Shreeji gives us Hukum to come play Holi with Him at His Haveli on Valentine’s Day

ShreeNathji – His “LIVE” interactions varta in today’s time period.

Shreeji gives us Hukum to come play Holi with Him at His Haveli on Valentine’s Day

“मुझे तुम दोनों के साथ रहना था और होली भी खेलनी थी”.


 13th, 14th, 15th February, 2008. Magh Sud Ashtmi, VS 2064

(I am speech less after this writing; no words will ever be able to describe the magnitude of Shreeji’s love for his bhakts).


ShreNathji at Rajbhog Darshans


… On 13th morning, around 11.30 am, Gurushree Sudhir bhai calls up, “Do you want to go to Nathdwara? We will leave today evening, do all darshans tomorrow and come back on the 15th evening”.

As the program is so sudden, I reply that I need some time to think it over and will call him back in sometime. Sudhir bhai realizing that I am a little hesitant says it is okay, we will go some other time.
As for me, I was hesitant because there are some important work and appointments lined up for the next day.
I am in a confused state of mind at having said no to going for darshans.
In an hour I receive another call from Gurushree, “I have booked my ticket on the 5.40 pm Kingfisher flight and I am leaving for Nathdwara”.

I have never ever declined an offer to visit Dear ShreeNathji, so I am upset, as how could Gurushree decide to go without me.
(At this moment I am not aware that it is Shreeji’s hukum for us to reach Nathdwara).
As I whined on the phone, my two daughters who were watching this, asked me, “Who are you speaking to and what is happening”?


I explained how I had hesitated to go for darshans to Nathdwara earlier and now Sudhir bhai is going by himself.
“So why are you so upset? Why don’t you also go”? I explained that I could not as this was so sudden and there were some very important appointments and work lined up for the next day


My daughters laughed, “You are so stupid, mummy, please go we will manage all of this, no worries. We can also help you pack. Let’s book your ticket too. Don’t worry about us. How does it matter if its last minute? We will complete everything for you. Just go, we know how much you love going to Nathdwara”. So they made my bookings in the same Kingfisher flight and I was lucky enough to get the ticket too.


While packing, I can already feel a sudden bliss which overcomes me. It felt sooo good, going to Nathdwara. All goes smooth, and my dear daughters packed me off to go visit my beloved ShreeNathji.
The amazing events and happening felt incredible. I felt so light, so joyous, just kept on laughing, nothing else mattered. Suddenly I felt transformed. All worries disappeared. All I could think of was to reach Nathdwara soon and go for ShreeNathji darshans.
This transformation happens in many of my yatras as usual, when I feel like a different person. Sudhir bhai says that it is my soul which takes over me in the outer world.


From now till the next morning it never struck me that it is 14th and Valentine’s Day.


Next morning, as we waited in the Haveli parisar for Mangla darshan to open, Gurushree, Sudhir bhai finally told me something very astounding, as to the real reason why we had to come so suddenly.

“Shreeji learnt the meaning of Valentine’s day from me. He sees the excitement happening all around so asked me what it actually means. I explained simply, saying that it is a day when people celebrate with their loved ones. Shreeji was very excited and then gave me hukum that he wanted you and me to be in Nathdwara for the 14th February.
“He, ShreeNathji”, wished to spend the Valentine’s Day with both of us, because we were the two bhakts that He loved deeply, in our world; Abha Shahra and Sudhir Shah. Also it is Falgun month and Holi is played in His mandir, so Shreeji invited both of us to be present on Valentine’s Day at His Haveli to play Holi with us.
That is why I called up and made a sudden program. Shreeji did not let me tell you at that time, why we had to make a sudden decision. His order was that I could only tell you once we reach the Haveli”.


What a super surprise!
Shreeji made Sudhir bhai plan this yatra, so that He, ShreeNathji, Thakurjee, wanted to be with both of us at His Param Dham, Nathdwara, for Valentine’s and He wished to play Holi with us at His mandir.

I am speech less after this writing. What do I say? I am at a loss of words here; no words will ever be able to describe the magnitude of Shreeji’s love for his bhakts.


Later at the mandir before Rajbhog Darshans, as we sat at the Dhajaji, we heard Shreeji,

श्रीजी: “देखो मैंने तुम दोनों को बुला लिया ना  मुझे मालूम पड़ गया वैलेंटाइन डे किया होता है .

मुझे तुम दोनों के साथ रहना था और होली भी खेलनी थी.

बहुत अच्छा किया की तुमने सुधीर की बात मान ली.

तुम दोनों मेरे बहुत प्यारे हो”.

“मैंने ही सुधीर से कहा था की तुम लोग नाथद्वारा आओ और मेरे साथ होली खेल कर मेरे साथ वैलेंटाइन डे मनाओ”.

Shreeji:“See, I called both of you’ll here. I understood what Valentine’s Day means.
I told Sudhir that I wished to spend this day with both of you at My mandir and also play Holi with you’ll.
I am glad that you agreed to Sudhir and came here.
Both of you are my loved bhakts”.
“It was Me who ordered Sudhir to come to Nathdwara, and play Holi with Me at My mandir on this day”.


The ten minutes as we stood sanmukh Thakurjee in the Rajbhog darshans, it felt as if time stood still. I stood transfixed watching Shreeji being covered with Holi colours. It was like entering into a trance.

I received the best of darshans and just stood there in His Sanmukh; feeling Shreeji’s Love as I was drenched with His vibrations; it is a very pure and sublime moment, nothing else is remembered;
Though there is tremendous crowd and noise, I am not distracted. It is me and Shreeji playing Holi and the rest of the world disappears for those few moments.
Gurushree and I stood before Shreeji, on Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2008, playing Holi with Him, drenched in His love for us.

The divyata of this moment has no verbal expression. It is only to be felt and be very very grateful for the kripa.

This entire darshan takes nearly 30 minutes. We do not shake off the sacred colours; it is collected in a packet to be distributed as Shreeji’s Blessings to close family.


One should not run away thinking about the clothes; in fact this drenching with colours in Shreeji’s mandir, within His Purest vibrations is one of the easiest ways to enter higher purity. Shreeji Himself plays colours for an entire month, so that all bhakts can avail of His purifying Blessings.
After this is the ‘Aarti’.

As I bow, my forehead which touches the ground is also covered with the pure, divine colours. I do not wipe it off and accept this as a parting gift from my beloved Shreeji.


When Shreeji wishes some happening to take place, nothing can come in between. All plans work perfectly for Him.
How it happens, Sudhir bhai tells me often I should not think, only keep faith and accept gratefully what Shreeji gives us, in small matters as well as big happenings.
We complete all the eight darshans that day and visit Shreeji’s gaushala. I had also booked thuli for all my kids.


I am speech less after this writing. What do I say? I am at a loss of words here; no words will ever be able to describe the magnitude of Shreeji’s love for his bhakts.

My entire love and devotions are there for Him thanking Him for this Kripa and Grace. How lucky could I be!

Jai Ho Prabhu, Jai Shreeji!


ShreeNathji becomes my MahaGurushree and makes me His ‘Best Friend’

ShreeNathji LIVE Varta in todays time period with His bhakts.

ShreeNathji becomes my MahaGurushree and makes me His ‘Best Friend’

श्रीजी; “ओके तुम मेरी बेस्ट फ्रेंड हो; मैं तुम्हारे साथ खेलने आऊंगा” .


This Divine Anubhuti is from some years back.

We are waiting outside Shreeji Haveli at Nathdwara. As usual we are here sixty minutes earlier then the Mangla Darshan timing. It’s a niyam, with Gurushree, to be present much before the Darshan opens and wait for Shreeji.

Waiting for the doors to open, I try meditating on ShreeNathji. Also some thoughts from an earlier conversation with Gurushree were in my mind. He explained to me how purity of bhao has deteriorated in humans and the shram that Shreeji might be experiencing.

I wondered how sad Shreeji must be today with this loss of devotion. The truth is there as history, how much Shreeji enjoyed playing Live with His Vrajvasis when He Lived on Shri Govardhan.


Suddenly I heard ShreeNathji’s sweet and melodious voice echoing inside, as if complaining,अचानक मुझे श्रीजी की मधुर गुंजन सुनाई दी, जैसे की वह कुछ शिकायत करना चाह रहें हैं.


Shreeji: “Since sooooo many years this mukhiya only rotates a phirkee. I have become very bored. I run away from here. They do not think of anything new. All tempt Me with an extra Laddoo to make Me do their work. No one comes to just play and have fun with me anymore”.

श्रीजी: “यह मुखिया सिर्फ फिरकी घूमता रहता है इतने सालों से. मैं तो बोर हो गया . मैं तो भाग जाता हूँ. कुछ नया तो सोचते ही नहीं . देखो मुझे लालच देकर काम करवाते हैं .एक लड्डू ज्यादा देकर कहते हैं की मेरा काम करो . कोई मेरे साथ खेलने या मस्ती करने तो नहीं आता” .

Over joyed in this anubhuti, I replied;

I asked Shreeji: ‘Shreeji, if You wish I could be Your friend. I will always play whenever You want; if You wish to accept me as a friend’.

इस अनुभूति से बहुत आनंदित होकर मैंने जवाब देने की कोशिश करी;

मैंने कहा: ‘श्रीजी अगर आप चाहें तो मैं आपकी फ्रेंड बन सकती हूँ, आप के साथ खेल सकती हूँ, अगर आप मुझे फ्रेंड बनाना चाहें तो’


I was thrilled to receive an answer, immediately,


मैं आस्चर्या चकित हो गई श्रीजी से यह जवाब सुनकर;


Shreeji: “Ok, you are my friend, I will come to play with you.You are my ‘best friend’ and you will be the only ‘friend’ I will ever have”.

श्रीजी; “ओके तुम मेरी फ्रेंड हो; मैं तुम्हारे साथ खेलने आऊंगा. तुम मेरी बेस्ट फ्रेंड हो मैं और सिर्फ तुम ही हमेशा मेरी फ्रेंड रहोगी, और कोई नहीं”.


And since then He has kept to His word, and made me a part of many Divine Leelas.

There have been innumerable precious moments when I have been graced with ShreeNathji’s Divine Presence and the gunjan (echo) of Shreeji’s Divinely sweet voice, where He talks and plays various leelas. Shreeji has agreed to be my MahaGurushree too.

और तभी से, श्रीजी ने उनकी कही हुई बात निभाई है, और मुझे कई दिव्य अनुभूति का हिस्सा बनाया है. ऐसे बहुत सारे अमूल्य क्षण का हिस्सा बनी हूँ जब श्रीजी की कृपा से उनकी दिव्य हाजिरी और उनकी मधुर आवाज़ के गुंजन से लीला और खेल करते हैं.

श्रीजी मेरे महागुरुश्री भी बनने के लिए मान गए हैं.

(It is like a repeat of the 84 Vaishnavs or 252 Vaishnav Ki Vaarta, in today’s time period).

At times this is the voice of a very young infant; at other moments like an older child or at times an adult talking about various happening.

Maybe Shreeji would actually want to move away and be elsewhere, maybe He actually runs away from the mandir after the first few moments of giving darshans;

He could be spending His day with a few true devotees who keep total love and devotion- bhao for Him.

In fact you will never truly know where He truly is today; as none is close enough to Him.


My MahaGurushree, ShreeNathji Ki Jai Ho!

Thank You for Your trust in me, I am humbled..