Bhakti- Different moods

On way to Shree RadhaRani mandir this sadhu bhakt sits shaded by the shrub; lost in his bhajan and accepts whatever alms given.

This is Vraj, the land of the seen and the unseen.

This pavitra bhumi is filled with various colours and flavours

Surrender in Bhakti

Shree Krishn, in the Holy Gita asks all seekers to “Surrender” themselves to Him.

To be able to do that one needs to understand what true surrender means.

Complete surrender would mean following one, not blindly, but with the right understanding; which means; to be able to follow the Guru with total belief in his path and way of bhakti towards One Form of God. At the same time maintaining respect for all other Forms and Paths and Religions


Jai Shreeji!!

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