Vraj Mandal Jhanki-Fulfil longing For Drishy of Divine Bhumi-4

Vraj Mandal Jhanki-Fulfil longing For Drishy of Divine Bhumi-4

(A part of 21 post series)

Entry to Divine Vraj Bhumi is prohibited due to Covid-19 pandemic.

I long to be there!

And I realise that similarly there must be 1000’s of bhakts who long to place foot in Vraj.

Divine Vraj Mandal is sakshat Golok 🙏

Just so all can have darshans of the Bhumi, I’ll try and post few from my collection of several yatras over the years. A kripa from the divine shaktis of Vraj bhumi🙏

Hope all bhakts enjoy them; a kripa from Shree Radha Herself, who is the original Divine Shakti 🙏

वह भव्य, दिव्य व्रज भूमि, जो साक्षात गोलोक है,

जब नेत्र और आत्म में शुद्धता होने से आलोकिकता महसूस होने लगे,

तो समझिए श्रीनाथजी, श्री राधा कृष्ण की कृपा बरस रही है 🙏

Jai Shree RadheKrishn 🙏

Jai ShreeNathji Prabhu 🙏

Jai Vraj Bhumi

Complete Vraj Album (made for Covid times) can be viewed here on Facebook too


Dhanyawad  🙏


                                          ShreeNathji mandir at Jatipura

                                               Shyam Van at Vraj Mandal

                         ShreeNathji at Kadam Khandi, Govardhan


                                                      NidhiVan at Vrindavan

                                                                           Vishram ghat at Mathura

                                                                       BelVan at Vraj Dham

                                                                        Prem Sarovar at Vraj Mandal

                                            Shri Gokul Dham, Brahm Sambandh sthali; 
                                                                            Shri Barsana Dham

                                          Yamunaji Ghat, Cheer Leela haran leela sthali at Vrindavan

                                                             Shri Govardhan Parikrama marg, Mathura

                                    shreePeelu trees at Shri Govardhan parikrama marg
                                           ShreeNathji Personal Gaushala at Nathdwara

                                                                       Beautiful peacocks at Vrindavan

                The pavitra sthal from where Shree Banke Bihariji Appeared, at NidhiVan, Vrindavan

Jai Shree Radha Krishn

Jai ShreeNathji Prabhu

Making of an authentic Tulsi Kanthi-Vrindavan

The making of Tulsi Kanthi: At BanshiVat, Vrindavan.

tulsi kanthi - Comp

Dear old Dadi. She spends all her free time making tulsi malas. She buys the Tulsi sticks, and cuts each ‘bead’ herself to make the kanthis. it is a very rare way of making Tulsi malas. There maybe very few places or people left today who do this whole process entirely by hand. It is a dying skill, as it is very laborious and painstakingly slow.

I would urge all Vaishnavs to go buy some from her, as she is a very pure soul from a very pure place.

Every visit to this place, BanshiVat, is not complete without a hug and a photo with Dadi, who has spent her entire life looking after this place.


BanshiVat is her ancestors’ property. She always has many divine anubhuties to share with us on every visit.

Darshans of Shree RadhaKrishn and Their divine Charan at Banshivat

Jai Shreeji!