Shri Gusainji

Shri Vitthalnathji, Gusainji, shared the utmost closeness and love with ShreeNathji.

Govinda Swami, the Asht Chap poet and disciple of Gusainji, has described the amazing relationship of Shri Gusainji with ShreeNathji:

“Love like that, I have never seen.

 The son of Yashoda is like the son of Vallabh.

Shesh’s thousands tongues cannot recall His glories.

 When Shri Vitthalnathji is going to Gokul,

He asks ShreeNathji’s permission.

 The Blessed Lord then goes to His temple window

Just to watch him leave”.

Also in the eighth Akhyan, 20, by Gopaldas, it is mentioned that Shree Navneet Priyaji, a form of Child Krishn, was Shri Vitthalnathji’s personal Krishn Deity in Gokul. Today Navneet Priyaji resides in Shri Nathdwara.             

(Paragraph taken from the english translation by Shri Shyamdas)

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