals.

What we do with this sacred physical structure, using it for whatever purpose is the free will granted to us by the creator. The highest use, according to what I believe in is to convert this body into a live temple for our God.

Here one would tend to think; so whats so special about this? Of course we all know that God does live in all living creatures, hence we all already have the Divine in us; so what is this big deal about?

Well ,this is about the ‘literal’; about creating that high level of purity in yourself that the Divine literally stays in this body, similarly to as He would in a stone idol in any mandir, like how we normally believe God Lives.

This is about that highest purity level when the Divine can use your body for HIS purpose and for HIS Rest.

This is about ‘God’s desire that HE wishes to use HIS bhakt’s body as HIS mandir’; which can ONLY happen with HIS Kripa and Blessings; when a bhakt has reached that level when God decides to Bless him with HIS highest Kripa:


ShreeNathji painting at His Gaushala


So to continue about my being lucky:

“On this Janmashtmi, just a couple of days before my 53rd birthday I have been blessed with this high level of purity; where this body may be used as a living temple for the Divine. I have been granted the reward for following all the strict disciplines with the much needed courage and the lifestyle required for purity; also keeping faith in terms of one Form of God, one Path of spiritual practice and above all total shraddha in one Guru”.

This bhao and purity which is the requirement for inviting God to stay within is received as a Prasad from one’s Guru, who becomes like an agent between the disciples soul and the Super Soul. This year I am the lucky receiver for this SUPREME PRASAD from my Divine Gurushree, Pujya Sudhir Bhai.

Though no words are enough, I thank my Gurushree for this kripa and grace; though in his humility he never takes any credit; always saying that it is your naseeb and ShreeNathji’s Kripa that it has been possible.

This is Gurushree’s surrender to his God-ShreeNathji; who loves to Live and Play with him – His most beloved Bhakt.

I am today in total surrender to God ShreeNathji who had accepted to be my MAHAGURUSHREE many years back; and do not know how to thank HIM for all the plays of Divinity that HE has made me a part of.

All I can say today is; “Shreeji, Thank You for all Your Love and Kripa; I offer my self in totality to You, In my Mind, Body, Soul; I am surrendered to YOU!!

Nidhi Van at Vraj Mandal

The sacred, divine Nidhivan at Vrindavan;

Nidhi Van-This is one of the Leela bhoomi of the Divine:

In this sacred kunj, the divine couple Radha and Krishn sometimes rest after performing the raas-lila dance. There is a small mandir which is the Shringar-ghar of Shreemati Radharani, called Rang – Mahal, where a bed is kept for them to rest. It is also here that Krishn decorates Radharani.

Another mandir is here; called Banke Bihari Pragatya Sthali; the divine murti of Bankey Bihari Appeared from this place.

There is another mandir here called the Bansi Chor Radharani, which shows Her playing Krishn’s flute; Her two close sakhis, Lalita and Vishaka stand here with Her.

You can also see the sacred kund which is known as Vishaka’s Kund.

Swami Haridas did bhajan here; his samadhi is here.


The decorative main entrance

The decorative main entrance

Closer view of this gate

Closer view of this gate

Like every other place there are many beggars and sadhus sitting outside the gate

Like every other place there are many beggars and sadhus sitting outside the gate

Nidhi van-Leela Bhumi of the Divine

Nidhi van-Leela Bhumi of the Divine

Nidhi Van-Leela bhoomi of the Divine:There are three mandirs here;This is the place where Krishn decorates Radharani before the raas-Rang-Mahal;Swami Haridas found Banke Bihari here; Bansi Chor Radha Rani

The Divine KrishnRadha are believed to take rest in this van even today

The Divine KrishnRadha are believed to take rest in this van even today

A pathway through the bushes

A pathway through the bushes

The sacredness of this bhoomi can be felt if one enters with pure bhao and shraddha;

The sacredness of this bhoomi can be felt if one enters with pure bhao and shraddha;

The intertwined branches which symbolise Divine Urjas

This tree is opposite the Rang-Mahal; people worship here

This tree is opposite the Rang-Mahal; people worship here

Radha Ranis "Shringar Ghar"-Rang Mahal.

Radha Ranis “Shringar Ghar”-Rang Mahal.


The Prakatya Sthal of Banke Bihari

The Prakatya Sthal of Banke Bihari

Mandir dedicated to Shrimati Radha Rani, as "Banshi Chor"

Mandir dedicated to Shrimati Radha Rani, as “Banshi Chor”

The sacredness of this bhumi can be felt if one enters with pure bhao and shraddha;There are yet some Divine Shaktis which visit here from time to time

The sacredness of this bhumi can be felt if one enters with pure bhao and shraddha;There are yet some Divine Shaktis which visit here from time to time

A greener view of this sacred place. The vibrational levels is amazing

A greener view of this sacred place. The vibrational levels is amazing


In the monsoons months, it becomes very green and fresh here. It sort of changes the look from the dry which you saw in the earlier pictures to a bright green


Look how close the housing has come; someone please do something to preserve whatever is left of the divya place

Look how close the housing has come; someone please do something to preserve whatever is left of the divya place

Divine Urjas are here and can be felt with pure faith

Divine Urjas are here and can be felt with pure faith

Jai ShreeKrishn, Radhe Krishn

Jai ShreeKrishn, Radhe Krishn

I have made a new website for Nidhi Van

For more pictures please visit:

A website for Sewa Kunj:

Jai Shree Krishn- Radhe Krishn!!!!

Jai Shreeji!!

merged swarup

Vrindavan Pictures-Shyam Van

The serenity of Shyam Van

The serenity of Shyam Van

The pure 'ruj' of Vrindavan at Shyam Van

The pure 'ruj' of Vrindavan at Shyam Van

The Divine land of ShreeKrishnRadha

The Divine land of ShreeKrishnRadha

The tree from where one can hear the Divine Flute if the required silence and purity is there

The tree from where one can hear the Divine Flute if the required silence and purity is there

The merged trees

The merged trees

ShreeNathji-Can God enjoy a vacation please?



Complete Shringar Darshans

The beginning of another year; 2009. This day is celebrated as a world wide holiday.

I visited ShreeNathji’s mandir today morning and received this thought again from Him,

“Tum sab loag chutti manate ho, mujhe new year ki chutti kiyon nahi milti hai? Mujhe bhi ghumne vacation par jana hai. Main boar ho gaya hun, yahan mandir main chupchaap rehkar. Yeh mukhiya kuch naya toh sochta hi nahi hai, bas vahi purane khel karte rahte  hain.”

Why do I not have a holiday like you all humans, so I can go off work and enjoy MySelf,? I too want to go off on a vacation like you humans. i am tired and bored of staying in this mandir. This Mukhiya never thinks of anything new, they all keep playing the same old games with me”


ShreeNathji Haveli at Nathdwara


ShreeNathji had mentioned the same to us earlier at Nathdwara.

God ShreeNathji meant to say, it could be a possibility that God is tired standing in His mandir 24/7 all year, completing His karma of giving Darshans to all humans; why has no one ever thought to let God also enjoy a holiday, when He could be free to do whatever He wishes; will not be bound by the temple rules; Maybe ShreeNathji would love to take off some days and be on His vacation?

Please visit Shreeji’s website  for details about our conversations with Him. He is the most alive Form of God today in our world!!

ShreeNathji Gaushala at Nathdwara

ShreeNathji Gaushala at Nathdwara

Jai Shreeji!!

ShreeNathji-Merged Swarup of Shree Radha Krishn

ShreeNathji-Merged Swarup of Shree Radha Krishn